Dating a medical student tumblr love

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dating a medical student tumblr love

A Med Student's Journey. The trials and tribulations of an American-raised college grad, come to Europe for her medical education. . i think i love you. med student meme tumblr - Google Search Pa School, Medical School, School Humor,. Visit All the time lol Lab Humor, Work Humor, Med School, Nurse Love, How to date a med student, take note, Med Student, Scrub Life. 14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Med Student Basically, "I love you but I'll see you in five years" is something she's told you as a.

dating a medical student tumblr love

Next, I want you to take a deep breath. As you exhale, I want you to think about this: And one person who is always there for you, but you will often forget about, is yourself. You will always have things you can work on and areas where you lack proficiency; the most important thing to do with this information is to re-frame your perspective. Instead of letting it drag you to the precipice of your perceived accomplishments as you look down into the pit of your failures, let it illuminate the direction in which you can continue to grow.

These are not your shortcomings or your limitations—they are your springboards and your starting lines. You will still want to be perfect, especially for your patients. Care about your patients. They will remember that you laughed at their jokes or asked them how their loved one had been doing.

The Ex- Med-Student's notebook

They will remember you listened to them when they were struggling. You were struggling with locating the oculomotor. Inseong, being a little brainiac himself, would just be really supportive of you as you went through med school. He would then turn away in disgust because he saw a very graphic picture of a heart.

Originally posted by imekova The absolute opposite of Jaeyoon. Let me see let me see. Dawon is really excited that you are doing something that you love, and he urges you to work as hard as you can. Though, as the months went on, he started to realize that it was no different than how much time he had to spend on his schedules.

So, he became really supportive after that, from putting blankets over you when you fall asleep at the table, or bringing you coffee after an all nighter. Imagine those who are verbally abusive or violent. Imagine the ones that make all your colleagues cry, and from whom you have to hide your tears. Imagine a culture where doctors are under duty by the GMC to whistleblow, but given no legal protection if they do so.

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Imagine all your colleagues talking about considering leaving the profession. Imagine your colleagues who have already left telling you life is much better abroad or outside of medicine. Imagine nearly every speciality reporting recruitment shortages, bad morale and overwork. Imagine knowing that you are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems or suicide.

Imagine becoming more and more afraid that you will slip up due to tiredness. Imagine fearing the impact that this could have on your patients and their families, and how you might live with yourself.

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Imagine knowing that if you did, you would probably lose your job, but the employers and those who caused those conditions to happen would face no consequences. Imagine having to talk close friends off the ledge. Not just once, but on a regular basis. Imagine knowing that this will only get worse if things deteriorate.

dating a medical student tumblr love

Imagine them saying that you all need to work more days. Imagine them saying that there just need to be more cuts. Imagine your employer having already cut so many things that everyone is always struggling.

Imagine a context where services are not appropriately funded, and then individuals working within are blamed for predictable shortcomings which could have been avoided with appropriate funding and safeguards. Imagine fearing that instead of proper investment, those whose job it is to look after your healthcare system may be trying to privatise it for profit.

dating a medical student tumblr love

Imagine wondering if your patients and your children will be able to afford healthcare in the future. Imagine your boss taking the safeguards away which limit how much time your employer can make you work. Imagine your boss reducing pay for the agency staff who are filling empty posts and keeping things afloat.

Imagine being expected to work more hours, more weekends for less pay.