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Recalling the Brock Turner Judge Is a Terrible Ide

Ridicule definition: If you ridicule someone or ridicule their ideas or beliefs, you make fun of them in an | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define derisively. derisively synonyms, derisively pronunciation, derisively translation, English dictionary definition of derisively. adj. Mocking; jeering. An exclamatory sentence, or exclamation, is a more forceful version of a declarative Is this answer still relevant and up to date? .. while having declarative structure, uses the exclamation mark to express an attitude (in this case derision?.

That doesn't mean that judges are beyond criticism. Persky should have faced condemnation for the absurdly lenient sentence he handed down. The probation department did request a "moderate" sentence, while prosecutors requested six years, which is still significantly less than the maximum possible penalty.

But Persky is in charge of the sentences in his courtroom, and could have chosen a harsher one for Turner. And if Persky is found to have systematic bias in sexual assault and rape cases — if it can be shown that the average sentences he hands down in those cases is shorter than in cases with comparable sentencing guidelines — that is indeed a matter that demands serious inquiry and potential professional consequences.

The mistreatment of sexual assault victims by the criminal justice system is well-documented, and while Persky may be the judge currently making headlines, the problem neither begins nor ends with him. Instead of a recall effort aimed at Persky, a better use of resources would be to push for state or federal funds to conduct regular, broad sentencing assessments to look closely at how individual judges, and the system as a whole, may be biased against or toward certain groups.

These assessments could let judges know if their unconscious biases are influencing their decisions, and give lawmakers the tools to correct systematic flaws. This would turn a clear eye on all sorts of disparities — not just shorter sentences for relatively affluent white men, but the more common scourge of unfairly long ones for men and women of color, and black men in particular. The Brock Turner case was in some ways an outlier: Americans go to jail at higher rates than in our peer countries, and we have the largest prison population in the world.

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Americans also go to jail longer for the same crimes than people in many comparable nations. When it comes to sexual assault, the American criminal justice system is particularly traumatic for victims, and many never come forward. Only a tiny minority of sexual assailants are ever found guilty, and those who are often end up facing long sentences.

But long sentences, too, may do a disservice to sexual assault survivors, especially if they are assaulted by an acquaintance and fear pressing charges could mean someone they know might spend a decade or more in prison.

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