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Cleopatra’s Relationships with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony

It was while he was in Egypt that Mark Antony met Cleopatra. Like Julius Mark Antony decided to divorce his wife and marry Cleopatra. Octavian was . Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles . If Antony had succeeded in wining sole control of Rome with Cleopatra as his However, their relationship ended in mutual suicide in 30 BC, eleven years after . TOPIC: Age difference between Antony & Cleopatra Early date yet, would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this challenging but all important pair of lovers.

Cleopatra and Ptolemy marry. There could not have been any affection between Cleopatra and her brother.

Cleopatra was determined to rule. Julius Caesar was engaged in a civil war with another Roman leader, Pompey. Pompey had been defeated in a battle and fled to Egypt. Caesar was pursuing him but Pompey was assassinated upon his arrival in Egypt before Caesar arrived in Egypt. Caesar was left with idle time.

Cleopatra arranges to meet Caesar under intimate terms by having herself rolled up in a carpet that is delivered to Caesar's home quarters. When the carpet was unrolled a vivacious 21 year old Egyptian queen emerges.

Caesar was about 52 at the time. Cleopatra captivated him but it was probably not her youth and beauty. Caesar could have had bevies and bevies of beautiful young women. Probably the audacity of Cleopatra's ploy amused him and it was a brilliant strategy.

Had Cleopatra met Caesar through official state channels protocol would have interfered with her working her charms upon him. She was said to have a thousand ways of flattering. A not unimportant factor in Cleopatra's attraction for Caesar was that she was rich, perhaps the richest woman in the world.

Or, at least she would be once back in power in Egypt. Caesar was chronically and often disastrously in debt. Ptolemy XIII dies of drowning while trying to escape the field of battle. Caesar returns to Rome. Cleopatra gives birth to Caesar's child, a boy who is named Ptolemy Caesar and called Caesarion. In Rome, Caesar holds a triumphal celebration of his victories. These celebrations whenever ever possible included the parading of the defeated enemies. Cleopatra's younger sister, Arsenoe, was paraded in Caesar's triumphal celebration.

Cleopatra joins Caesar in Rome. Caesar orders that a gold-plated statue of Cleopatra be placed in the temple of Venus Genetrix. Caesar's clan, the Julians, were supposedly descended from Venus.

Although Pompey had been defeated and was killed in Egypt the civil war did not end. Pompey's two sons had gained control of Cordoba in Spain and were preparing to continue the conflict. Caesar took an army to Spain to deal with this threat. After a series of retreats the Pompeys decided to do battle at Munda from some high ground. Caesar lured the Pompeys' forces down from the high ground. The battle was indecisive until a shift in troops by one of the Pompeys was misinterpreted as a retreat and their other troops began to retreat.

This led to a decisive victory by Caesar's forces. Caesar had achieved total victory over the armies of his rivals and he had been made officially dictator politically. His enemies in the Roman senate saw Caesar as acquiring all powers, even to the point of having himself declared a god. They arranged his assassination in which some of previous friends participated as well as his enemies.

Cleopatra Seduces Antony, 41 BC

A month after Caesar's assassination Cleopatra left Rome and returned to Egypt. She wanted to make her son, Caesarion, co-regent with her as Ptolemy XV. Caesar's enemies are defeated at the Battle of Philippi. Marcus Antonius Mark Antony emerges as the leader of the forces which backed Caesar. Mark Antony decides for no obvious reason to attack the Parthian Persian Empire.

He calls for Cleopatra to join him at Tarsus.

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Antony enjoyed women and once he saw her, he fell under her spell. We join his story as Cleopatra receives Antony's summons to join him: Their acquaintance was with her when a girl, young, and ignorant of the world, but she was to meet Antony in the time of life when women's beauty is most splendid, and their intellects are in full maturity. She made great preparations for her journey, of money, gifts, and ornaments of value, such as so wealthy a kingdom might afford, but she brought with her her surest hopes in her own magic arts and charms.

She herself lay all along, under a canopy of cloth of gold, dressed as Venus in a picture, and beautiful young boys, like painted Cupids, stood on each side to fan her. Her maids were dressed like Sea Nymphs and Graces, some steering at the rudder, some working at the ropes. The market place was quite emptied, and Antony at last was left alone sitting upon the tribunal; while the word went. On her arrival, Antony sent to invite her to supper.

