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lucrezia borgia holliday grainger dating

Learn more about Holliday Grainger in the role of Lucrezia Borgia on the SHOWTIME Original Series The Borgias. Born Holliday Clark Grainger on 27th March, in Didsbury, Manchester, England, she is famous for Lucrezia Borgia in The Borgias. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Cesare (Francois Arnaud) and Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger) love each other " Only a Borgia it seems, can truly love a Borgia," Lucrezia said.

As a matter of fact, after completing high school, she went on to study English Literature at University of Leeds. However, her love for acting got her to opt for Open University instead from where she earned her first class honors degree.

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Always a joy to watch, Holliday by the time she got out from the University, she had already become a huge public figure. As the years passed on by, things only got better for her. As she matured, she started getting more prominent roles.

However, she had to wait for long before true success came her way. Prior to getting some outstanding opportunity to prove her acting abilities, she acted on number of television roles. Sinceshe made her debut on celluloid too.

'The Borgias' series finale: Francois Arnaud on Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia 'going for it'

After struggling for so many years, looks like Holliday finally found her place. Besides, her good looks can also play some vital role in doing so. Extremely charming busty babe stands tall at five feet four.

She has maintained her bodily shape to her best. No wonder she looks so hot no matter what she wears.

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Being an actor, she carries the responsibility to maintain celebrity status. She therefore makes an effort to look her best whenever stepping out to the world. Even her every photos, she manages to look extremely beautiful and attractive. However, she was in a year long relationship with her then boyfriend Francois Arnaud in who was a Canadian actor. I think, historically, when she got married, she was She was a child.

And, I think she was maybe 19 or 20 towards the end. She goes through quite a lot.

Holliday Grainger Has Boyfriend Now? Dating Affair Still On Or Took Hiatus?

How much research did you do for the role? I read quite a few biographies on Lucrezia and a few on the whole Borgia family.

lucrezia borgia holliday grainger dating

Had you been in these kinds of settings before, in these grand cathedral-type places? What did it feel like when you walked into them? We film mainly in the studio.

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Have you spent much time in Italy before? There are still letters about Lucrezia. It would be fascinating to get a chance to look through them and see what she actually did on a day-to-day basis.

lucrezia borgia holliday grainger dating

How was it to work with Jeremy Irons? How much time did you spend getting into costume for this? And, the costumes are absolutely amazing.

My costume cutter is a costume historian and he really wanted to keep it true to Lucrezia. He knew all her favorite colors, throughout her life, and which color she wore when, and he insisted on the right lacing.

lucrezia borgia holliday grainger dating

Can you talk about the roles you did in Jane Eyre and Bel Ami, which you also have coming out this year? When I was younger, I always wanted to do period drama and never got to do it, until last January.

And then, this last year was just period drama after period drama.