Lyle lettau dating

Degrassi Star Olivia Scriven: Eric as On-Screen Boyfriend, Who's She Dating Off-Screen?

lyle lettau dating

According to our records Lyle Lettau might be single. Lyle Lettau wiki. Bio: Degrassi television franchise veteran who has portrayed his character of Tristan. How often have we seen on and off screen dating together? Degrassi's Olivia Scriven and Lyle Lettau also released “My Jungle” music video. Learn about Lyle Lettau: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more.

I made my theme a galaxy and I was platinum blonde so it made sense to call it Platinum Galaxy. I like it and people seem to comment on it that they like it too so I think I might keep it.

lyle lettau dating

Was dying your hair blonde your choice or did you have to do it because of Degrassi? It was my choice but I kind of made it seem like it was their choice so I could keep it. I bleached it actually the first hiatus after I filmed Degrassi, the first season. I bleached it and then I went back and dyed it brown. Then I filmed with brown hair for season Then as soon as season 12 was over I bleached it again and I kept it this time.

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It was my choice. I said I was either going to go platinum blonde or jet black. I think it would be a lot more difficult to go from jet black to platinum blonde.

For Next Class are you jet black or are you blonde? The one that has happened, I really liked the teacher story line because that was my first A plot. Being on the show for a while I think I was one of the last characters to get an A plot. I was really looking forward to it. Every read through I would have my fingers crossed that this would be my A plot. That will always have a special place with me. I tried to watch it when it was on TV the other day.

That will have a special spot with me always though. Do you not enjoy watching yourself at all, or was it just because it was from so long ago?

I used to be able to watch myself.

Who is Lyle Lettau dating? Lyle Lettau Dating/Relationship History

I was really excited. I was on the show I said I always wanted to be on, so I could always watch myself!

lyle lettau dating

I judge my every move. Before I used to be able to and it was fine and it was no big deal. Everyone found it kind of weird. I liked Manny and Craig. I first started watching the show when they were together. It was her abortion story line.

I liked them together. Again, I had a prophecy about it and Stefan, the director and Mr. I think that they were pretty happy with what we were doing.

These were things that were happening when I was in high school. I knew people getting pregnant. I knew people trying drugs, skipping class, having sex, etc. I knew all of these things were going on.

lyle lettau dating

In five words how would you describe Next Class. The evolution of Degrassi franchise, if that makes sense? From when season 14 ended, how long was it until you started filming Next Class? How long of a hiatus did you guys have? I think we finished filming Season 14 in August.

For Tristan there is a lot of growth that he has as a character. To be completely honest, at the time we were filming it, I remember it being considered a special, like a two-hour special. What was different about it is that I was narrating it. Tristan was narrating it. That was something cool and interesting. It was fun that I just got to go in there for a day and narrate it.

I got to look right into the camera. It was kind of cool that I got to do something where I was looking into the camera and knowing there was an audience watching.

lyle lettau dating

I found that new and exciting to do. Besides Degrassi is there anything else that your currently working on? Hopefully there will be something of it released in the next coming months over this next hiatus. I do like video games.

We had the Nintendo I had an X-Box and a PlayStation. What is the last video game you played? Tristan went from having a crush on Miles in the beginning of the season to becoming friends with him.

lyle lettau dating

Then the circumstances of their lives pushed them together. They each had their own stories separate from each other. I really felt that was the case for Zane with Riley even though I loved the pairing. It makes sense for Tristan and Miles to lean on each other with where their lives have taken them. Miles and Maya were Toxic. Not the Britney Spears kind. I never thought that made the way Maya treated him acceptable.

She never took the time to try to understand him and instead would just point out what he was doing wrong. I definitely think Miles messed up a lot in that relationship, but Maya was judging him from the start.

Especially when it came to his relationship with his father. This told me that they should probably stay broken up for a while at least.

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I also just want Maya to get time to figure herself out without being attached to another guy. This break is good for both people involved. Tristan Deserves Something Real. Yates plot line happened and I literally cold not watch Tristan getting used and thinking that it was love.