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Afterthe services sector was the most important part of the local economy. The growth in the s and s led the town to grow up the hillsides and become a contiguous residential area. Of this area, 1. Of the rest of the land, 1. Of the built up area, housing and buildings made up 5. Out of the forested land, Of the agricultural land, 1. Of the water in the municipality, 0.

Of the unproductive areas, It is bordered by the Valmara and Valle di Creda and consists of three mountainous shoreline sections. The three sections are divided by the Valli di Ponte and the Sacro Monte. It lies on the road to Ascona along the Italian border. On the other side of Mount Gridone is the Centovalli. Transportation Regular boat service and hydrofoil service runs from Locarno to Brissago via Ascona and the Isole di Brissago Brissago Islands on which there is a botanical reserve with coffee plants and peacocks taking advantage of the odd sub-tropical zone.

Coat of arms The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is Argent a cross gules and in canton St. George riding a horse toward sinister argent cloaked gules killing a dragon vert. George refers to 24 April St. George's day when Brissago decided to be put under the protection of the Swiss. Most of the population as of speaks Italian The remainder 82 people speak another language. The population was made up of Swiss men There were Swiss women Ignoring immigration and emigration, the population of Swiss citizens decreased by 11 while the foreign population decreased by 1.

There were 8 Swiss men and 2 Swiss women who emigrated from Switzerland. Iaquinta viene messo fuori rosa e salta la Juventus proprio il giorno prima, al '90 Barreto viene colpito da Cannavaro in piena area ma l'arbitro non rovina la vittoria GIUventina Subito dopo 2 gol sbagliati dall'Ascoli, l'arbitro concede un dubbio rigore per fallo di mano su cross dalla trequarti. Lazio Il solito rigore negato e il solito mini-recupero dopo aver ammonito 7 giocatori Gol di Pellissier non convalidato, la palla supera la riga di 1 metro!

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Juventus Toro La strepitosa rincorsa granata rischia di essere compromessa da un dubbio rigore a tempo scaduto. However, taking steps like banning Facebook in the workplace is the equivalent of forbidding rolodexes and is counterproductive. Educators like us who are concerned about the overall human condition, the health and welfare of others, the loss of civil liberties worldwide, the scourge of war, the plundering of the planet and environmental degradation might as well have cloven feet, horns and a forked tail.

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There is indeed a closing down of the American mind. I, for one, have always wondered why Americans would rather admit to being racist than to having any social classes. But, as I will show, the recent and historic election of Barrack Obama as president of the United States is testimony to the emergence of a new political coalition made up of people of all colors, ages and drawn from all walks of life.

McCain did best among uneducated voters in Appalachia and the South. Republicans won in the South and Great Plains. But the interesting aspect here, and this is not to deny that racism exists, is that the Republicans have become the Wal-Mart party while the Democrats have forged a minority-meritocracy party, an alliance joining upscale whites with blacks and Hispanics of all income levels.

Joe the Plumber becomes a cultural icon for that large swath of our population that is steeped in fundamentalism, xenophobia, homophobia, and takes a Yahoo stance with respect to science and technology. America does indeed have its social classes, although they are more subtle and difficult for foreigners to spot. The current economic meltdown, worldwide recession, a staggering national debt, global terrorism and wars on two fronts mean that Obama will have to forge consensus, will inevitably have to compromise and will need to draw on all the talent and determination of the American people.

Red and Blue must somehow be reconciled as the future unfolds. Why is this so important? Let me just put it this way: Paul Krugman noted that America is becoming a society in which the poor tend to stay poor, no matter how hard they work; in which sons are much more likely to inherit the socioeconomic status of their fathers than they were a generation ago.

As I observed, American looks more and more like a class-ridden society. These numbers exclude capital gains so reality is even more skewed in favor of the top income strata.

Close to 35 million Americans now live in poverty, and close to 50 million have no health care. With millions of jobs being lost and a serious recession on our hands, will America go the way of Weimar Germany?

Will neo-Nazi militias become popular once again as household incomes plunge? Anti-Semitism is on the rise, especially in Europe. There are over hate groups in the United States, many armed and dangerous. Do communities have programs, do universities have courses? If not, why not? Remember, it was the middle class that supported fascist governments in Europe in the s and initially backed military juntas in the Americas in the s.

Many college teachers are looking more and more like migrant factory labor — lacking health benefits, job security, retirement funds, and any influence over either their employment conditions or the goals of the institutions they work for. Perhaps former Berkeley Chancellor Clark Kerr was correct when he noted that the three central preoccupations of the American academy are sex for the students, sports for the alumni, and parking for the faculty.

There has been a worldwide democratization of higher education, a massification if you will. China has doubled its enrollments in the late s, and India is trying to follow suit.

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The number of students studying abroad has doubled over the past 20 years to 1. There is also increased competition between public and private universities.

The largest private university in the States is the University of Phoenix withstudents, 29 campuses and offshoots around the world. Courses focus on practical subjects. Corporate universities include, for example, Microsoft and Schwab. Some are awarding degrees in conjunction with traditional universities. These institutions may or may not offer courses in international business, but I doubt very much if many of them have developed applied multicultural studies courses for their students.

This is a very promising target of opportunity for our field, but requires us to become far more entrepreneurial on our home campuses, especially within our own departments where we tend to be marginalized. Ever-narrowing specializations and the race for tenure which so undervalues teaching and service, despite rhetoric to the contrary, means that as far as the real world is concerned, we cannot see the trees for the leaves, let alone the forest for the trees!

In general, universities and colleges in the United States are more flexible and better funded than their counterparts worldwide. Our academics are not civil servants trapped in a national labor market, and are very diverse. In fact, European universities are, overall, a mess. In Italy, thousands of university students are protesting recent attempts to reform higher education even though Italy has one of the worst managed, most corrupt, and most badly performing university systems in the world.

In fact, tenured professors are called baroni literally, barons. Furthermore, not one Italian institution is in the top of the Times Higher Education world university rankings.

Italian universities offer literally hundreds of courses with fewer than 15 students; 37 with one. Private universities may take up the slack to some degree. They have also learned that compared with traditional European university prejudice, it is all right to be useful. In developing countries, higher education is also on the rise and faces the universal problem of combining equity with excellence. There is much distortion of education budgets.

Many students are attempting to study abroad as there is dramatic growth in the supply of potential students. Here again, our field can contribute much more practical policy input with respect to cultural orientation, dealing with differences in national standards, and coping with corruption. Remember, in many nations, cheating, cronyism and the selling of degrees is considered business as usual. China exports the most students, , while a fifth of university students in Australia were born abroad.

This limits the exposure that Americans have to students from other countries and cultures. When ignorance is not bliss To recap former presentations of mine, and returning to the U. American college and university students — despite numerous international course offerings and intercultural resources on campus — graduate without any credible knowledge about other nations and peoples.

Again we must ask, why? Perhaps we are our own worst enemies. If it is true that departments will outlive universities, it is equally true that many divisive tribes inhabit the headwaters of international education: All too often, we form our firing squads in circles. What can multiculturalism contribute to prevent a fanaticized, globally operative minority from committing even more mass murders?

The time has come to breathe real life into our calls for international education and exchange. Because we know that terrorism breeds in the fertile soils of poverty, fundamentalism and authoritarianism. But have we multicultural educators spoken up about these matters in any consistent and sensible fashion? And if not, why not? If we do not speak out and work to make a positive difference, then we are definitely part of the problem.

Just what should an international or multicultural education be all about? The recognition or awareness on the part of the individual that he or she has a view of the world that is not universally shared. State of the Planet Awareness: Awareness of prevailing world conditions and developments, including emergent trends. Knowledge of Global Dynamics: Some modest comprehension of key traits and mechanisms of the world system, with emphasis on theories and concepts that may increase intellectual consciousness of global change.

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Awareness of Human Choice: Some awareness of the problems of choice confronting individuals, nations and the human species as consciousness and knowledge of the global system expands. This is an ambitious educational agenda that promises exciting times for individuals like you should you decide to work towards its implementation. You serve as transnational carriers of an emerging planetary awareness: Get real of get out of the way Throughout these remarks, I have tried to emphasize areas where practical, policy relevant work desperately needs to be done.

We have the research, skills and experience to do it. Applied targets are many and include: Last but not least, if we train students for practical rather than academic careers, we must help them find jobs. How many of you have ever worked with your campus placement offices to make sure that recruiters from a wider range of organizations visit your campus and interview your students?

Recruiters from business, NGOs, foundations, and professional associations of all types desperately need more multiculturally competent employees even if they do not yet widen their net to recruit them.

Specifically, I would recommend that in the future, this annual Worldwide Forum should actively solicit papers focusing on these topics: Hopefully, one panel could address comparative research projects that have developed thanks to this Worldwide Forum, for example, research on immigrant student achievement across nations.

I repeat, no one. If we were all alike, there would be no need for multicultural education in the first place. What a dull world it would be! And one thing that we must never lose, at all cost, is our sense of humor when confronted with linguistic and cultural differences. One panel I would personally like to have on the agenda for your next Worldwide Forum would take a comparative look at humor.

Yes, you heard this right. It is my firm belief that to understand a country, you can study its economic data and demographic statistics or you can collect its jokes. Laughter is a civilized form of a primitive lethal instinct, after all, being a sublimation of the ancient urge to kill.

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All too often, politically correct censorship has limited what is permissible with respect to jokes. Nowadays, most popular jokes lampoon the strong rather than the weak, leaving only blondes to pick on these days. Of course, while humor is universal, some jokes do not translate well. However, they provide lots of cultural information about the local landscape. Some situations are too delicate for cross-cultural projects. Palestinian muppeteers did not want their muppets to live on the same street as the Jewish muppets.

And some nations seem to prefer humor that to others is simply smutty or intensely stupid, like a surprising percentage of Japanese television shows. Political shifts also affect jokesters.

In a way, we will all miss the former Soviet Union. Climbing out of the wreckage, he wails: My Mercedes is smashed! But my all-time favorite category of humor is based on GLOBISH, on truly innovative uses of the English language that all travelers encounter on menus, in hotels, and so on. Mexican Hotel on Bathroom Sink: While in Japan on a business trip, a colleague called for a wake-up call. Jordan, your time has come! Thank you very much indeed for your kind attention and best wishes for a successful Worldwide Forum here in the Eternal City.

Bibliographical Note Statistics taken from numerous articles and surveys about globalization and technology regularly published by The Economist. Please be aware that statistics are time sensitive, especially during these turbulent economic times. In the FBI reported: Black American writer James Baldwin wrote: Race is central to American history and is also not marginal in relation to the history of Eastern Europe, specifically Poland.

A number of American fictional and non-fictional resources relate Midwestern Polish racism. One of the characters is a racist Polish immigrant named Mr. Yakobovsky, a shopkeeper, who treats Pecola Breedlove, a poor black girl, with distaste and even avoids touching her hand when she pays for the sweets. How can a fifty-two-year-old white immigrant storekeeper with the taste of potatoes and beer in his mouth, his mind honed on the doe-eyed Virgin Mary, his sensibilities blunted by a permanent awareness of loss, see a little black girl?

Nothing in his life even suggested that the feat was possible, not to say desirable or necessary. Nevertheless, most Poles are not conscious of her blackness and gaze upon the image through the filtering lens of white Christian aesthetics.

Diffusion of the African Isis: Another theory attributes the blackness to extreme age or smoke from candles, but no explanation is given why only the hands, face and feet were affected. Historically, there has been a racial tension between the Black and Polish American communities. Not even in the South was he confronted by such racial hatred.