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flechita para arriba yahoo dating

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The significant changes include: Nominees for at large positions on a board need not be restricted to persons who reside within the nominating commissioner's district. The limitation of two consecutive terms will be eliminated. An incoming commissioner will have 90 days after taking office to remove a district designated member--as distinguished from an at-large member--appointed by his or her predecessor.

A process for receiving letters of interest and resumes qualifications from persons interested in filling a vacant board position is outlined. The project is to be awarded to a single bidder. The project will be tracked under two separate projects: Attendance of the mandatory pre-bid conference is a prerequisite for submission of a Bid.

Sealed bids must be received no later than 2: Delivery of bids is the sole responsibility of the bidder.

flechita para arriba yahoo dating

The Purchasing Department will date and time stamp the sealed envelope upon receipt. A public opening and reading of Bids received will begin immediately following the 2: Bernalillo County Public Works Division at Bid documents can be picked up at Albuquerque Reprographics, Inc. This deposit is refundable provided the bidding documents are returned in usable condition within ten 10 days after the bid opening. Portions of bidding documents may be purchased at the cost of reproduction.

To submit a bid, a complete set of bidding documents must be obtained from Albuquerque Reprographics, Inc. Planholders list on the day of the bid opening will not be accepted. Bidding documents may be available for reviewing purposes only at the following locations note: Albuquerque, New Mexico Bernalillo County reserves the right to issue addenda to the Specifications during the advertising period as provided in the Contract Documents. A record of all the addenda and copies of the same will be available to all qualified Bidders from the Bernalillo County Purchasing Department or the Engineer listed above.

In accordance with To prequalify, contractors and subcontractors shall file fully executed Prequalification Booklets with the Department. Prime contractors submitting a new or renewal Booklet must submit it not less than seven 7 calendar days prior to the opening of any bid.

Subcontractors must submit a new Booklet or renewal Booklet not more than seven 7 calendar days after bid opening. Prequalification Booklets and copies of the Contractor Prequalification Rule may be acquired from the office of Inspector General at Bidders shall be licensed as Contractors in the State of New Mexico at the time of Contract award and must include their license number and Contractor classifications held in the prescribed place on the bid form. Questions regarding the technical aspects of the bidding documents shall be submitted through the office of the Engineer of Record: Questions regarding purchasing procedures shall be submitted to Colin Spencer, Purchasing Administrator, Bernalillo County Purchasing Department, atfaxe-mail: The last day for questions is close of business 5: December 20, 22, Published on: The project will include installation of water distribution piping, connection stubs, meter boxes, fire hydrants, valves, casing pipes, pavement restoration, and all related appurtenances.

A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Friday, January 3, at 2: Attendance of the non-mandatory pre-bid conference is not a prerequisite for submission of a Bid. For instructions to Bidders, bidding forms, and Contract Documents, including plans, specifications, and other documents to be used in connection with the submission of bids, prospective Bidders are invited to contact Albuquerque Reprographics at McLeod Road NE, Albuquerque, NM, Bidders shall be licensed as Contractors in the State of New Mexico at the time of Bid submittal and must include their license number and Contractor classifications held in the prescribed place on the bid form.

Questions regarding the technical aspects of the bidding documents shall be submitted through the Engineer of Record: SE, Albuquerque, NM, Journal; December 22, 24, Published on: A non-mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held at For registered vendors, pertinent RFP documents, including the specifications and the proposed contract documents can be downloaded through the purchasing website at no cost.

For firms not registered, interested parties are encouraged to register at no cost through the County's purchasing website, www. Vendors are also welcome to contact Phillip B.

flechita para arriba yahoo dating

Lee, Purchasing Administrator, ator by e-mail plee bernco. The Purchasing Department is the only organization who is authorized to make copies or distribute this RFP on behalf of the County. Deadline to submit questions will be by close of business 5: Mountain Standard Time, Monday January 13, Questions will be accepted by faxor by E-mail to plee bernco. Sealed submittals for the referenced proposal must be addressed and delivered, no later than 4: Sealed submittals will be date and time stamped upon receipt.

