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What was the weather like on the day you were born? Fill in the options below and find out: Name: What is your birth date? Month, January, February, March. Erin Gray was born on January 7, in Honolulu, Hawaii. . She is an actress and producer, known for Blind Dating (), Once Upon a Time in Venice. Learn more about the day you were born. Simply enter your date of birth and discover exciting and fun facts about yourself and your birthday.

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Anti-war sentiment was high, and his pro-troop stance made him a target of criticism from some quarters. Some shows were drowned out by boos, others were listened to in silence. Department of Defense, Hope's television sponsors, and by NBCthe network that broadcast the television specials created after each tour from footage shot on location.

However, the footage and shows were owned by Hope's own production company, which made them very lucrative ventures for him, as outlined by writer Richard Zoglin in his biography " Hope: Entertainer of the Century. His wife, Dolores, sang from atop an armored vehicle during the Desert Storm tour, and granddaughter Miranda appeared alongside him on an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean. This man drives himself and is driven. It is impossible to see how he can do so much, can cover so much ground, can work so hard, and can be so effective.

He works month after month at a pace that would kill most people. He continued his interest and support, and regularly visited the facility when in London. Inthe theater was renamed in his honor. However, the special received poor reviews. He was known for his style of self-deprecating jokes, first building himself up then tearing himself down.

He performed hundreds of times per year. As Hollywood began to transition to the " New Hollywood " era in the s, he reacted negatively, such as when he hosted the 40th Academy Awards in and voiced his contempt by mocking the show's delay because of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Former First Lady Nancy Reagana close friend and frequent host to him at the White House, called Hope "America's most honored citizen and our favorite clown.

His love for the game—and the humor he could find in it—made him a sought-after foursome member. He once remarked that President Dwight D. Bushand Bill Clintonthe only time three U. Inhe bought a small stake in the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team [82] and held it for most of the rest of his life. The players would come onstage one-by-one and introduce themselves, then Hope, often dressed in a football uniform, would give a one-liner about the player or his school.

Tony, Dolores, and Linda. Kelly, Bob, and Nora. Hope's short-lived first marriage was to vaudeville partner Grace Louise Troxella secretary from Chicago, Illinois, who was the daughter of Edward and Mary McGinnes Troxell. She was described as a "former Zeigfeld beauty and one of society's favorite nightclub entertainers, having appeared at many private social functions at New York, Palm Beach, and Southampton.

As Richard Zoglin wrote in his biography Hope: But at that time he was secretly married to his vaudeville partner Louise Troxell, after three years together on and off. I found divorce papers for Bob and Louise dated Novemberso either Bob Hope was a bigamist or he lied about marrying Dolores in February that year. He had actually married Louise in January in Erie when they were traveling on the vaudeville circuit.

More intriguing, there is no record anywhere of his marriage to Dolores, if it happened. And there are no wedding photos, either. But he never forgot Louise and quietly sent her money in her later years. The couple adopted four children: Linda inTonyKellyand Eleanora, known as Nora Tony as Anthony J.

Hope served as a presidential appointee in the George H.

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Entertainer of the Century, "Bob Hope had affairs with chorus girls, beauty queens, singers and showbiz wannabes through his 70s; he had a different girl on his arm every night. He was still having affairs into his 80s In Massachusettsthe state officially celebrates "Washington's Birthday" on the same day as the Federal holiday. State law also directs the governor to issue an annual "Presidents Day" proclamation on May 29 John F.

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Kennedy 's birthdayhonoring the presidents with Massachusetts roots: In New MexicoPresidents' Day, at least as a state-government paid holiday, is observed on the Friday following Thanksgiving. If December 24 is a Wednesday, then this holiday is observed on Friday December At the time, the entire British Empire, including its North American possessions, was on the Julian calendar ; the Empire, not being bound to the Catholic Churchhad not yet adopted the modern Gregorian calendar that Catholic countries had adopted in Consequently, by the s, the Julian calendar used by Britain and the Colonies was eleven days behind the Gregorian, due to leap year differences.

Furthermore, the British civil year began on March 25 rather than January 1, so that dates in February such as this one 'belonged' to the preceding year. InThe British Empire switched to the Gregorian calendar ; since then, Americans born prior toincluding Washington, have typically had their birthdays recognized under what their birthday would have been under the Gregorian calendar "New Style" dates.

Since, during the s, February 11 under the Julian calendar would fall as February 22 on the Gregorian, Washington's birthday has been generally recognized as February 22, As the first federal holiday to honor an American president, the holiday was celebrated on Washington's birthday under the Gregorian calendar, February A rough analog of this phenomenon can be seen in Commonwealth realmswhere the reigning monarch's official birthday is celebrated without regard to their actual date of birth.

The purpose was not to honor any particular president but to honor the office of the presidency.