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credito coppel yahoo dating

PE Ratio (TTM), EPS (TTM), N/A. Earnings Date, N/A. Forward Dividend & Yield, (%). Ex-Dividend Date, 1y Target Est, N/A. Your trusted source for breaking news, analysis, exclusive interviews, headlines, and videos at Earnings Date, N/A Ex-Dividend Date, . the following peers – Banca Popolare di Sondrio S.c.p.A., Credito Valtellinese SCARL, Banca Monte dei.

Manufactured production has recovered after negative periods in recent years, while private consumption has gained traction. Economic confidence and business sentiments are positive, driving a large recovery of private investment, which is expected to grow around 4. The unemployment rate has moved upward to 7. Private formal employment is showing better figures but is still growing slowly, given the current positive economic cycle.

Real wages in response are growing modestly. The Central Bank of Chile has kept interest rates at 2. This change didn't cause any significant movement in the financial markets since it's mostly incorporated. The treasury office forecast that the fiscal deficit will be 1. Domestic conditions, however, are improving and so GDP growth, which is expected to be 3.

Credito Valtellinese Società Cooperativa (CVAL.MI)

Now I will leave you with Mr. And again, I'm very pleased to be here with you again. This quarter, we would like to highlight the following.

After this merger, Bci attained first place in the Chilean banking industry in terms of total assets, and second in terms of loans. We continue to make significant progress with our Digital Transformation plan. A capital increase of CLPmillion was approved during the Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting held last July, which reaffirms our commitment to having strong capitalization ratios.

We launched our new corporate identity with our ultimate goal to -- of becoming the bank of choice. Please move to the next slide. Our loan market share is This included a nonrecurring effect of Credicorp stock sale.

credito coppel yahoo dating

The return on average equity was As we have mentioned in past conference calls, one of the most important priorities is to develop a top-of-line digital customer experience in order to compete, gain edge to achieve deeper customer relationships and higher revenue per client.

Regarding our Digital Transformation plan, this quarter, we continued to make significant improvements. As you may know, we're the first bank to offer online checking accounts. : Summary for CREDITO VALTELLINESE - Yahoo Finance

In terms of disruptive innovation, we have more than sic - see slide 10, "k" users of the person-to-person transfer and payment MACH application. That -- this app allows us to make secure payment in less than 15 seconds and more thanMACH prepaid credit cards.

On one hand, they can withdraw their cash when they want to, but also have access to the functionality of a prepaid card when using MACH online and abroad.

credito coppel yahoo dating

We have also seen advances in our processes with our leaner and less-complicated process, which is reflected in lower operating costs.

In our new digital mortgages loan where processes that were formally manual, like drafting the title deed, have been automated. This has had an impact by cutting process time. It has reduced the consistent data reflection rate and has lowered the time needed by lawyer in the mortgages loan sales process. In this scenario, employees' productivity has increased by 3x and errors have declined to minimal levels.

Please move to next slide. As part of our second pillar, we aim to drive sustainable growth while maintaining prudent risk. These results were positive affected by a better performance in the commercial areas. In the domestic market, Bci has had This growth was mainly driven by commercial and mortgages loans. In commercial loans, we grew at a rate of The growth in this segment is a reflection of a better macroeconomic outlook and greater economic dynamism, as Sergio addressed early in his presentation.

In this environment, Bci has been able to anticipate the competition due to a sectoral and regional focus plan. In the retail segment, we are facing a more competitive environment for customer loans where we have grown slightly below the banking sector this year.

Regarding mortgages, we have had sustainable growth, attaining a rate of Our objective is to become the main bank for our clients for all products and services that we provide. Based on experience, a customer with a mortgage at Bci has a return of 3x as much as one without that mortgages in a month period.

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It should be noted that this greater organic growth, besides the inorganic growth resulting from the acquisition of TotalBank, has allowed us to be the largest bank in Chile in terms of assets.

We estimate that after the acquisition of Walmart Financial Services, our net interest margin could increase by around 30 basis points. Despite this net interest margin as -- and as part of our strategy, we continue to place a special focus on our cross-selling plan.

credito coppel yahoo dating

We want to highlight that Bci's fee income ratio continued to grow this quarter and was Let's continue with the provision expenses. Our provision expenses increased by This increase is mainly explained by greater provisions for commercial loans. This was specifically due to our forward customers in the segment who fell under insolvency and re-entrepreneurship loan. The nonperforming loans was 1.

Regarding consumers loans, we have been greater nonperforming loans in the last few months, reaching 1. And lastly, you can also see that the mortgages nonperforming loans ratio has maintained a positive trend following -- falling to 1.

credito coppel yahoo dating

As we anticipated in previous quarters, you can see an increase in our efficiency ratio since As one commenter said below cleaning is boring but organizing is fun.

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credito coppel yahoo dating

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