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Fuentes Manuscritas para la Historia de Iberoamerica: Guia de Instrumentos de publication, originating list, and H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online. Fuentes manuscritas para la historia de las Filipinas hispanas conservadas en Francia. REVIEWS . research, keeping readers up to date with events in. China. For a free online sam pievist dubaiescortss.info CAMBRIDGE. 30 Fuentes Manuscritas Para Descargar - Paperblog how can i learn spanish language,how to speak spanish online learn spanish in spanish,learn spanish.

Moreover, only a very small percentage of all Philippine and other documents have been digitized. But what is already available through the AER is of unquestionable value to researchers, as well as those preparing to undertake archival research. Nearly everyone and everything including Magellan went through here first. Sevilla is a beautiful, magical city that will inspire you to formulate more historical research projects just as an excuse to return.

How are you, Thomas? Oddly, they also add consonants where there are none, e. If you want two or three of something, be prepared for do and tre. And sometimes you will not know if you are being addressed in familiar or formal terms quiere and quieres will sound exactly the same. At the AGI in Sevilla, many of the staff will speak this way. So will almost every food service worker in every eating establishment in the area. Just get used to it.

If you are staying in Sevilla for several weeks or months, there are many affordable apartments or rooms available for rent, except during Semana Santa. Many of these are advertised online, and almost anywhere within the Centro of Sevilla is walking distance to the AGI.

To gauge distances on a map, the distance between the AGI and the Plaza de Cuba in barrio Triana, across the Guadalquivir River using the closest bridge, San Telmo is roughly ten minutes at a leisurely pace. Almost any point within the barrios of Santa Cruz and Arenal is only five minutes away by foot, while those of San Vicente and Macarena may be ten.

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With all the walking you will do, I should also warn you against eating the oranges off those pretty trees that line the streets: It houses a respectable research library though with only a handful of Philippine booksand has a Residencia for scholars coming from out-of-town.

They also hold weekly lectures called mesas redondas on a wide range of research topics, and it is worth attending at least a few. They are often quite interesting, and you are also likely to see other AGI researchers there. Take advantage of these lectures to hone your listening and comprehension of proper academic Spanish is much easier to understand than everyday vernacular, especially in Sevilla.

If you cannot find the schedule of lectures, you might just try showing up at the Escuela at a little before 7 pm on any given Tuesday and inquire at the reception. But as guests have no access to kitchen or laundry facilities, and the cost of outside laundry service is ridiculous at least 7 euros for a single load of washunless you have a substantial grant you may wish to weigh other options. Some might also find the general ambience of the Escuela a bit off-putting.

I heard more than one person joke that the place was so austere, it must have been designed by the Opus Dei. Finally, there is the hour live and video security throughout the building and the grounds, which makes you feel safe until you realize that you are also under constant surveillance, except inside your room.

Even if you have nothing to hide, it may eventually start to bother you. At 40 euros a day, they are not cheap, but the EEHA offers residential scholarships becas for non-Spanish citizens. These amount to free lodging for a month or so, a value of about euros.

More information is available at http: Be prepared to use only Spanish in applying for this beca, and to demonstrate your competence in Spanish through the quality of your proposal and your correspondence with them.

You might be asked as I was to give one of those mesa redonda lectures that are normally reserved for more established scholars. In fact, only becarios with a Ph. Knowing my own linguistic limitations, I was absolutely horrified by the prospect of speaking extemporaneously in Spanish, and tried to explain to the Director that, despite my reading abilities, I was in fact not ready to give a presentation in his language, and it would only embarrass them in the end. It would have been convincing except that I explained it just a little too well, so the Director chided me for joking around as he wrote down the date of my lecture.

Most people will confuse good pronunciation with fluency, so let that be a lesson. As such, I had no choice but to spend all my free time for the next two weeks neglecting my other work in order to write a lecture in tortured Academy Spanish and pestering other, busier researchers to check my grammar. In English, I normally would not need more than an outline for such a presentation, but in Spanish I had to read it out word for word, to avoid embarrassing myself and by extension all Filipinos.

Working with Spanish Colonial Records and Archives: Reflections and Practicalities

So, if you can, do prepare something in advance, even if it is only a basic Spanish translation of one of your old papers. Even if you never present it as a lecture, you can print a copy for anyone interested in your research. While Filipinas comprises only a small part of this grand collection, it is the motherlode as far as this period is concerned. They are just there, waiting to be explored. This is no doubt why the staff notices when someone is researching Filipinas.

There is no need to repeat it here. But I want to dispel the rumour I heard which may still be circulating that there is a room of Philippine materials at the AGI in which one can browse through random stacks of uncatalogued Philippine materials.

I asked the archivist I became friends with there: Believe in conspiracy theories if you must, but the bottom line is that if it does not have a reference number in the computerized catalog, they cannot retrieve it for you. There are, however, many, many legajos that have only nondescript labels that say absolutely nothing about their contents. If you have the time to explore, it is worth the trouble to go through at least one or more of these, just to see what might be there.

It might just be more workaday bureaucratic correspondence, filed in triplicate, informing the Governor General that his letter of a certain date had been received and that there would be a proper reply sent in due course, and in the meantime long live the King, may God keep Him for as many years he wishes as he defends our Most Holy Faith, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

But even within that context there are many interesting possibilities, and you never know what you might find. When you are there, take the time to look through their library. Just browsing at random, I found a number of surprisingly useful books, including a comprehensive series that compiled the laws of the Indies, or rulings pertaining to the colonies, highlighting important legal distinctions between the colonization or pacification of the Philippines and the conquest of the Americas, especially with regard to the rights of indigenous leaders.

There is a separate library from which books can be requested, reserved, and brought to your workstation. During renovations to the AGI, the card catalog and request forms are located right next to the entrance of the temporary quarters on Calle Sto.

This is something you can do should you find yourself on the waiting list or are having a particularly slow morning. The AGI has its own procedures for ordering legajos for viewing, and I will only include here the things that might be useful to know before you walk into the sala for the first time. First and foremost is that the staff will retrieve orders only three times a day B if you place your order before 9 a.

After that, you must wait until after 11 a. The final round of orders is concluded around 1: By the same token, if you plan to arrive at the AGI first thing in the morning and expect immediate access to your legajos, you should order them by 1 p. You can keep materials on hold if you plan to use them again within a few days, but you can have only three existing orders at a time. At this time, there is also a need to conserve table space in the sala see fn. Most of your document requests will made online from your work station.

If you order something online and there is a microfilm copy, you will be asked to choose the microfilm copy, which will require filling out a paper form. If you want printouts of your microfilm pages, you must do it yourself at the machine.

The staff will load the roll for you, and show you how to print; if you make only a handful of printouts, they will not bother with the charges.

In each case, you can select one or more particular pages to be copied, or request a copy of the whole document B just make sure you indicate the page numbers clearly, and that the information on the master form matches the individual orders. Each printout is relatively cheap and you will be tempted to order printouts of everything. They say that, in theory, you can wait until you are done be it a week or even a month before you choose to pay.

But please be aware that these orders are spooled on the AGI server and will remain there until you pay for your order. At that point they will press the Aprint button and tell you how long it should take to print everything out.

Photocopies and other reproductions of non-digitized items take much longer, and are ordered individually with a paper form that is inserted in the respective legajo.

Make sure the information there matches what is on your master form. Photocopies at the AGI can take six weeks or more due to their backlog, but they deliver these orders by insured mail. If you order a lot of copies and printouts, you might find it useful to either retain a copy of your master form or write down the information in your notes for reference purposes.

If your total order is massive I have around pages of reproductionsdoing this will allow you cross-reference the documents you have received and help you determine whether anything is missing. If like me you stay in Sevilla long enough and pick up some of your special orders in person, you might decide to mail them home in boxes rather than cart them around in your already heavy luggage to the next archive remember, all those souvenirs will weigh a ton.

The Sevilla post office has sturdy boxes for sale and insured mail is reliable and reasonably priced. According to my archivist friend at the AGI, if disaster strikes and the mailed reproductions are somehow lost, the AGI will try its best to help you out. If you retain a copy of your master forms, you will be able to re-order all the same documents by mail as a last resort.

Of course you will have to pay for everything all over again, but you can do this by international wire transfer. Their coverage of the Philippines is not quite as monumental and nebulous as that of the AGI, and therefore it will be in many ways much more manageable. Most of the materials you will find here are from later in Spanish colonial period, especially from the 19th century. Consequently, the correspondence and reports you will encounter here are somewhat more complete, and so much easier to read.

For one, it is a smaller archive, with fewer work stations in a very pleasant sala blessed with lots of natural light. Ironically, they appear to have the same number of staff working in the reading room. The AHN also has a treasurer only a few doors down from the sala, which means greater convenience in paying for copies.

There is also a cafeteria only two buildings away in the same compound ask the security guard. As for special procedures, they will not retrieve new legajos in the second half of the day, but their system allows for greater leeway with orders in the morning, when compared to the AGI system. You place your legajo orders both online and on paper, but there are no set times during which such orders can be placed.

Every legajo I ordered arrived less than 15 minutes after I placed the order. Their Photoduplication department also seems much more efficient. Here, photocopies normally take only one week instead of six. They are able to mail orders out, as well as receive orders by mail.

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For a minor fee you can expedite your request into a one-day pickup under special circumstances e. As such, researchers in the AGI listen to the klop-klop of horse-drawn carriages, the bustle of tourists, and the revving of automobiles all day long.

As with the previous archive, there is a special residence for visiting scholars close to the AHN. Even those who are no longer students can stay at the Residencia de Estudiantes, and you can find the necessary information through their website at http: As such, you will need to make your own arrangements with each individual archive, but as their mandates are similar to those of public libraries, researchers need not do anything in advance unless they are applying for in-house grants or are requesting special workplace accommodations.

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The exception is the archive of the Augustinian Recollects, for the simple reason that there is only one very busy archivist, and if he is away on business, no one will be able to help you, and you will have traveled all the way to the foot of the Pyrenees for nothing.

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