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I'm 32 and honestly have been on online dating sites for years and never main dating app, so I didn't put as much effort into it, the advice from. First of all, while most dating services has about males for each female, Designate adult or non-family friendly tips as NSFW. . That also includes your sexual preferences (especially if it's a more "adult" dating site). Hey guys, I have my first amateur fight coming up this Saturday and was wondering if y'all could provide with any tips just before. I have about 2.

Betting small on a bunch of props, instead of betting on moneyline. Instead of betting Stephens ko, stephens round 4, stephens round 5, just bet Stephens straight. Last night you might have won some, but a lot of times you will end up with a smaller wins if you win 1 prop, lose 2. Stuff I should have done: However I'm not too good at it yet, I'm often hesitant to pull the trigger on live bets, ex.

Convert american odds to percentages, and bet based on those percentages. So if you think the underdog is more than Take advice from other people, sherdog forums have a lot of good advice.

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I always bet very small amounts, never more than 10 bucks, important to stay small, and if you're losing money, and not enjoying it stop. If it gets in the way of your love for the sport, stop. I'm not even sure if I'll stick with it tbh. I left a comment in another thread saying I do alright, and subsequently have been getting PMs asking for advice, so here you go. The persona that does best for me is whimsical and funny with just a sprinkle of seriousness. So try to write with a whimsical and funny voice.

I'm being completely serious about that. Drinking will make you whimsical, and stand-up comedy will make you a little funnier. Girls love to laugh, and so they love funny guys.

If you read girls' profiles, you'll see some variation of the phrase, "I love to laugh" or "I love a good sense of humor" about times.

Humor is like a social aphrodisiac. Make an active effort to not try too hard. It's hard to put into words guys who are obviously trying too hard; it's one of those things you can only call out when you see it. But I'm sure you've seen it before. Don't sound like you're trying too hard.

My first amateur MMA fight, can you give some feedback ? : MMA

Rather, demonstrate your qualities. What does that mean? It means don't use adjectives or broad, vague descriptors like, "I'm funny" or "I'm adventurous" or anything that literally any other guy could say.

Those are descriptions, and they are meaningless, because anybody can say them. Don't just say you're funny; BE funny. So instead of, "I have a good sense of humor," you should say something like, "If George Carlin and Mitch Hedberg had a love child, I would be the result. Minus the whole drug addiction thing from Hedberg. This year I'm training to climb Mount McKinley. I don't even know if you think you are funny or adventurous.

These are just examples. Girls are going to like the latter guy better every time. I'm going to give more examples of demonstrations versus descriptions, because it's really important. Say for example you want to describe yourself as "mirthful and blustery.

She didn't say, "I'm mirthful, blustery, funny, and I hate boring conversations. You should aim to do the same. Tell a story about when you were mirthful and blustery. Don't write a resume about yourself, paint a picture of yourself. Chuck Palahniuk has a good essay on how to write with engrossing detail.

It's for fiction writers, but the principles apply equally to writing your profile. Paint a picture of yourself. Setting yourself apart is one of the most important factors of success, because she's reading many profiles in one sitting and they all start to blur together before long.

The reason is, girls are browsing hundreds of profiles and getting anywhere from 10 to 90 messages a day not an exaggeration. They don't have the time or patience to read a novel length snore-fest from some guy on the internet who they have absolutely no investment in.


Therefore, your goal should be to be short, sweet, and to the point--that goes for both profiles and messages. You want to make maximum impact with minimal words. DO NOT get wordy unless you're awesome and know for a fact you are enthralling with your words.

If you've written something, chances are you need to cut it in half, and even then it'll be too long. That's actually an exercise writers do to improve--they write, then they cut it in half.

This one is hard for me to elaborate on.