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dating music undertaker

9 must-see The Undertaker vs. The Undertaker and Triple H clash for the very first time in in rare WWE. . Date: February 8, WWE legend The Undertaker, real name Mark Calaway, is very much alive and well, news that no doubt comes to the relief of fans fooled by a. Mark William Calaway (born March 24, ), better known by the ring name The Undertaker, .. Bearer raised Kane after the fire, having him institutionalized from the date of the fire all the way into adulthood. . originated), though it was accompanied by the characteristic opening bell of The Undertaker's original theme.

By the end, the WWE Universe was left with one of the best physical representations of the famous sports-entertainment lexicon: Showcase of the Immortals. So, while the battle was done, the war between these two was far from over.

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dating music undertaker

April 1, Winner: The minute this massive steel structure surrounded the ring, the intensity that emanated from these two Attitude Era stalwarts indicated that this was about more than just The Streak.

It was the culmination of, at that point, an epic year rivalry. In reality, he was given time off to allow a back injury to heal. This Undertaker, however, played by Calaway's real life cousin, Brian Leewas an impostor Undertaker dubbed "The Underfaker" by fans and led to the return of the real Undertaker in the SummerSlam main event, appearing as a new version of his Deadman persona, represented now by cool colors and replacing grey with purple.

The Undertaker defeated the impostor after three Tombstone Piledrivers. Rage in the Cagewhile Diesel was facing Hart in a steel cage matchThe Undertaker delivered a surprise attack, emerging from a hole he had ripped through the ring canvas and dragging Diesel with him down under, allowing Hart the victory. For the next few months, Mankind ambushed and cost The Undertaker several matches. Beware of Dogassisting champion Goldust to victory.

During the match, when Undertaker reached for Paul Bearer's urn, Bearer hit him with it, betraying The Undertaker and allowing Mankind to "incapacitate" him with the mandible clawgiving him the win.

Buried Alivewhere The Undertaker won the match after a chokeslam into the open grave. However, after interference from The Executioneras well as the help of several other wrestlers, The Undertaker was ultimately " buried alive ". If Undertaker won the match, he would be able to get his hands on Bearer. Even though The Undertaker won the match, interference from The Executioner enabled Bearer to escape Undertaker's clutches. In this then-new form, he took on a Gothic, brash and rebelling persona perhaps to better fit in with the then-budding, more adult-oriented Attitude Era.

In this form, he proclaimed himself as "The Lord of Darkness". At In Your House Final Fourbut Bret Hart won. Bearer accused The Undertaker of having burned down the family funeral home business when he was a child, killing his parents and ostensibly his younger half-brother as well.

dating music undertaker

The Undertaker denied all this; however, Bearer claimed to having proof in the form of The Undertaker's alive and well half-brother Kanewho had survived though horribly scarred and burned.

Bearer raised Kane after the fire, having him institutionalized from the date of the fire all the way into adulthood. Ever since the fire, Kane had been awaiting to exact vengeance on his older half-brother.

In defense, Undertaker responded that Kane, a pyromaniac, had been the one to set the fire and could not have possibly even survived. Also during the period, Bearer had unintentionally admitted to Undertaker's mother having an affair with him.

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As a result, it was revealed to The Undertaker that Kane was actually his half-brother. Until that point, Undertaker spent his life entirety of the father's life under the impression that Kane was fully related to him and his family. It was during this time that The Undertaker also made an appearance in Michinoku Pro Wrestlingdefeating Hakushi in a singles match. During this match, The Undertaker's storyline half-brother Kane finally made his debut under the control of Paul Bearer, ripping off the door to the cell and giving The Undertaker a Tombstone Piledriver, Undertaker's trademark finisher, allowing Michaels to pin him.

The Undertaker's final encounter with Michaels was in a casket match at the Royal Rumble.

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The week before on Raw, Kane had seemed to ally with his brother against Michaels' D-Generation X ; however, at the event, Kane trapped him in the coffin, padlocking the casket lid, and setting it ablaze which again gave Michaels the victory. The Undertaker, however, had disappeared when the casket lid was reopened. He later performed a chokeslam on Mankind through the roof of the cell into the ring which legitimately knocked Mankind unconscious.

Mankind also used thumbtacks in the match and was hit by a back body drop and another chokeslam onto them before Undertaker won the match with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Shortly before SummerSlam, however, The Undertaker revealed that he and Kane were working together as brothers. Despite this revelation, The Undertaker told Kane that he did not want him to interfere in the match with Austin, and even though The Undertaker lost the match, he handed Austin his championship belt back after the match in a show of respect. The Undertaker and Kane pinned Austin simultaneously after a double chokeslamso the title was vacated by McMahon.

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Near the end of the match, Paul Bearer seemed about to assist Kane by handing him a steel chair to hit The Undertaker with, but as Kane had his back turned, both Bearer and The Undertaker hit Kane with the chair. The Undertaker went for the pin, but Austin refused to count the fall, attacked The Undertaker, and counted out both of them.

dating music undertaker

As part of this new storyline, he admitted that he had indeed set the fire that killed his parents, for which he had previously blamed Kane.

The Ministry of Darkness After Survivor SeriesThe Undertaker returned his attention back to his previous feud with Austin for costing him the title at Judgment Day, hitting Austin in the head with a shovel during a title match with The Rockreturning the favor for what happened a month earlier. In the weeks leading up to Rock Bottom, The Undertaker attempted to embalm Austin alive, tried to have Kane committed to a mental asylumand had his druids chain Austin to his symbol, raising it high into the arena.

Now riding a motorcycle, wearing shades, bandanas, and jeans, The Undertaker was now coming to the ring to " American Bad Ass " by Kid Rock. Welcome to the 's. After about 6 months of using that theme, he debuted Rollin'which he used into April As his heel persona transitioned to that of "Big Evil", he started coming out to what was first a huge guitar solo over some slow drums, titled " Dead Man " which then turned into " You're Gonna Pay ", a song about revenge, which he used until Kane's burial of him at Survivor Series The Music, Volume 6.

Undertaker has been using "Rest In Peace" in some form, with various gongs added, or with lightning strikes, and even the addition of Gregorian Chant for his druids as his main theme sinceexcept for inwhen during the buildup to his match with Triple H at WrestleMania 27, he began using Johnny Cash's " Ain't No Grave as his entrance theme, but when he came back for WrestleMania 28, he used "Rest In Peace", and has ever since.

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