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Dec 22, While he enjoys cutting out meat and dairy, I routinely hover over cheese .. When we first started dating, I wondered about our future a little bit. Would I get annoyed with eating vegan more often because we're together? Now. Jul 5, I have loads of vegan and vegetarian friends who couldn't care less if I'm eating meat in front of them and never lecture about their diet but I. Jul 22, Despite penning a book titled The Shameless Carnivore, author Scott Gold told us he would indeed date a vegetarian with a few conditions.

When my wife and I started dating, I have to admit it was tough.

Would You Date a Vegetarian or Vegan?

In my family, like many others, cooking and eating together was an event — a way to celebrate, to mourn, to bond, to strengthen our relationships.

So how do you nurture a budding relationship when one of your main bonding experiences is a challenge? It takes creativity, flexibility, and compromise. Does the sight of raw meat make him or her dizzy and nauseated?

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What about shopping for meat products? For any vegetarians who might be reading this, I encourage you to be flexible when setting the rules. If you turn into a meat Nazi, your partner is going to be less flexible when it comes to acclimating to a life with less meat in it. Several dishes pasta, tacos, stir fry can start out vegetarian with meat cooked separately and added before serving.

I do this with chicken, pasta and fish tacos mmmmm, fish tacos. Some of the Morningstar products are pretty decent, especially the sausage patties. And Lightlife makes a Mexican-style veggie ground beef that tastes good in tacos.

Pick a Few Faves Through trial and error, my wife and I found several vegetarian dishes that we both love: These are so good that sometimes I crave them over meat dishes. Pick three or four easy-to-make dishes as your go-to staples for busy weeknights.

Choose one or two more challenging recipes for special occasions or for when you time on your hands. If one or neither of you cooks, turn this into a learning experience and make the food together. My aim was to determine how this subculture is organised among students in tertiary institutions. Areas of specialisation Internet fraud is organised along areas of specialisation to make a success of the deviant behaviour.

Fraudsters study the security network of online transactions to decide where to pitch their tents. They use different schemes. Sending fraudulent messages to online dating websites and social network sites were reported to be low-risk — but high-profit — areas of specialisation.

A third-year student said to me: I started online fraud in my second semester of level [a session comprised of two academic semesters in Nigerian universities] as an impostor via online dating. Then I looked for the profile of people that live in developed countries.

But if it is in Nigeria, I look for people who live in places like Port Harcourt, Abuja [luxury suburbs]. I always posed to them as a big man who needed a wife.

Vegans: Would you date a meat-eater?

Sometimes I posed to them on how my wife disappointed me and took away my property and children. However, what I do mainly now is to transmit misleading information online for people to send their bank accounts [details]. They may stand at ATM galleries to feign assistance to vulnerable users — illiterates, the old and the physically challenged — and later swap cards to defraud them. The fraudsters carry out their attacks mostly on weekends and mostly outside the state where the account is domiciled.

Banks are mostly non-functional on weekends. This means victims will be unable to ask their banks to stop illegal transactions on their accounts until Monday morning, when the banks open for business, even though they receive debit alerts over the weekend.

These networks revolve around banks, security agencies, co-fraudsters and, sometimes, families.


The common means of collecting fraud money in Nigeria is through the banks, mostly through the Western Union money transfer. Through compromised banking staff, fraudsters use fake identity to access funds.

This is because the fraudster would have used a foreign name and would not have a recognised identity card in that name.