Kenny chesney dating 2008

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kenny chesney dating 2008

December 9, Share on Twitter · Share on Facebook. Kenny Chesney has kept his love life under wraps since his split from wife that the year-old Chesney has been dating year-old Amy Colley since the summer. Kenny Chesney is one of the most successful country singers on earth, Like most singers, the country star has written songs about the women he's dated. . when Kenny sang the national anthem in at the White House. Hello everyone this is Holly Gleason Kenny Chesney's publisist. Kenny is dating Jamie Hill, Miss South Carolina Jamie may have dated Trevor Van.

Although he enjoys spending his money on awesome adventures, he still gives charity to groups like Farm Aid and The Salvation Army.

kenny chesney dating 2008

Bush was president, he was invited to attend a state dinner with the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard. Wanting to serenade them, Bush invited Kenny Chesney to perform at the event. After the show, Bush presented the country star with a pair of eel-skin cowboy boots, specially designed by the famous Rocky-Carroll. All though she forgot a few words here and there, the crowd enjoyed her performance anyway. Never Give Up Most artists experience rejection at some point in their career, especially in the beginning.

When someone doubts or undermines your talents, it does hurt, but it also makes you stronger. Nowadays, Kenny writes love songs and woos women with the alluring sounds of his deep voice and classical guitar.

The Truth About Kenny Chesney’s Love Life

Before he got famous, he wrote a song for a girl he liked, but she rejected him anyway. And look where he is today! To top that off, he takes his employees on vacations for a week of relaxation after each big tour. You may be surprised to hear that Kenny is actually very strict about his diet — while on tour, that is. Kenny says that during tours he keeps fit by eating a diet that includes a large amount of chicken and veggies.

Before performing in large stadiums, Chesney walks up to the nosebleed section to test out the sound there. By doing this, he can get a better idea of how much energy he has to put in in order to touch someone sitting all the way up there. Kenny says that if the nosebleed fans are pleased with the music, the rest will be too. Green Room Is A Box?! Instead, Kenny waited inside of a tiny box, just large enough to fit him and Anderson inside.

kenny chesney dating 2008

They were then secretly wheeled towards the stage, where Kenny appeared out of nowhere and surprised the unsuspecting audience. And all this was in time for the opening song. He was already dreaming big and his life took a turn when he received his first guitar on Christmas Day. The guitar changed his life dramatically, shifting his career focus from sports to music.

Tragic Loss When Kenney Chesney proved unable to make it to the Country Music Awards, the organizers knew the show must go on, but wanted to express their deepest sympathies for the star. Tragically, one of his close family members had passed away, and Chesney was consumed by his grief.

However, when the camera was cutting to celebrities in the crowd, they caught Kenny Chesney with a rather sour face. Social media shamed him to the point that Chesney had to release a statement to redeem his reputation.

Who is Kenny Chesney dating? Kenny Chesney girlfriend, wife

Insane Drive To Be Physically Fit Although Kenny put his dreams of becoming an athlete aside, he still makes an effort to keep healthy and look as fit as possible for his tours and performances.

If you add up his steps during a performance, Kenny runs many miles on the stage. Own Line Of Rum Instead of signing a deal with a company to produce rum with his name on it, Chesney created a company of his own. From deciding the color of the wrapper to choosing the cork material, and even selecting the ingredients, Chesney is involved in every decision. While singing his third song, his foot got caught between a lift and the stage, and he ended up being trapped for a whole thirty seconds.

Once he freed himself, he got back to singing, but it was clear to see by his limping that he was injured. With overflowing adrenaline and not wanting to disappoint his fans, Kenny managed to keep his performance incredible, accident and all. The convoy consists of eight busses and 17 semi-trucks packed with equipment. For example, we may freely share such information with third parties who may use such data for their own marketing, advertising, research, or other business purposes. Your information also may be disclosed as required by law, such as on a winners list.

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kenny chesney dating 2008

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Any payment transactions will be encrypted. Please allow up to ten 10 business days for changes to your email preferences to take effect. In the beginning, though, he tried to write a song for a girl, but she refused his advances. This story is a good lesson to new artists- never give up! Thank You To The Crew Kenny is on tour constantly, and he takes employees with him to help with all the planning, equipment and driving.

While on tour, that is. During tours, he stays fit and healthy by eating a diet consisting largely of chicken and vegetables. He checks every detail before a concert because he wants to make the experience is incredible for everyone there. Before large stadium shows, Chesney will walk up to the nosebleed section before the show, and test out how the music sounds there. That way he knows how much energy he has to put out to touch someone all the way up there.

Green Room Is A Box?! The green room backstage is not a fancy place with couches where Kenny waits until the show. Instead, Kenny was in a tiny box, only large enough for him and Anderson to fit, being wheeled secretly to the stage. This way none of the unsuspecting audience saw Kenny until the opening song when he came out of the box and onto the stage. Making music is clearly something that he deeply resonates with.

However, it was not always like that. Growing up, he wanted to play second base for either the Cincinnati Reds or the Boston Red Sox, his two favorite teams. He played football too, as a wide receiver.

If you look at the fourteen albums that went Gold or higher, and the stadiums he packs to the brim, he definitely ended up just fine. Got First Guitar On Christmas When Kenny was young, he used to look up at the Tennessee stars and wonder if anything existed beyond the county line. He was already dreaming big.

kenny chesney dating 2008

A critical moment in his life was one Christmas where he received a guitar. This changed his life dramatically, and he shifted his focus from sports to music. Local clubs eventually had him play as a resident musician. The rest is history. However, when the camera was cutting to celebrities in the crowd, they caught a sour-faced Kenny Chesney. The social media response was aggressive, to the point that Chesney had to release a statement.

kenny chesney dating 2008

It turns out that the country star suffered severe grief after losing a member of his family. Insane Drive To Be Physically Fit Chesney gave up on his dreams of being an athlete, but he gives it his physical all as a musician on stage. If you add up his steps, he runs many miles on stage during his shows. So, being fit is integral to his success as a performer.

Grilled cheese is one of his favorite foods, but he stays away from it while on tour. Own Line Of Rum Rather than sign a deal with a company that produces rum to license his name and image, Kenny wanted to build a rum company from the ground up.

Because he is very specific about the way he wants everything, so he simply made his own company, Blue Chair Bay Rum. From the color of the bottle, the materials the cork is made of to the source of the ingredients themselves, Kenny is involved in deciding everything.

Business is going well, with a tripling in sales from Injured During Concert During a concert in South Carolina, Chesney was injured due to a problem with some stage equipment. His foot was caught between a lift and the stage, and Kenny was trapped for 30 scary seconds. When he got himself free, he sang, but it was clear from the way he limped that he was injured.