Dating all the wrong guys

How Do I Stop Attracting the Wrong Men? - Dating with Confidence

dating all the wrong guys

I get really tired of people telling me that my bad luck in dating is because I'm choosing the wrong guys. My selection process isn't the problem — I date all kinds. Why do I stick with guys who I know are just all wrong for me? we need to “fix” or find ourselves in a pattern of dating men who put us down. Sorry, Sister! Here's The Real Reason You Keep Dating The Wrong Men . If all men are jerks and abandon the women they love? Or, whether.

dating all the wrong guys

If he reminds you of an ex or brings back the same hopeful feelings of being able to help him that you recognize from your past, turn around and walk away. You have got to be honest and ask yourself how these scenarios have turned out for you before. If you are going to try to help him open his eyes to who he can be and what he can become, then you are basically attempting to paint on a blank canvas. This is much different than a man who has his path in life carved out and is following after his dreams and ambitions.

dating all the wrong guys

If you feel that you need to be a mother figure to him and take care of him in order for him to get to where you think he should be, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Understand that the lack of a challenge is a good thing. If you are a woman who falls into these patterns, you are probably drawn to the challenge of changing a man. Start listening to your intuition.

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Yet, so many choose to ignore it. There may be something that immediately draws you to a man in terms of his appearance, stature, personality, whatever it might be — but when you begin to know him on a deeper level you will find yourself having more thoughts than how well-tailored his suit is. Many people struggle in life and need support sometimes — myself included.

We are not perfectly evolved and we all have our flaws, but it is our responsibility as men and women to handle them ourselves and seek help in the right places, the best we can.

Why You Keep Attracting Bad Men And Players? Why Do I Keep Attracting The Wrong Guys?

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3 Lessons Learned From Dating The Wrong Guys — Charmant Style

Value Your Time Your time is precious, your work is precious, and your goals are precious. It's very important not to lose sight of these things when you're dating someone.

dating all the wrong guys

Last year, I dated a guy that helped me understand the importance of this lesson. Like me, he was a creative working towards achieving a number of personal goals outside of his We adored each other for our shared commitment to the hustle, but I began to realize that he didn't respect my time.

dating all the wrong guys

We made plans exclusively around his schedule, and when I shifted my personal priorities to make room for our relationship, I noticed that he would take it for granted and never offer to do the same. Relationships are give and take, but in this situation, I was the only one losing myself in the process. That's when I realized he had to go.

3 Lessons Learned From Dating The Wrong Guys

Your time is too precious to waste on people that don't value it. No Regrets Dating is fun! It can be a roller coaster ride at times, but that's all a part of the journey. I urge you not to live with regret, but rather to reflect on where you've been.

Our experiences have the power to teach us so much about ourselves and the things that we need to change. I hope that some of the lessons in this post resonated with you, and as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.