Do dating sites get your email address

Spam emails and my husband!

do dating sites get your email address

I am absolutely sick and fed up of some of the emails that get through to my email box, they seem to all be from dating and sex shop sites and I have never ever. Now that she knows my email address, can anything bad or dangerous happen your email address can perform the same search and get the same information . The advice here really applies to more than just dating sites. Simply having an email address is enough to start getting spam. .. watch the plethora of “spam” enails you get which are porn or dating sites.

Does Getting Porn Spam Mean You’ve Been Surfing Porn Sites?

But when you sign up for an online dating service, you might not be prepared for how much email you will receive. Honestly, you might get more stuff in your inbox than you bargained for. Once you've signed up and given them your email address, the emails start. These are the most common types: Notifications that someone is interested in meeting you Notifications of "possible matches" Newsletters and announcements about upcoming events Promotions from partners of the dating site Phishing emails from cyber-criminals pretending to be your online dating service All these emails can really add up and smother your inbox.

do dating sites get your email address

Within a week of signing up, you might feel ready to close your account with them, just to stop the deluge of emails. Unfortunately, when online daters do try to cut it off, dating sites can sometimes be less than responsive.

do dating sites get your email address

I have attempted to get myself removed from this company's advertising database, but they refuse or simply do not acknowledge to remove my email address.

They will not provide a phone number and attempting to remove myself online is futile. While not quite as prevalent on online dating sites as scams or billing and collection issues, misuse of online dater's personal information can be stressful and time-consuming to fix. In some cases, it can pose a real risk to your identity and finances.

Fortunately, as a consumer, there are actions you can take to eliminate this stress and risk. Know What You're Agreeing To When you sign up for an online dating service, that service is required by law to provide you with a document that tells you what you're agreeing to as one of their users. This document is usually called a privacy policy or terms and conditions, and you'll usually see a link to it on the dating site's sign-up page with a message like "By clicking 'submit' you agree to abide by AcmeDating.

So why put yourself through the laborious task of reading it? Because this document spells out what your dating site is planning to do with your personal information once you click 'submit'.

And when you click 'submit', you are officially giving them permission to do everything in that document. See if it allows the company to sell your email to others. You might decide not to submit your email address to websites that won't protect it. Know What Your Rights Are Speaking of the FTC, they regard unwanted emails the same way they regard uninvited telemarketing calls, as a nuisance and even harassment. Certain rights prevent companies from abusing your personal information.

What can someone tell from my email address?

If companies are found to be emailing people without their permission-or without making them aware that they're giving that permission-they can get in big trouble.

So if you are receiving emails from a dating site and you're certain that you didn't give them your permission by signing up for their service, you need to notify the authorities immediately.

do dating sites get your email address

This is similar to the laws that force telemarketers to place your phone number on their "Do Not Call" list when you ask them to. I'd also be extremely wary of even visiting websites that you don't recognize that are suggested by this person for exactly the same reasons.

do dating sites get your email address

Politely decline 'em all. If the person is legitimate, they'll understand. If they insist, get angry, or threaten to leave, then that's a sign that perhaps all isn't what it seems or that they need to read this article.

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Making contact over the internet The advice here really applies to more than just dating sites. Any contact that you make that is initially and only over the internet entails a certain amount of risk. The person may not be who they say they are. They may have malicious intentions.

Eight ways to stop spam emails

Until you can build a sufficient level of objective trust, it's best to avoid sharing your "real" email address and view everything with a healthy dose of skepticism. Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. After "retiring" inLeo started Ask Leo! Not what you needed? You may also be interested in: Why shouldn't I post my email address in a public forum? Spammers harvest email via a variety of means.

One of the most common is to simply surf the web and look for anything that might be an email address. How do I find someone's email address? It's difficult to find the email address of someone you want to contact. In order to find the email address, they must want to be found.

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What can people tell from my IP address? People can tell very little from your IP address. They cannot, for example, tell who or where you are.