Delivery of proposals is the sole responsibility of the Offeror. Project Overview and Description: Bluewater Village has had major difficulties with its only water well and seeks to have a secondary well installed.

flechita para arriba yahoo dating

Proposal shall include 2 sections of information. First section will include: The second section shall include project specific planning needs, including but not limited to, well site location, site evaluation, hydrologic investigation, water hook-up options with other providers or sources and land negotiations. Proposals will be received at: Deadline to receive proposals will be 45 days after first publication.

December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, January 5, 12, Published on: The hourly wage shown above includes tips and commissions received by the employee. You must qualify as an employee under the Albuquerque Minimum Wage Act in order to be entitled to the minimum wage given in this notice.

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An employee is any person who performs work for an employer for monetary compensation for at least two 2 hours in a given week within the municipal limits of the City on a full-time, part-time, seasonal, or temporary basis. Employee shall not include 1 any person who is excluded from the definition of employee under NMSA c 3 - 57 of the New Mexico Minimum Wage Act, except that persons employed by the City of Albuquerque are employees, 2 interns working for an Employer for academic credit in connection with a course of study at an accredited school, college or university or employees working for an accredited school, college or university pursuant to a work-study program while attending that school, college or university or 3 any person who has received a certificate from the state labor commissioner pursuant to NMSA or C 12 NMSA Any Employee who has suffered discrimination in any manner or had adverse action taken against that Employee in retaliation for exercising rights protected under this ordinance may bring a civil action in a court of competent jurisdiction and, upon prevailing, shall recover actual damages plus reinstatement in the case of discharge subject to certain restrictions in the Albuquerque Minimum Wage Ordinance.

A plaintiff prevailing in an action to enforce this ordinance shall be entitled to recover his or her costs and expenses of suit and reasonable attorney's fees.

El salario por hora que se indica ms arriba incluye las propinas y las comisiones que reciba el empleado. Usted debe reunir los requisitos de empleado segn la Ley de salario mnimo de Albuquerque para tener derecho al salario mnimo indicado en este aviso. Empleado es todo aquel que trabaja para un empleador por una compensacin monetaria, por lo menos durante dos 2 horas en una determinada semana, dentro de los lmites municipales de la Ciudad, con trabajo a tiempo completo, a tiempo parcial, estacional o temporal.

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Todo Empleado que haya sufrido discriminacin de cualquier forma o contra quien se haya tomado una medida adversa como represalia por ejercer los derechos protegidos segn esta ordenanza podr interponer una accin civil en un tribunal de jurisdiccin competente y, en caso de ganar la demanda, recuperar los daos efectivamente sufridos adems de su reincorporacin si hubiera sido despedido, sujeto a ciertas restricciones de la Ordenanza relativa al salario mnimo de Albuquerque.

El demandante que gane una demanda entablada para hacer que se cumpla esta ordenanza tendr derecho a recuperar los costos y gastos asociados con la demanda y honorarios razonables de abogado. Project consists of one 10, gallon fuel tank for dispensing Jet A fuel. Included in the scope of work is a credit card reader for the Jet A tank, tank filling and dispensing system to the aircraft.

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The turn-key installation includes engineering, construction shop drawings, site preparation, electrical and communication lines with capacity for Phase II AVGAS system, fabrication of the fuel farm components, installation of the complete fuel farm, training, operational manuals, a computerized accounting system, all permits and approvals necessary for the fuel farm to be operational upon completion.

Local Timeand then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. A non-mandatory Pre-Bid meeting will be held January 14, at Payment shall be fully refunded to each document holder of record upon return of a complete set of Bidding Documents in good condition within ten 10 days of the Bid Opening. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Category 2: A list of qualifications and specifications, instructions to bidders and RFP forms can be obtained upon request by faxmail, email bids ces.

Cooperative Educational Services reserves the express right to accept or reject any or all bids. December 15, 22, Published on: Interested parties may request a copy of the specifications from the Human Resource Office with Amanda Lucero at A copy of the Request for Quotation document may be obtained by contacting the District at the number listed below. A copy of the Request for Quotation document and the Furniture Drawings and Specifications may also be obtained at the following address: Proposals shall be received no later than Tuesday, January 23, at 2: Late proposals will not be accepted.

Under a major disaster declaration FEMA-DRNM signed by the President on September 30, and with subsequent amendments, the following counties and tribal entities have been designated adversely affected by the disaster and are eligible for PA: All counties and tribal entities in the State of New Mexico are eligible to apply for assistance under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. Under a major disaster declaration FEMA-DRNM signed by the President on October 29, and with subsequent amendments, the following counties and tribal entities have been designated adversely affected by the disaster and are eligible for PA: This public notice concerns activities that may affect historic properties, activities that are located in or affect wetland areas or the year floodplain, and critical actions within the year floodplain.

Such activities may adversely affect the historic property, floodplain or wetland, or may result in continuing vulnerability to flood damage. Presidential Executive Orders and require that all federal actions in or affecting the floodplain or wetlands be reviewed for opportunities to relocate and evaluated for social, economic, historical, environmental, legal and safety considerations.

Where there is no opportunity to relocate, FEMA is required to undertake a detailed review to determine what measures can be taken to minimize future damages.

The public is invited to participate in the process of identifying alternatives and analyzing their impacts.

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FEMA intends to provide assistance for the restoration of these facilities to their pre-disaster condition, except that certain measures to mitigate the effects of future flooding or other hazards may be included in the work. For example, a bridge or culvert restoration may include a larger waterway opening to decrease the risk of future washouts. For routine activities, this will be the only public notice provided. Other activities and those involving facilities that do not meet the four criteria are required to undergo more detailed review including a study of alternate locations.

Subsequent public notices regarding such projects will be published if necessary as more specific information becomes available. In many cases, an applicant may have started facility restoration before federal involvement. Even if the facility must undergo detailed review and analysis of alternate locations, FEMA will fund eligible restoration at the original location if the facility is functionally dependent on its floodplain location e.

State of New Mexico and local officials will confirm to FEMA that proposed actions comply with all applicable State and local floodplain management and wetland protection requirements. In the course of developing project proposals, subsequent public notices will be published if necessary as more specific information becomes available.

Those actions or activities affecting buildings, structures, districts or objects 50 years or older or that affect archeological sites or undisturbed ground will require further review to determine if the property is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places Register.

For historic properties not adversely affected by FEMA's undertaking-this will be the only public notice. As noted, in regards to the actions described above under the PA and HMGP programs this may be the only public notice. Comments should be sent in writing to Nancy Casper, Federal Coordinating Officer, at the above address within 15 days of the date of this notice.

December 22, 23, Published on: Friday, January 3rd, for an Equipment Transport Trailer. Bids will be opened publicly on the bid due date and time specified. December 19, 22, Published on: December 22, 26, Published on: The intent of the MRGCD Board of Directors is to convene a multi-disciplinary effort, focused on financial consulting services, to assess the MRGCD budget expenditures and revenue sources to develop a plan to balance the recurring expenses and recurring revenues of the MRGCD, within a five to ten year period.

Attendance at the pre-proposal meeting is not a prerequisite for submission of a proposal, but is highly recommended. Offerors who would like to participate via teleconference must contact Jeanette Bustamante, Procurement Manager at ext. I want you to always pray for me, any delay in you reply will give me room in sourcing for another person for the same purpose.

If you are not interested sorry to contact you.

flechita para arriba yahoo dating

The grace of God brought me to take bold step. Please also convince me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein. Please contact me via E -mail. Hay muchas variantes de este timo: Espero no repetir ninguno, pero conforme la lista valla aumentando pues quien sabe.

Greetings, with due respect, i must apologize for this unsolicited message, i am aware that this is certainly not a conventional way of approaching an unknowing person for establishment of project. But i respectfully insist you read this message carefully before you either take a decision of proceeding or deleting my message as i am optimistic it will be successful for unimaginable financial benefit for the both of us.

It is a genuine business transaction which i cannot operate it alone without using a foreigner as required in the bank law, therefore i am contacting you to stand before the bank as the beneficiary next of kin to this fund and assist me actualize this great opportunity, so that we could shear the benefit together by the help of God.

Therefore indicate your full interest on assurance of trust and in the area you are not interested of this deal please kindly delete it immediately from your email box thanks.

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My Dear, I am Mrs. I reside here in Silver Springs Florida. My residential address is as follows. He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake.