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i was at guitar center recently and i played the parker fly deluxe. when it came down to it tho i Join Date: Mar ; Location: new joisey; Age: 30; Posts: Another axe to consider if you are after hybrid tones are Godins. You could argue that the hi-tech optimism of the s - complete with its numerous guitar-to-MIDI wonder devices - was killed stone dead by. It has been made in August and is one of the real classic Fly guitars produced long before the days the company Dating a pre refined Parker Fly guitar.

That was then, but where are we now? Parker Guitars would probably be at the top, or somewhere very close, should you make a list of the guitar companies most likely to embrace new technology. It was the original Fly that broke the mould, not just with its radical shape and construction but also that it incorporated a piezo saddle bridge as standard to add pseudo-acoustic sounds; effectively a 'two-voice' instrument.

It means you can access the modelled guitar and amp sounds and altered tunings found in the VG plus the sounds of any synths or samplers connected via MIDI. Parker fly mojo midi Based on the existing Fly Mojo, it looks pretty much the same as any other high-end Parker Fly, bar two important considerations. First off there's the Roland pickup firmly screwed-in between bridge pickup and bridge hardly noticeable on our black model and then there's the extra controls for the pickup, which counting a red LED that illuminates when connected to an appropriate Roland unit effectively doubles the control furniture.

This guitar is fitted with two Seymour Duncan humbuckers - a Jazz in the neck position and a JB at the bridge. In addition, the bridge sports a six-element Fishman piezo pickup that's connected to an active custom Fishman stereo preamp. Standard output for the guitar is via a 'smart switching' standard jack that offers a split stereo or summed mono signal depending on the lead that you use. With a standard mono guitar lead you get a mixture of the piezo and magnetic pickup signals, but using the stereo lead that comes supplied with the guitar you can split the two signals to two separate amplifiers.

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An adjacent pin output connects directly to a Roland unit, sending the signal both from the divided pickup and from the magnetic pickups if selected.

The controls on the Fly Mojo MIDI might look a little daunting at first glance, but Parker has been careful in positioning the divided pickup controls so that they don't interfere with the standard Fly controls, which are all in their usual logical places.

For the conventional magnetic pickups there's a standard volume knob and three-way pickup selector switch. A single tone knob works for both pickups and it can be pulled upwards to operate a coil-split.


The output from the bridge piezo is controlled by a third knob and there's a second three-way toggle that selects either piezo, magnetic pickups or both.

Sitting above that array are the three main controls for the divided pickup: A mini-toggle switch located directly between the two larger three-way switches controls what's sent to the pin output: Sounds The look of the Fly may continue to polarise opinion, but it's undoubtedly a very nice guitar to play - finished with great attention to detail, lightweight and well balanced. With smoothly finished stainless steel frets and the slick carbon-glass-epoxy composite of the fingerboard, this is a guitar that you can definitely whizz around on.

Furthermore the vibrato system is one of the best units around, with a very smooth action and accurate return to pitch. Use a Direct Box with a ground lift to isolate the two amps. Do not disconnect or otherwise attempt to defeat ground connections on your electrical equipment.

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When you move up to heavier strings you also need to move up to the matching heavier Flat Spring. You can order heavier springs by calling us at Using a spring size that is smaller than the string gauge may cause the spring to break and damage the guitar. Can you explain the dating system? On the Fly we use a six or seven digit serial number. All guitars made before will have the six digit code. The first 3 digits are the day of the year, the next two are the number in that days production, and the last digit is the year.

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The first one or two digits show the month, the third is the last number in the year, and the last three digits show the number in that months production. Here's a Fly Bass serial number example: No, we only sell through our authorized Dealer Network. How long should it last? The battery in your Parker Fly should last for about approximately hours of continuous use. Are they supposed to be included with the guitar and if so, how can I get them? Parker guitars are shipped with accessories that include a manual, tools, cable and warranty card.

Please check back with the store where you purchased your guitar if you did not receive these accessories. You can also purchase these accessories by calling Parker at: Parker manuals are available as PDF file downloads here on the downloads area and by clicking here. The magnetic and piezo signals can be sent to two separate amps.

Using a standard guitar cable, both signals are mixed and sent to a single amplifier. Call Customer Service atExt. So no external c onverters are needed! Parker proudly uses PPG paints. Our colors are stored by name: