Dating ariane achievements at work

Date Ariane Achievements – Ariane's Life in the Metaverse

dating ariane achievements at work

I have a lot of fun finding out various achievements [got to 62 out of 78 so far]. by ArianeB» Wed Jul 29, am letting the computer do the hard work, "perfect" score guaranteed, but the achievement is for a "decent". Loop youtube video 'Date Ariane #04 - Let's play Ariane's Blow Job Achievement ' continuously. Play youtube video WST5icX1hpY on repeat. records Date Ariane #01 dating ariane achievements Currently working on adding achievements to the Renpy version of Date Ariane. Something's In.

dating ariane achievements at work

The challenge would be to get your dates to play along instead of sit there very confused. The first trouble with the concept had to do with this being a date simulator of Calvin and Hobbes.

The scenarios would be difficult to write as I spent months and could only come up with two: The latter made me realize this would work better as a web comic than a visual novel.

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Thinking also about the cost of new 3D sets and costumes for each date also made me realize this would work better as a hand drawn 2D web comic. So I am no longer going to do that project, back to square 1.

dating ariane achievements at work

You and Ariane are on a trip together on a tropical paradise. I like the idea of taking Ariane somewhere exotic where nudity is not a big deal, and a new location might get Ariane to be more sexually adventurous.

Trouble with the idea came when I tried to come up with a conflict.

dating ariane achievements at work

Without conflict, the game would just be a bunch of tropical vacation slides. Just downloaded and started giving this version a try. Didn't dive into any code yet, so you'll just get the traceback.

dating ariane achievements at work

After dinner and downtown trip, Ariane in jeans and shirt, she suggested a swim race rematch in the kitchen The question is, why did she make that suggestion? Thanks for the bug report, I just created a fix. In the next build, if she challenges you to a rematch and you are not swim appropriately dressed, she will just race naked. I should have this one fixed too.

Hey Ariane, I don't know if this has been mentioned yet; but does this version of the game generate the code to take into SITA? I probably will remove the custom "code" feature, but SITA already has a large selection of last dates to choose from in Options.

Date Ariane

Deep in the virtual underworld Date Ariane Achievements 1. All 5 Dinners 1. Couch Sex — You had sex on the couch 3. Six Pack — Together you down an entire six pack of beer 4. Yahtzee — Rolled a double while playing a board game 5. Dance Champion — Danced with Ariane 7 times in a date 6.

Date Ariane – Ariane's Life in the Metaverse

The Quickie — After a short meal, you and Ariane get to business on the couch, then call it a night 8. Green Fairy — After drinking Absinthe you blacked out 9. Lucky Spin — Land a park photo shoot spin without cheating Impromptu Strip Show — Ariane removes both bikini parts in a single dance session Kitchen Disrobe — Ariane goes from dressed to naked while drinking beer Hot Sex — Sex in the hot tub 2.

Hand Job — Ariane gives you a hand job in the hot tub 3.

dating ariane achievements at work

Wet Clothes — Ariane jumped into the pool or hot tub dressed 4. Backyard Play — Do everything in the backyard in one date 5.

House Achievements

Hide and Seek — After stealing her top, Ariane steals your shorts and hides them 6. You Got Mail — You dare Ariane to check her mail wearing nothing but a cowboy hat 9. Swim Champ — Beat Ariane in swimming