She thought it fitter he should come to her; so, willing to show his good humor and courtesy, he complied, and went. He found the preparations to receive him magnificent beyond expression, but nothing so admirable as the great number of lights; for on a sudden there was let down altogether so great a number of branches with lights in them so ingeniously disposed, some in squares, and some in circles, that the whole thing was a spectacle that has seldom been equaled for beauty.

The next day, Antony invited her to supper, and was very desirous to outdo her as well in magnificence as contrivance; but he found he was altogether beaten in both, and was so well convinced of it, that he was himself the first to jest and mock at his poverty of wit, and his rustic awkwardness. They are both leaders of influential and powerful nations. They have people under them, armies that could fight battles and win them. Both Rome and Egypt needs intellectual leaders.

This was during the Alexandrian War. Julius Caesar made sure that Cleopatra is firm in her position as the leader of Egypt. He made sure that any insurgencies could be dismissed by his powerful army.

For Julius Caesar, the union will unite two great lands, Egypt and Rome. He has an ultimate dream that his children would someday rule this land.

Julius Caesar could have also seen Alexandria as a strategic location for his battles and as time pass by, Egypt could also form a powerful army to help him in his conquests. However, she was also married to Julius Caesar because Egypt allows polygamy. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar spent time in Alexandria.

The Roman leader, however, is called for to lead his army to battles. He emerged victorious but returned to Rome instead. Julius Caesar and Cleopatra also had a son, Caesarion. Julius Caesar sent for his wife and son to be brought to Rome, with the great surprise of the Roman people. Out of respect for Julius Caesar, the people did not really give much attention to the fact that Julius Caesar married a foreign woman albeit having a Roman wife McManus, He was then given the ultimate title as a dictator for life, thus bearing an unmatched power for the rest of his life.

Marc Antony and Cleopatra Relationship Lessons

This was only a year after being declared a dictator or a ruler who has a complete power. Since Julius Caesar has made any changes without consulting the Senate, he became an unpopular person for them.

Before he is to leave for yet another conquest, he met with the Senate. There he met his end as he is stabbed to his death by all sixty Senate people, lead by Brutus and Cassius. Cleopatra and son, Caesarion left Rome, where a civil war broke.

Cleopatra then announced her son with Julius Caesar as a co-ruler and re-acquired rule of Egypt. This is when her rule was entirely secured locally, unlike the two previous co-regents. Cleopatra and Mark Antony: Unlike Julius Caesar, he was from a prominent family since birth. Forum: Age difference between Antony & Cleopatra (1/1)

His grandfather was a known public speaker while his father was a military man. He is well-educated, polishing skills like public speaking and objective questioning. He is known for both his positive and negative traits which were eminent from his youth. At the course of his career, he kept close to Julius Caesar. Mark Antony became an ally of Julius Caesar. It was also Julius Caesar who appointed him as a consul.

It is this status that spared his life after the assassination of Julius Caesar. He then rose to power and hunted those who have assassinated Julius Caesar.

Mark Antony also became part of the second Triumvirate. Cleopatra and Mark Antony are both connected to Julius Caesar.

10 Little-Known Facts About Cleopatra

She is a former wife, and he is a loyal ally and friend. Cleopatra, on the other hand, might have found a sense of stability with him since he is becoming one of the most powerful in Rome. She found in him the opportunity to restore the old glory of her Ptolemaic decent. Mark Antony possessed characteristics different from that of Julius Caesar but he is of the same political stature.

The first supper impressed Mark Antony that he wanted to surpass such splendid preparation, but he miserably failed. With his great humor, he managed to keep a good nature about it. After this, there were accounts which states that they spent holidays together cited in Cleopatra…, Cleopatra is able to charm Mark Antony by being at his side all the time. Mark Antony married Cleopatra. Cleopatra is actually already the fourth wife to Mark Antony.

Mark Antony then married Octavia Minor after having children with Cleopatra. He did this to claim a stronger hold of power in Rome.