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Jan 25, Revolution Health, he answers questions about PVPS on Yahoo Post- Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS) refers to a variety of Despite the number of studies to date, the actual incidence of PVPS is hard to state reliably. Feb 20, Thanks Vic. It's good to have this information so readily available on the forum. I' m curious about the date though. Are you aware of other. Some of them have developed a problem called “Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome.” The incidence of PVPS is also variably reported in the.

Yeah I think men are a little surprised about the shaving process. I think what men are most surprised by is how relatively pain-free it is once we get that local [anesthetic] in. They will walk out and drive themselves home the same day. Do you think men think differently about contraception today than they did 20 years ago, or is there still the expectation that women will be responsible?

Really what we need is some other form of birth control similar to the pills that women take that allows us to cause no sperm to come out in the ejaculate. Your study parsed out which areas of the U. Could you talk about that? We found that the north-central part of the United States and the West Coast were highest in vasectomy utilization, and the Northeast was the lowest. From most utilized to least it went Midwest, West, South, Northeast. Up to this point in my life, I rarely saw doctors.

Aside from the occasional school vaccine or wart removal, my health was boring. I played a lot of sports as a kid but gave those up when I saw my friends getting injured. I have never had allergies besides the occasional seasonal sneeze. Since my vasectomy, I have seen an impressive number of specialists.

Probably too many, but I was desperate. I mention this one because looking back I think an opportunity for a diagnosis was missed early on. Symptoms were tinnitus that occasionally made a pulsatile whooshing sound, constant dizziness, chronic headache of 2 months, foggy vision, and neck pain. She did the Valsalva maneuver, watched my eyes, and concluded I was fine. I was also given a hearing test and the audiologist found a lack of acoustic reflex on one side.

Clearly, there needs to be more awareness about intracranial hypertension. Instead, I was on my way to the doctor referral merry go round. There were a couple of visits to an orthopedist when the knees, hips, and back began to hurt at the six month mark. Urology to neurology, with a few more stops at the ER with pelvic pain, prostatitis and pudendal neuralgia. Even though my crotch hurt, it was my headache that has gotten the most attention over the last three years. I spent a month on heavy doses of migraine medication but to no avail.

Intracranial Hypertension I continued to see neurologists. On suspicion of multiple sclerosis and without plaques showing on an MRI, they ordered a lumbar puncture. My first puncture showed an opening pressure of 26mmHg with elevated proteins in the cerebrospinal fluid.

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Not because I was miraculously cured but because there was finally an objective measurement of how I was feeling inside. Anyone who has navigated the medical system with mysterious symptoms and years of dead ends knows exactly what I am talking about. I had a glimmer of hope that I was on the road to answers and recovery. I was much more popular with elevated intracranial pressure. Unfortunately, my optimism was short lived.

I was given a prescription for Tramadol, Lyrica and a referral to their chronic pain clinic. Therefore, the neurologist refused to diagnose me with pseudotumor cerebri another name for intracranial hypertension.

Both the intake physician and I were dumbfounded. So much so that she actually apologized to me when I left. Next was their chronic pain clinic and self management pain program. I met with their pain specialist and received even more diagnoses; Central Sensitization Disorder, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Multifactorial Fatigue Syndrome. The pain doc did acknowledge the abnormal pressure and requested a follow up spinal tap to confirm the validity of the first puncture.

My second spinal tap was similar to the first except I was much more nervous. My original spinal tap ended with an emergency epidural blood patch after 9 days of leaking CSF. My second pressure was just over 22mmHg and it was enough for Mayo Clinic to confirm that I did in fact have some kind of pressure disorder.

My cortisol stimulation test showed secondary adrenal insufficiency until an AM cortisol test months later came back at 11, so I am now considered low normal. The only blood test that has been consistently abnormal from the beginning is hormones. Additional Medical History There is really not much more to the story. It has been three years of searching, doctor visits, pubmed, aches, pains, and frustration.

A short summary of the rest of my medical journey is below. Abnormal gait and posture from neuromuscular dysfunction Radiology — full body CT with contrast at 3 months post vasectomy was insignificant Endocrinology — low testosterone and low cortisol Sleep apnea — Blood oxgyen level is normal until REM when it drops.

Physician called it mild sleep apnea while Mayo considers it a sleep disorder consistent with Central Sensitization Disorder. Lyme testing — Negative twice. The second test was Panel B through IGenex. Urology — At month 3, I had blood in my urine and it was suspected I had a kidney stone.

No stone found on film. I also had severe ketonuria. The original urologist saw that I was sterile.

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He deemed the vasectomy a success and dismissed me from his practice. Other urologists have diagnosed vasitis, chronic pelvic pain and post vasectomy pain syndrome. Ejaculate culture tested positive for Group B streptococcus at the 2-year mark. Ironically, my wife tested positive for Group B strep during her second pregnancy in I tend to split my symptoms into two groups, my head and my pelvis.

I feel they are related but doctors have failed to make the connection, so I investigate them separately. I continue to struggle with my balance and my eyes seem to be part of that.

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Something as simple as looking at my phone while walking exacerbates the dizziness. I am in a better place mentally but I am not without my struggles. I have learned to endure the pain with deep breathing and distraction. As the numbers of vasectomized men have increased, the numbers of men affected by post-vasectomy complications have also risen and become a focus for clinical studies. The incidence of post-vasectomy testicular pain had been variously reported in the literature.

For some, the symptom is chronic. When these men seek treatment, their main treatment option is vasectomy reversal which resolves the pain in a significant percentage of these men. The reversal procedure also restores unwanted fertility and can be very costly.

For those still in pain, treatment options for post-vasectomy pain include epididymectomy, stripping of the spermatic cord nervous structures, or orchiectomy removal of the testicle.

The success rates for these procedures is variable. The problems with including a paragraph like this are two-fold: Number 2 is rather tongue in cheek. Of note was the "six percent of post-vasectomy patients with pain severe enough to seek medical advice.

It has been cited as high as three to eight percent. Recognition of this late post-vasectomy syndrome, which represents a major complication of vasectomy, might be expected to increase as cohorts of vasectomized individuals age. In another study they concluded: