Dating a woman who needs to be rescued

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dating a woman who needs to be rescued

I like dogs. Matter of fact, I love dogs. I think dogs are a blessing for man, be it a lucky quirk of nature or by divine design. But I will NEVER date girls who “rescue . But in all reality, do women really need a man to rescue them? Sex and the City episodes and speed dating parties are anything to go by, the. Do feel the need to rescue women from themselves? They frequently have little experience with attracting or dating women and often try to.

Woman rescued by fire brigade after trying to retrieve her own poo in date mishap

This becomes one of the reasons why it is so easy for men to fall for a girl who needs support, care and love. After all, who can miss a chance to feel more macho and manly? They can be easily approached: Approaching a girl who is already seeking someone to share her sadness and problems with is not a big deal.

This is one such chance that I am sure no guy wants to miss.

dating a woman who needs to be rescued

To approach a damsel in distress, all you need to do is provide her a helping hand and help her with whatever problem she is dealing with, and you are in. Yes, approaching a damsel in distress is that easy and proves why men so easily fall for those women. So maybe you can try your luck with them and might result in finding the love of your life. They can be dominated: Rescuing a woman in need is, undoubtedly, one of the most appealing things to do for men.

When any guy helps a girl in trouble, he does not only win her respect, but also creates a special place in her life — a place that she cannot otherwise think of giving to anyone else. This makes her completely devote herself to the guy and give him an opportunity to feel like a knight in shining armor.

Woman rescued by fire brigade after trying to retrieve her own poo in date mishap

They feel empathy towards them: As they say, men cannot see women in tears, and when they do see one in tears, they try everything to help her out. This is also one of the reasons why men fall for damsels in distress. Men might look stiff and hard from the outside, but they have a soft side too, and are as emotional and soft as women from the inside.

So it is quite natural for a man to help a woman when he sees her in tears or in need which proves men do feel empathy towards helpless women and easily fall for them. Dating such women helps men boost their ego: It is not wrong to say that when a guy gets a woman in his life who trusts him blindly and looks up to him for everything, then it really helps him to become confident as well as boost his self-esteem.

No matter where they are and what they do, they know this girl is always going to be on his side. This feeling itself is enough to make any man feel proud and helps them in boosting their ego.

dating a woman who needs to be rescued

Women are generally ready to bow to their knight in shining armors: Some women want a man for certain needs - sex, money, putting together furniture from Ikea, carrying the groceries and listening to their problems - and others simply want a life partner who is complementary, works with them as a team and will cuddle them at night.

Either way, there it is To be "rescued" as the GQ article so bluntly puts it? I certainly hope not all women aspire to that. Men, on the other hand, seem to me to be largely less needy.

I've never heard a man blatantly admit he "needs" a girlfriend; that he is desperate to get married or that he really wants a girl to rescue him.

Do women need to be rescued?

Unless he's a cash-strapped young thing looked for a sugar momma, but that's a whole different column. After interviewing a group of single something men about their after-work habits and weekend rituals and having to endure dates with some of them in the name of researchI found that there was a surprising similarity between them all: There's the guy who surfs before work, hits the gym after work and sees his best mates in his spare time with little time left over for a girlfriend, let alone a second date.

dating a woman who needs to be rescued

And there's the gent who travels so much for work, you'd think he lived on a plane. Are you getting the picture? It amazes me how so many men have taken out the time to form a full, fulfilling schedule while so many women spend their spare time searching for the dudes who have become way too busy to see them anyway.

But back to being rescued. The good news is that men actually want to be needed. Ultimately however, when you agree to date someone, although it might not be unconditional acceptance right out of the gate, there is a general assumption that you like the overall package. Turning your relationship into a perpetual to-do list puts a heavy strain on trust building. It takes the fun out of your dynamic and prevents you from sharing experiences.

Instead of worrying about saving them, focus on getting stronger as a couple. Something really important that should be pointed out is that the insecurity that leads to low self-esteem or feelings of inferiority can also be linked to depression and anxiety.

If you think that you or your partner might be struggling with something bigger, please seek professional help.


In such cases, communication just becomes that much more vital so that your significant other can learn your triggers and understand your actions better.

You can have insecurities and still have a functional relationship, but you should still be willing to support your significant other. Growth and change can be positive influences on romance.

dating a woman who needs to be rescued

And hey, even if you are just being painfully honest about faults or unhealthy relationship tendencies that you do have, admitting them does not mean you are no longer accountable for them. Maybe your partner just wants to date you.

dating a woman who needs to be rescued

Your partner is not your therapist, nor are they obligated to heal your past wounds. Stay open-minded and try to avoid doubting yourself as much as possible.

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Your partner obviously wants you to be a big part of their life, so clearly they see something in you. In lieu of self-deprecation, take the opportunity to challenge yourself to take risks.

Communicate freely and take turns taking care of each other instead of reinforcing yourself as a burden. However, you need to separate the routine ups and downs of life from your motivations for being with your partner. A strong relationship involves people with a moderate degree of self-assurance and a willingness to carve out their own path. You want someone you can grow with.