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What Ecstasy Does to Your Body: The Science Behind Music's Most Controversial Drug

Like my husband and I did it together when we were dating and we I did a lot of drugs when I was younger and ecstasy was the only one that. ; E-mail: [email protected] Received date: July 23, ; Accepted date: August 31, ; Published date: September 3, Citation: Moalla M, Sellami R, Journal of Addictive Behaviors and Therapy. Vol.2 No EXCLUSIVE: Based on queries made on Yahoo! most talked about drug beating cocaine, MDMA and methamphetamine, . questions or need help with treating an addiction, we would strongly . Rami Malek gets a passionate kiss from Bohemian Rhapsody co-star girlfriend Lucy Boynton (and his mum).

Dopamine, associated with the pleasure and reward response, is responsible for the euphoria and energy that come with taking MDMA. Norepinephrine is an adrenaline that jacks up your heart rate and blood pressure.

Meanwhile, serotonin creates a sense of well being, happiness and emotional binding. In most cases, the effect lasts three to six hours. After that, many people get "depletion syndrome," according to Danovitch. People feel low, irritable, depressed, have difficulty sleeping, feel anxious and have trouble focusing.

In some instances, however, things can go badly wrong. Among the potentially catastrophic reactions are hyperthermia, rhabdomyolysis, organ failure, and severe anxiety or panic attacks, said Cathy Lee Rogowski, an emergency room physician in San Diego who has seen many of these symptoms and more.

The most pernicious long-term effect is brain damage. But there's increasing evidence to support the likelihood that chronic use of ecstasy causes lasting brain damage. One of the ways it damages the brain has to do with how the body tries to deal with the artificial flood of neurochemicals triggered by MDMA.

The danger is that these toxic metabolites have the potential to destroy brain cells in a way that's similar to how Parkinson's Disease works, Lieberman said. Parrott of Swansea University's Department of Psychology reported significant memory deficits and impairment on a range of cognitive tasks including "executive processing, logical reasoning, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. Presumably there is a differential effect, but we just don't know.

In a study by Lynne Singer, et al. It will likely be years before researchers are able to find out how MDMA will affect these children over the long term. While ecstasy is often called the "love drug," it's psychological effects are not always positive.

In his review of 25 years' worth of medical research on MDMA, Parrott concluded that "MDMA is essentially a mood intensifier" that can also magnify negative emotional states as well as positive.

When combined with other drugs, the outcome can be fatal. Emily McCaughan had taken a combination of MDMA and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid or GBH before she told friends that she was being followed, then jumped from the 20th floor of her Las Vegas hotel to her death in Kyle Haigis died in after he began acting irrationally, jumping out of a moving car and was struck by a passing semi.

The most common issue is excessive body heat, or hyperthermia. Serotonin, which helps regulate core temperature through the hypothalamus, acts as the body's thermostat. This creates even more heat in your body. Now add a stuffy or hot environment such as a poorly ventilated nightclub or a baking hot festival ground, and your body soon has difficulty cooling down.

What's wrong with that? Excess body heat causes muscle cells to die. The muscles are also stressed out by the surplus adrenaline pumping through the body, thanks to the norepinephrine released by MDMA. Muscles tense and go rigid in preparation for the fight-or-flight response triggered by the adrenaline. People who take ecstasy often report that their jaws clench.

The tension, if constant, leads to damage of the muscle fibers, called rhabdomyolysis.

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The muscle soreness reported by many the day after taking ecstasy is likely a mild case of rhabdomyolysis. Sustained rhabdomyolysis is problematic because it can suddenly become a runaway train that leads to organ failure.

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When muscle cells die, they release a number of byproducts into the blood, including potassium ions, phosphate ions, myoglobin, creatine kinase and uric acid. It's like sludge, and it clogs up the kidneys.

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There's no way to reverse that once they're in the bloodstream. It can all happen very quickly, within a few hours. July 13, Accepted Date: August 17, Published Date: August 24, Citation: J Forensic Res 6: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. It displays effects related to amphetamine -type drugs and a set of distinctive effects like restlessness, well-being, and others effects.

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We collected 12 batches of samples seized by Morocco Police that were analyzed by liquid chromatography coupled to tandem Mass Spectrometry to determine MDMA concentration presents in these tablets. The method was also validated in the following parameters: A great variability among ecstasy tablets compositions was detected and the toxicological features were discussed.

It is commonly used at rave parties for its psychedelic and stimulant effects that may last between 4 and 6 h [ 2 ]. This drug is generally sold in the form of tablets with good appearance, with great variety of colors, shapes, and sizes and printed with various types of pictures and logos [ 3 - 5 ].

Retention times for rutin, sutherlandin A, sutherlandin B, kaempferolO-rutinoside, sutherlandin C, sutherlandin D, quercitrin, quercetin and kaempferol were In addition, other psychoactive compounds may be present such as cocaine, heroincaffeine, lidocaine and others [ 4 ]. Indeed, tablets with similar physical appearances may have different chemical compositions and the contents of MDMA in ecstasy tablets vary from 0 to Due to the usually unknown composition of these tablets, consumers are not aware of the quality and quantity of MDMA in ecstasy tablets and consumption of these drugs provides a considerable risk of severe intoxication.

Then, ecstasy tablets analysis could be used to detect the presence of MDMA and dangerous chemical associations and to determine the variability of the contents. In fact, in the s, ecstasy entered the lists of internationally controlled products [ 8 ]. Several analytical methods have been developed as ecstasy tablets analysis like immunoassays [ 9 - 13 ], gas chromatography GC [ 9 - 16 ], liquid chromatography LC [ 16 - 24 ], capillary electrophoresis CE [ 222526 ], high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC [ 2728 ], liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometer LC-MS [ 3 ] and gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometer GC-MS [ 4 ].