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Users - by group and number The place of the language in the European curriculum Origins and attestation Romani is the only Indo-Aryan language that has been spoken exclusively in Europe since the middle ages and whose vocabulary and grammar are related to Sanskrit. It is part of the phenomenon of Indic diaspora languages spoken by travelling communities of Indian origin outside India. The Dom of the Near East, originally metalworkers and entertainers, speak Domari, one of the most conservative modern Indo-Aryan languages.

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In the Hunza valley in the north of Pakistan, the population called the Dum, who are also metalworkers and musicians, speak a central Indic i. The 13 expressions are2: Original text Expresion in English Lach ittur ydyues! How far is the nearest town? Welcome to the town! Do you drink wine or beer? Sit down and drink! Pe, pe, deue lasse! Drink, drink, for God! Achae, da mai manor la Hey, girl, give me bread vene! Achae, a wordey susse! Hey, girl, come here and listen! De mai paba la ambrell! Give me apples and pears!

Good night to you! Evolution 1 2 http: Although there is no record of earlier forms of Romani, nowadays Romani can be compared with various stages of development in the languages of India for which there is textual attestation.

Three phases are distinguished in the historical development of Romani: Differences among the speech varieties of the various Romani populations emerged during this period, resulting in a split into dialectal branches. The different internal developments in morphology, phonology and lexicon were accompanied by the influences of various contact languages on the individual dialects, the most significant of those being Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, German and various Slavonic languages.

The earliest attestations of Romani are usually in the form of groups of short sentences and wordlists, dating from between the mid-sixteenth and mid-seventeenth centuries.

There is an abundance of sources dating from the eighteenth century, documenting Romani dialects from all over Europe. The linguistic features attested in these documents already conform rather closely to the type of dialectal variation found in Romani today. Thus, by the eighteenth century, the formation of the different dialects of Romani had already been completed. One must first select the criteria on which a classification is to be based.

Sometimes dialect classification is based strictly on geography, sometimes strictly on the structural features — lexicon, phonology, morphology — of the dialects.

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In the latter case, it is necessary to select those features that are of global relevance and that can be used as a reference grid to compare the different dialects and to determine the relationships among them.

Scholars often disagree on which features should be given greater attention as a basis for a classification. As a result, it is not unusual to find different classification models. There is also an objective difficulty: Such transitional dialects are part of any linguistic landscape.

Several factors are responsible for dialect differentiation in Romani language5: The diagnostic of characteristic features of this group of dialects include: Diagnostic features that contrast with the rest of the Balkan group include: Their diagnostic features include: Northern Vlax dialects are spoken in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, as well as in migrant communities worldwide. They include the dialect of the Romungri, Vend and Burgenland Roman. Other dialect groups Some additional dialects show their own distinct features.

This is due either to a period of isolation from other dialects or to the development of features shared with several different dialectal branches. As separate groups we can define the following: Geographical spread Romani dialects have been grouped mainly on the basis of their geographical location. The conventional classificatory grid recognizes a Northwestern, Northeastern, Central, Vlax centered around Romania and neighbouring regions and Balkan group, of which the latter three are each further sub-divided into a northern and a southern sub-group.

Here is a map depicting some of the better-known dialects of Romani and their geographical spread over Europe7 As regards the geographical spread of different Roma dialects in the countries involved in the ROMANINET project, we have the following situation: In Bugaria8, the spoken dialects are the Balkan and the Wallachian Roma: Wallachian Roma 9 Northern group of dialects Typical for them there is the strong influence of the Wallachian language.

Dialects of speech of kaldarashi and lovari belong to the northern group of Vlach dialects. Single families of these groups are found in all lowland areas around the country, but in more compact groups they are spread in northern Bulgaria.

Kaldarashi are more numerous and Lowara are significantly less than them and are concentrated mainly in north-eastern Bulgaria, in the areas around Varna. Thracian tinsmiths inhabit the regions of Pazardjik to Karnobat and the rest of Roma belonging to laho-groups live in all regions of South Bulgaria.

Balkan dialects They are heavily influenced by Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian languages. Similar and close to it is the dialect of Kyustendil Jerlii. The dialect spoken by jerlii Roma in Chepinska Valley Western Rhodopes — Rakitovo, Velingrad and surrounding villages has more serious distinctions. It was heavily influenced by local Bulgarian Rhodope dialect. Due to the remoteness of the region in this dialect there have been preserved Roma specific vocabulary and some interesting pronunciations.

In Romania, the spoken Roma dialects are: It appeared that a split took place between two varieties of Romani, perhaps towards the end of the eighteenth century. They resulted in a northern Welsh dialect, which remained conservative, and an English dialect, which absorbed more and more influences from English and lost many of its old features.

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