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Although a MockFlow license includes access to eight different apps, it is WireframePro that you would be interested in as you start developing. MockFlow - Online tool for creating wireframes of software and websites. MockFlow is a online tool, it means no need to download/install any other software to use MockFlow, create 15 Useful jQuery Plugin for Calendar and Date Pickers. MockFlow is an online wireframe software that helps to design, collaborate (in real-time) user interface mockups for software and websites. Founded Date.

The drag and drop UI means creating diagrams is relatively simple; there are also a number of stencils to utilize which could make the process even more efficient.

Unlimited Undo is a neat feature with the history of all modifications saved, meaning you can undo right back to the start. Numerous users can also work on and complete the same diagram simultaneously with the application supporting real-time collaboration. Gliffy Gliffy is a web-based application which allows you to create process flow diagrams, org charts, floor plans, business processes, network diagrams, technical drawings, website wireframes, and more.

It uses a drag and drop UI with the ability to add boxes, buttons, and lines from the tool shape library to anywhere on the page.

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Then you can easily add text to create a clear, concise mockup. You have access to a complete library of shapes and can even import your own images, like logos and backgrounds, to complement your diagrams. You can share and collaborate with anyone, on any platform, in any location, while having the ability to protect and track changes. The Gliffy API beta also makes it possible for developers to add Gliffy diagramming features to their existing web-based applications based on a simple to use framework.

Lumzy Lumzy is a mockup and prototype creation tool for websites and applications. You can add events to controls, place controls inside other containers and emulate your project with easy page navigation triggered by user actions.

Real-time collaboration is one of the key features, with tools for team editing, a chat engine for deliberating over designs and file versioning. Lumzy is also the only mockup tool with a real image editor built-in — simply grab any picture from your drive and edit it, apply hue, saturation, adjust contrast, and so on, and then add it to your project.

MockFlow - Online tool for creating wireframes of software and websites

The Pro version is white label and can be integrated into an existing platform or hosted on your own server which may be of interest to companies working with confidential information. Mockflow Mockflow is a web app based on the Adobe Flash Platform. It has a clean, minimalistic, organized interface and the editing feature-set set is extensive.

The built-in components are extensive, from charts and ads to menus and dropdowns. You can talk over the real-time chat and invite others as editors or viewers, depending on the level of editorial power you'd like each member to have. Editors have the ability to make changes to the wireframes, while viewers are limited to reviewing and commenting. The MockStore is a wonderful add-on service that provides third party components and templates shared by the user community.

It's available as a Firefox add-on or as a standalone application Linux and Windows only.

10 Free Wireframing Tools for Designers

Pencil essentially installs an entire drawing application into your Firefox browser and gives you the ability to display, save, and load an external canvas, together with a palette of shapes. Of interest is the Stencil Generator which allows you to create your own collection of stencil shapes by pointing the generator to a folder of image files. Signup and Quick Tutorial

The Clipart tool lets you search through the library at openclipart. Pencil also supports the use of external objects; both raster and vector images can be imported using copy-paste or drag and drop. If you're a dedicated Firefox user, then Pencil could be an essential tool for visually expressing conceptual ideas on the fly.

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SimpleDiagrams SimpleDiagrams is a small desktop application that helps you express your ideas quickly and simply with just enough functionality to describe a thought or capture a process.

You can drag, drop and size symbols from libraries, add photos and post-notes and export your diagram to PNG. You are also able to start a new wireframe from scratch or utilize one of the many built-in templates if you need a quick resolution of the project.

Key features When developing the wireframe of your project, Mockflow provides an incredible amount of components that can be added to your pages or mobile applications. This includes text, images, video mockups, social media bars and much more. Nearly every aspect of developing the interface of your project can be added in order to provide a realistic representation of what the page or app will look like once completed. Extensive libraries are available in order to add even more functionality to the mockups in order to allow you to be as detailed as possible.

You are also allowed to upload your own imagery in order to add a customized appearance. For website developments, each page can be created independently in order to show clients a flow of how the site will behave as well as deliver a sitemap to follow.

This can help you demonstrate the difference between landing pages, blogs and eCommerce capabilities of the site according to how the visitor interacts with the information. Mockflow allows users to export their creations using several different methods.

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While most of the export capabilities are for premium subscribers, the PDF can be done for free and give you a method of distribution to share with your clients. Mockflow provides the capabilities of being in a team environment. Chat windows can be opened in order to share information during the process of wireframing apps or websites.