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The irrigated treatment was established in the same manner but received to mm of irrigation in the spring. Irrigation amount in the spring varied because of differences in weather and was adequate to avoid major drought stress.

Data taken from these plots were grain yield, flag leaf area. Filter paper was placed on both sides of 65 seeds in each Petri dish and moistened with distilled water. Strength of the mannitol solution was based on the work of Ashraf and Abu-Shakra Seedling in a total of six replications during two separate trails were counted to determine percent germination and were rated for vigor.

Since results of the two trails were very similar, the data were combined for analysis. Survival after desiccation Wooden flats x x 65 mm deep were lined with paper and filled with clay loam topsoil.

The cultivars were planted as single rows 25 mm apart with 50 seeds per mm of row and guard rows on the outside. The plants were well watered until the 2 to 3 leaf stage. Water was then withheld until most of the seedling appeared to be dead.

The flats were then dewatered and survival was counted after re-growth on two flats in each experiment with three replications per flat. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse. Water Loss of Excised Leaves Plants were grown in greenhouse flats as described in the previous section and sampled at the tillering stage when mm tall.

Field grown plants from a non-stressed irrigation treatment were sampled at the early joining stage of development when mm tall.

There were three replications in each experiment and 3 to 6 g of leaves, fresh weight per sample. Root length Ten seeds of each cultivar were planted in sand in 85 mm diameter by mm deep cans.

The length of all roots was measured with a ruler. There were three replications of each cultivar in each of two trails. Rooting Depth Wheat seedling was grown 40 d in 75 mm x 3 m clear tubes filled with a peat- vermiculite mix and angled 15 from vertical.

The experimental design was a randomized complete block with 10 replications. The experiment was not repeated over time. Maximum root depth was recorded at least once per week. The same genotypes were also planted in triplicate randomized block design in the field under moisture stress conditions zero irrigation.

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diversidad genetica yahoo dating

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