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Eat your curd or paneer cottage cheese at dinner, or switch the pattern around—greens at dinner, dairy at lunch—if you prefer. But keep it light, and if you can, make it a fruit. Share or eat half a portion instead of the whole cup of mousse or slice of cake. Also, eat dessert half an hour after lunch you might no longer feel the craving, and be more likely to eat some fruit. Try a combination such as gatte ki sabzi with curd and some brown rice. Or two pieces of grilled chicken with sprouts or moong dal green gram salad and a slice or two of multigrain bread.

High-fat meals, such as a double burger and large fries, stay in the stomach longer, diverting blood away from your brain, muscles and other vital organs, and leaving you sluggish for hours. If it gets late, stick to small portions—further trimming calories and portions.

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To sleep well, the body has to go into rest mode and it cannot do this if it is busy digesting. If you ate your greens at lunch, this could be dairy protein time. Opt for paneer, yogurt or cheese.

Patanjali Pushtahar Dalia

Two chapattis with beans and til sesame seeds —til will give a calcium boost and beans fibre and protein—and dal. Or glass noodle salad with soup and a few pieces of fish.

You will get a fibre boost from the assorted vegetables in the salad and soup, and good quality protein from the fish. Avoid eating dessert after dinner, as it makes the meal too heavy. Have a juicy fruit instead.

Another option is cheese and dates or figs, which are all rich in tryptophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid. Write to us at businessoflife livemint. This helps optimize energy levels, minimize fat storage and stabilize blood sugar.

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Cinnamon boosts your energy. Make sure it is a different one from the breakfast fruit. Hence, act as a therapist for Diabetic patients. Also, it strengthens hair root and prevents hair loss. It shortens the duration of chronic cold condition as well.

Baba Ramdev Patanjali Dalia 500 g

People with citric acid allergy better opt out of this option or consume it after consultation with your doctor. By purifying the blood and eliminating the toxin from your Body, it prevents pimple, acne and many other skin problems. Wherein, it benefits the adults by balancing hemoglobin and getting over constipation, as it makes the digestive system stronger. It acts as a fat burner when strong digestive system leads to higher metabolism rate.

Gathering all nature gifted herbs, this tea feeds us with nourishment in all areas. It boosts your stamina, cleanses body, Increases metabolism.

Having this tea on a daily basis can cure regular diseases like cold and cough. Steep one tea bag in a hot cup of water for minutes.