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kaworu nagisa latino dating

A page for describing Characters: Neon Genesis Evangelion – The Children. This is a partial character sheet for the Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shin seiki Evangelion Gekijô-ban: Air/Magokoro wo, kimi ni (original title). Not Rated | 1h 30min Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth .. Release Date . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Megumi Ogata, when asked about Shinji's feelings towards Kaworusaid in character as Shinji "A friend! Since Shinji and Kaworu's relationship has a distinct romantic undercurrent to it, Shinji's flustered assertion that he only sees Kaworu as a friend reeks of this trope.

While Shinji is hardly unattractive, he's clearly drawn to be very plain and unremarkable looking. Despite this and his crippling lack of self esteem and charisma, Shinji manages to charm more than a few girls throughout the series.

Something he seems to have in common with dear old dad. Protecting the world from the powerful Angels at the age of 14 along with his colleagues, although this is savagely deconstructed as the series progresses. He forms the insecure and indecisive center trying to balance out the emotionless Rei and the overly emotional Asuka.

Like an Old Married Couple: With Asuka when they're both at their most emotionally stable. It's lampshaded by Toji.

Kaworu is an ANGEL!!!!

Like Father, Like Son: It becomes increasingly apparent, especially near the end of the series, that Shinji takes a great deal after his father, both in looks and in personality.

Locked Out of the Loop: He is quite unaware of the going-ons behind the scenes in NERV. At one point Kensuke talks with Shinji about some rumors he has gotten through his own sources in NERV, assuming that as an important EVA pilot Shinji must surely be able to indulge him some further information, but Shinji honestly knows so little that it is actually him who ends up getting some of the bigger picture from talking with Kensuke.

Kensuke is quite shocked to learn this fact. Misato hurriedly attempts to bring him up to speed in End, but the amount of time she has to dump such a large amount of complicated information onto him isn't anywhere near enough and he clearly isn't paying attention to her while she's saying it.

A core aspect of his character is his refusal to acknowledge anything about himself besides his failures. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Feminine Boy to Asuka's Masculine Girl. His lack of masculinity is partly why Asuka has such a hard time expressing her feelings towards him, finding him too weak to be worthy of her admiration.

The kanji for Ikari in Shinji's name means "anchor", which makes sense, seeing how he is the protagonist and therefore is the audience's anchor point, but the "rage" interpretation also comes up, especially when he pilots the Eva.

Shinji's a loner with severe daddy issues, and it only goes downhill before reaching a nadir in the End of Evangelion, where he shifts from being near-catatonic at the beginning, to a shrieking madman near the middle, and finally to a genocidal ball of rage and hatred during the climax.

He seems to regain his senses by the end, though his blank expression in the final scene still raises some concerns. Ultimately becomes this at the end of the manga, where he not only restores humanity but also apparently butterflies away the Second Impact, as the epilogue is shown to take place in winter.

There are quite a few shots of him naked. Other Gainax protagonists like Naota and Simon are based on what Shinji would be like if he grew up in a different environment. Must Make Her Laugh: In the manga, Shinji tries to see if Rei can laugh by doing something funny—in this case, shoving two fingers up Toji's nose, causing him to freak out. This makes all the other girls laugh, but not Rei, who merely turns away with the same blank expression after seeing what all the noise was about.

He's one of the most reserved characters in the cast, though he does do a handful of rude things throughout the series. By End of Eva, the Trauma Conga Line finally causes him to move away from this, as he refuses to make any effort to protect NERV and in fact impedes Misato's attempts to do just that due to his mopiness slowing her down and later decides that all life on earth deserves to die.

Not Afraid of You Anymore: After the whole Bardiel incident, Shinji finally comes to the conclusion that he can simply no longer trust Gendo and that his approval is worth nothing to him, and with this revelation any fear of incurring his father's disappointment or anger also evaporates. When Gendo confronts him in the aftermath of the incident, Shinji faces him without any of his usual reluctance or skittishness, and only responds to him with determined, ice-cold resentment.

kaworu nagisa latino dating

During the beginning of instrumentality, Shinji realises that he and Asuka are very much alike: Even just the sight of you gets on my nerves! Because I'm just like you?

It becomes obvious by the end of the series that he and Gendo actually are very similar people, both being introverted persons wracked with an extreme sense of social anxiety and self-loathing. Especially in the manga, where Shinji throws a punch at Gendo, and later has a dream sequence about killing him.

Also, while trapped inside Unit 01, he is tempted by what appears to be the naked spirit of his mother. To Rei, and, slightly less obviously, Kaworu.

kaworu nagisa latino dating

His family past is such that he could never have had an ordinary life to begin with, which Kaji makes amply clear in the manga. It's also deconstructed since it shows how well an actual ordinary teenager would react to being unwillingly thrust into war against Eldritch Abominations.

The Rei Ayanami Raising Project games follow the events of the series, but Shinji is given secondary focus due to the player acting as Rei's or Asuka's guardian. To Rei, due to her being a soft-spoken Emotionless Girl and him being a shy, socially awkward boy. Even in the manga where he has more backbone and snarkinesshe is still very polite to Rei. Even more painfully, Gendo did it because he was afraid he would hurt his son if he was with him only to hurt him by leaving him, something Gendo acknowledges and regrets at the end.

Mom appears to have gruesomely died before his eyes, as far as he knows. Misato tries to fill in, bless her heart, but she simply can't get the job done. Ultimately, it is revealed that Mom is very much alive, and deliberately left her husband and son to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence. In The End of Evangelion, Shinji never seems to realize the implications of this, but in Take Care of Yourself, he gets to call the old woman out and asks her why she forced all those battles on him.

The finale seems to imply that he parts with both parents on good terms, even thanking Gendo for his misguided efforts. This is his story despite how much he doesn't want it to be. Interestingly, much of the show is dedicated to showing that Shinji is only a small part of a massive and complicated universe, but the fate of humanity is ultimately left entirely in his hands He saw his mother being absorbed into Unit but now has no memory of it or any memories related to her, really.

While it's possible he simply forgot because he was so young, Dr. Akagi implies he intentionally repressed the memory due to the trauma and coldly mocks him for it. Shinji's character design is a Gender Flip of Nadia. Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Stopped by Kaji in the manga.

During the aftermath of Toji's death, Gendo calls for Shinji to explain why he didn't follow his orders. Instead, Shinji demands Gendo explain himself for ordering him to kill his own friend. When Gendo coldly dismisses it, arguing that he's the one in charge, Shinji loses it, jumps onto Gendo's desk, and tries to punch him.

Kaji catches his fist an inch away from Gendo's shocked face. The last of the main trio to be recruited, and the one to eventually overtake them all, at very least in terms of synch ratio.

Too bad that for all his talent, his lack of any sort of prior military training left him with no preparation to deal with the psychological impact of participating in actual life and death battles at such a young age.

These readings are incredible! It's like he was born to do this!

kaworu nagisa latino dating

Based on Dreadful Musician above, he does this. Generally a passive wallflower in social situations, though he does make attempts at being more social. He's teased with Asuka, Rei and Kaworu throughout all incarnations of the series. The anime places more focus on his sexual tension with Asuka, whereas the manga focuses more on his chemistry with Rei while also making his relationship with Kaworu much more overtly romantically-charged.

Screams quite a bit throughout the series, and at least three times in End of Evangelion. Usually coincides with a particularly painful Freak Out! He desires to get close to people and is desperate for affection, but his insecurities make his efforts halting and ineffective. Subverted; he saves the day again and again, but rarely gets any respect for it. Spanner in the Works: Shinji forming a emotional connection with Rei by caring about and being concerned for her as a person meant that Gendo's plans were in the end all for naught, as it made her decide that Shinji, rather than Gendo, should ultimately decide what to do with the power of Instrumentality.

Ironically, Shinji is at the same time the ultimate Unwitting Pawn of the story.

kaworu nagisa latino dating

While he might have derailed his father's plan the existence of which he only had a vague idea about without intending to, he also unknowingly played out his part in his mother's plan perfectly.

Shinji rather strongly resembles both of his parents, particularly his mother. This occurs twice in the anime, and three times in the manga: In every adaptation, Shinji takes over the cooking for the household Misato can't cook anything beyond instant ramen, and Asuka seems just as cluelessand all the characters agree his cooking is fantastic, to the point that Asuka never wanted to share her lunch with anyone when he made it. This Loser Is You: Shinji was partially made as a criticism of the growing number of introverted shut-ins in Japan at the time.

At 5'0 as a fourteen-year-old school student, he certainly qualifies as this. Evangelion Schooland Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse Several video games based on the series have been developed, ranging from RPG and adventure games to mahjong and card games. The series has also spawned numerous art books and visual novelsone of which inspired the derivative manga series Angelic Days. The story has been adapted into two other manga series in addition to the original Sadamoto project: Evangelion Schoola parody series which received its own original net animation serial show, and Campus Apocalypsea character-focused story that omits the Evangelion robots.

Several radio dramas have been released on CD and cassette to make the material more accessible to non-traditional audiences. On February 8,Evangelion: It depicts "the story of an Evangelion's activation, rampage and howling in another world".

Each of the episodes received minor changes and Episodes were extended with new scenes. The End of Evangelion. X", contained the broadcast versions of episodes 21 to 24 and was a special mail-in offer for fans who purchased all 14 discs.

This version was identical to the previous laserdisc and VHS release. The Movies were also released as a special set, just like before. In andthree box sets were released to commemorate the fictional Second Impact which occurred in the year in the series. The versions were the original broadcast and theatrical versions respectively and therefore different from the previous DVD release.

kaworu nagisa latino dating

In addition, the video game Girlfriend of Steel was included in the third box set. X laserdisc and also wasn't censored like in the original broadcast.

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The ninth volume was named Evangelion: Both sets were released on August 26,to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the TV series. Two laserdisc collections were released as Collection 1 Deluxe Edition [] and Collection 2 Deluxe Edition, [] containing episodes one to four and five to eight, respectively.

Resurrection and Neon Genesis: Reborn, encompassing the directors' cuts of Episodes 21 through