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How to grow Potato 'Marfona' (Solanum tuberosum), plant pictures and planting care Buy Marfona seeds and plants online on Amazon By our calculations, you should look at sowing Marfona about 14 days before your last frost date. CrossRef citations to date Accepted 07 Oct , Accepted author version posted online: 30 Jun , Published In these studies, 'Marfona' potato ( Solanum tuberosum) cultivar was used in a Keywords: potato, fertilizer, iron, zinc, yield. Our renowned Marfona potatoes are excellent and versatile all-rounders. They are suitable for mashing, chipping, roasting, boiling and baking. We grow them.

Nutritional Value Cyprus potatoes contain vitamin C and B6, iron, magnesium, copper, potassium, and folic acid.

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Applications Cyprus potatoes are best suited for cooked applications such as roasting, boiling, baking, frying, or steaming. In addition to their popularity as a fresh produce item, they are also commonly sold to chip and crisp manufacturers.

A multitude of Cyprus varieties exist and are grown specifically to meet the needs of varying markets and potato preferences. Marfona and Cara are ideal as a baking potato.

Using science to find the best baked potato

When a floury potato is desired, Slaney and Cara are an excellent choice. Cyprus potatoes pair well mint, parsley, pesto, tomatoes, garlic, onions, lemon, roast lamb, olive oil, white pepper, coriander, oregano, and feta cheese.

Do not refrigerate or store Cyprus potatoes in direct sunlight. They will keep up to two weeks when stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. This red soil is important because it is known in places like the United Kingdom as the reason the Cyprus potato has its distinct, earthy flavor.

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Noel explains that the Centre for Life has sponsorship from the Institute of Physics and has developed the workshop in partnership with food scientists from Northumbria University. Noel, who taught in schools throughout Durham for 20 years and has worked at the Centre for Life for 10, is a gifted teacher. He is engaging, his enthusiasm infectious, and he explains the science in simple terms.

And red skins are exceptionally prized for their crispy jackets. From our tests the King Edward and red-skinned American potato Rooster apparently the potato to have with your Thanksgiving dinner fared best. The supermarkets, he says, sometimes recommend the wrong potatoes, purely because it suits them for commercial reasons.

I thought the King Edward emerged as the best. But I would give house room also to Mozart and Melody. Desiree, King Edward, and Maris Piper are also good all-rounders. Dig in and enjoy! Centre for Life is running baked potato classes for specialist groups like schools and the WI. They are registering interest with a view to holding more classes for the public through their bookings line.

The centre is running a series of evenings on the science and stories behind drink and food. For more details, go to life. Varieties such as Rocket and Maris Bard are described as earlies or new potatoes as they are planted in the winter, ready for harvesting in the spring or early summer. Varieties such as King Edward and Maris Piper are harvested in late summer or early autumn when their skins are firm and set and are known as maincrop.

The majority of potatoes sold in the UK are maincrop potatoes; they are usually available from September to May. Varieties such as Charlotte are described as salad potatoes.