Silencio de muerte online dating

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silencio de muerte online dating

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Silencio de Muerte, Drama En Tres Actos Y En Prosa (English, Spanish, Paperback)

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silencio de muerte online dating

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The harassment began with emails full of sexual content: I was in the front row, always working way. Every day he'd turn up, he always arrived at the start of the class. He'd say, "let's have coffee, I'd really like to get together. I was scared, when I saw him it was like an obsession. I told a lady teacher in the department that he was bothering me, how uncomfortable I was in class and I wanted to change to the afternoon group. She said that would be worse because the lady teacher in the afternoon was in his working group, so that would only make things worse.

That was when I realized that everybody knew about it, maybe not everybody, but they know and they do nothing and they teach you to shut up and to say "pay no heed". It's not the women who have been raped this year, which is quite chilling by the way, or how many adolescent women have been raped in their schools or nearby.

But how many women suffer constant sexual harassment every day and remain silent or accept it as normal? That's precisely the real problem right now, Why do we consider that male aggression is normal?

silencio de muerte online dating

It's allowed just like so many things are allowed, because masculinity is normalized because, remember, in a patriarchal space, power is masculine. When you talk about it, it's always someone else's problem, a problem you have at a given time.

People don't give it the importance it deserves: Fathers, mothers with boys, girls and eight men with their motorbikes shouting things at the two of us and nobody said anything, only first my friend and then me, encouraged after her.

But this is standard behaviour and nobody thinks it's sexual violence. The people nearby did nothing and I began to feel really scared.

People think that the people who do this have some sort of problem, that there's no filter, but you mention it to other women and it's fairly common. A man you know, or don't know, touches you without your consent and that's normal, and I think it shouldn't be normal. It shouldn't be normal for someone to masturbate on the street and they even call you to look. I told a teacher in the department, Ramon Flecha, my Master's degree Professor, he was my Tutor, that was also when I decided to work on sexual harassment in the university, for my dissertation, I thought people should know about this.

I showed him the email. Ramon reported it to Faculty but there was no reply to the letter he wrote, attaching my emails. So he reported it to Harvard, advising Harvard that this professor was using the name of Harvard in emails that contained harassment. This international support was very important because now they know about it at Harvard, now it's not something happening here, we can't say this isn't happening here.

It was the first time a professor was disciplined for sexual harassment in a university in Spain, which was a big deal.

silencio de muerte online dating

The university said there was nothing they could do so the case went to the prosecutor's office. We were 14 victims, we undertook the entire process of the complaint.

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And they said that the content of the emails was highly sexual, with photos, with photos in the nude, insinuations, explaining sexual acts by email, which was Or like, "I have your photo here, I'm doing this" or whatever.

I didn't want to have sex with him anymore but he began to insist. I'm not doing anything wrong. As I didn't answer him, he insisted and he sent me videos and photos with sexual content, photos of his genitals, "Hegemonic masculinity". And this model makes it all worth more. Just see if it's worth more, that we boys are always erect and girls aren't.

Whoever designed the symbols was, by chance, a man. That's why I put them all to the same side. Because it balances things more.

silencio de muerte online dating

When we received the decree dismissing the case, God what a disaster, it was really hard. Also, because we saw it had prescribed as the university hadn't wanted to start the case earlier.

We somehow channeled this "defeat" into a struggle, and we look upon it as something positive because for the first time we had an attorney's report that clearly said: Then, in my Master's degree, so much happened, the reprisals, the consequences of reporting him. I went from being the best student to the worst And what had changed?

Just that I had reported him. Every day a professor would stop talking to me, every day a student would stop saying hello, every day somebody would look the other way, every day of my life, incredible.

What made me keep going was when one a day, my examiner asked me why I was working on this topic. I told him that after the Master's I wanted to do a doctoral thesis on it and I told him, "Because I think society deserves to know where they are sending their daughters.

Silencio de muerte

Prevention and change, it's not about men. They tell girls to be careful, but they don't tell boys: They don't tell boys not to assault someone, you wouldn't like them to attack you.

The system of control is focused on women. It's a very serious mistake because what we're doing is allowing this male space to exist. The thesis is called "Solidarity Networks and Student Mobilisation against Sexual Violence in the University", because it's precisely through this student mobilization we can manage, on the one hand, to put pressure on the organisations and on the other hand we can be the support that the victims need. In fact, in the US, if you as a teacher or a friend, know of any case, you are obliged to make it known, if you don't you are part of the problem, you're letting it happen, and that just can't be.

So, we set up this network, the first one in Spain among peers against gender violence in the university.

silencio de muerte online dating

The thesis is a comparison between this first complaint in Barcelona and the first complaint in the University of California, Berkeley, in And the main conclusions, there are many differences, but the most important one, I think, is the reputation: While at the university of Barcelona you can understand prestige as "this doesn't happen here; sexual harassment does not exist", in the US, the university of Berkeley says: Another conclusion of my thesis is that if we do not support the supporter, the person always at the side of the victims, we will not end sexual harassment.