Stacey kade the rules for dating

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stacey kade the rules for dating

The Rules (Project Paper Doll #1) by Stacey Kade Publication Date: April 23, Publisher: Disney-Hyperion. Available for Purchase. As a former award-winning corporate copywriter, Stacey Kade has written about everything from Books by Stacey Kade Project Paper Doll: The Rules. The two of them decide they will pretend to date and instead of Zane Here is Stacey Kade's post about how the cover was designed for this.

The CEO, in fact, and the man responsible for my very existence. If you think that should make me grateful to him, let me remind you that existing is not the same as living. But they were neighbors, and there was nothing I could do about that. The real trouble was, Jenna had no survival skills. As much as I cared about her—she was probably the only human besides my father that I would fight to protect—she was a little like a brain-damaged rabbit that kept hopping too near the snake, convinced that they could be BFFs if they took the time to get to know each other.

She really thought that friendliness would win out over everything else. I stared at her, baffled. That made absolutely no sense. In spite of my thought-reading limitations, I could almost always hear Rachel, except in the most crowded of rooms. She was a loud thinker, operating at a higher decibel than most everyone else. As though even her thoughts suffered from too much self-importance, wanting to be proclamations instead of random scatterings in her brain. Thoughts and emotions reached a fevered pitch and spiked through my brain like an ice pick to the skull.

Jenna picked her way down the bleacher stairs, talking to me the whole time; but between the noise echoing in the gym and the chaos inside my head, I missed most of what she was saying. Rachel was probably insecure enough to require an adoring audience at all times. With the twins gone, she might have been forced to desperate measures.

FYI, cartoons are terrifying when your grasp on how the real world works is tenuous, at best. I had nightmares about Wile E. Coyote and safes falling from the sky for weeks after first watching that show. Lacrosse player, son of the Wingate Police Chief, favorer of nineties rock and those preppy button-down shirts. He was good-looking and almost freakishly tall, but built with enough muscle to keep from appearing strange. He was everything I would have found attractive—tall, broad shoulders, dark hair, and blue-gray eyes.

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What can I say? I have a type. But then when I got older and watched the newer versions, with Brandon Routh and Tom Welling, I may have, um, slightly altered that fantasy. But Zane Bradshaw—resemblance to my all-time crush aside—was one of the mindless flock. He followed Rachel Jacobs around, participating in all her mean reindeer games like he was missing the portion of his brain that allowed for independent thought.

That had been a mistake on my part. Jenna looped her arm through mine, more gently this time, as we waited for the crowd to move forward. Ashe High had a stupid tradition that was supposed to help make freshmen feel welcome and rev everyone up for the coming year. They called it Bonfire Week even though it was only four days and the bonfire was the last night. Everyone else with a shred of social standing would be going to the unofficial bonfire party. The entire freaking town showed up for parts of it, and the parade on Saturday morning was sponsored by GTX.

Not as his date, but just, you know, to hang out. What do you think? I scrambled to find an answer that would not completely crush her and yet be semi-truthful.

stacey kade the rules for dating

Rumors had circulated for the last year or so that Rachel and Zane had hooked up, off and on, unofficially. Scandalicious, as Jenna would say. Possible was definitely not the same as probable.

She brightened and gave my arm a painful squeeze. Then she took a deep breath. But now it was more than that. I would miss her. It was a strong thread of excitement, anticipation, and dread—but from more than one person and loud enough to catch my attention, which was unusual.

I kept nodding at Jenna and tried to hone in on what I was sensing. Hearing thoughts is never like what you see on television or read in books. But with untrained human minds, it was a mess. Everybody shouting scattered words and phrases at the top of their lungs, essentially. And sometimes I only got pictures or feelings. This is going to be awesome! We were on the move, and so was everyone else, which made it impossible to isolate one mind.

The best I could determine was that the people buzzing about whatever was going on were coming from the opposite direction. The people around us, slowly moving upstream in the hall, were still caught up in their mundane worries about homeroom and what they were wearing. Just thinking things through. But this…this was different. Bradshaw was leaning against a wall, head and shoulders above everyone else, right at the intersection by our lockers.

He greeted her civilly enough, and paid attention to whatever she was describing with great animation—lots of big hand motions, exaggerated expressions, and giggling. I cringed in expectation of some humiliating putdown, but Zane just smiled down at Jenna with that same mildly exasperated benevolence humans usually reserve for adorable puppies trying to chew their shoelaces.

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The clarity of that single thought and the punch of accompanying shame from Zane blasted through the rest of the noise. I knew her friendship with Jenna was too good to be true. Rachel had simply traded in the immediate pleasure of crushing Jenna for something a little more long-term and hateful. Her cheeks were pink, and her eyes were sparkling. Without meaning to, I glanced up at Zane, who looked away. To say that I had food issues would be putting it mildly. Fortunately, that helped me blend right in with about every other girl at Ashe.

stacey kade the rules for dating

Let me drop off my stuff and dig them out. Stay here with Zane. I followed her, praying that the crowd of spectators would be too large for her to see her locker before I could get to her again. But as always happens in situations like this—people parted like a set of automatic doors on her approach. I saw it at the same time she did. The wisest thing for me to do would have been to walk away. I rushed to her side. I gave her arm a shake.

I was not going to let Rachel win this one. With my hand on her arm, I pulled Jenna toward the bathroom, and thankfully, people moved out of our way. A glance over my shoulder showed Rachel starting to follow us with an annoyed look. Yeah, being forced to walk somewhere to torture someone is such a hassle. My heart was pounding so hard it made my whole body shake. She faced off with me, the pointed tips of her stilettos who wears shoes like that on the first day of school but Rachel Jacobs almost touching my battered imitation Chucks.

She was taller than me with long black shiny hair that looked expensive and high maintenance. Hard eyes, mouth smiling but not really. It screamed, You are nothing, and I can do whatever I want. Suddenly I was little and stuck in that lab again with no way out, and Dr.

stacey kade the rules for dating

Echoing pops sounded as the lightbulbs exploded, and glass rained down. Ah yes, I was striking terror in the hearts of humans everywhere. My planet-invading parents would have been so proud.

stacey kade the rules for dating

Way, way less so. Twelve hours later and she was still bitching about the thing with Ariane Tucker and Jenna Mayborne this morning. I shook my head. I held a cold beer, my third, on my stomach. Condensation rolled down the bottle past my fingers to create a damp and chilly place on my shirt.

A few feet away, Rachel and the twins, her nearest and dearest cronies, moaned about Ariane over the slosh and splash of the hot tub. Her mom died and she came to live with her dad. What business is it of hers, anyway? Not that I could say that aloud. I never knew she had it in her—an unhesitating lack of fear. I admired the hell out of that. She and Cami had seemingly formed a pact early in life that Cami would be the smart one, relatively speaking, and Cassi would be the pretty one.

This despite the fact that they were identical twins. Regardless, they each played their role to the hilt. Or on the grass. His feet made splatting sounds on the deck as he approached. Oh God, not this again. I could predict how this was going to go. He never saw anyone but Rachel. Especially not someone like Ariane Tucker, who looked as if she practiced being invisible. Something about Ariane was off in some vague, indefinable way.

stacey kade the rules for dating

No one would probably describe her as pretty, but there was something about her that drew me in. Who does their math with a pen? Blame it on the beer buzz or exhaustion from surviving the summer with my dad constantly on my case.

Less opportunity for direct comparison, and therefore less falling short on my part. But if anything, my dad was worse than ever. I stared up at the designer Japanese lanterns hanging above my head. She always used pen, and she missed two questions on every test, quiz, assignment, everything. Scaliari handed back our stuff. Which meant sometimes she got a 98 out of and other times, when it was a three-question quiz, she completely failed.

Also, she smelled like lemons, but the real kind, not the fake dishwashing-soap stuff. I was pretty sure her hair was lighter than she wanted people to think—the dark streaks were dyed. And I thought she might have a tattoo. The kind my mom had used on my knees for those massive skateboarding wipeouts in my earlier days.

My next best guess was a tattoo, one she was ashamed of. It happened—an exercise in poor drunken judgment, usually on spring break.

But quiet, obedient, possibly abused Ariane Tucker with an embarrassing tat? And unlike Rachel, I was kind of fascinated. Mayborne got the message. Trey was a good guy, but he seemed doomed to repeat the same Rachel-related lessons over and over again. Her parents were always gone, leaving extra money in her account and Rachel to her own devices most of the time. He showered her with expensive gifts—clothes, a car, vacations to any sunny island she wanted. Despite or maybe because of all of this, Rachel was extremely generous with those she deemed worthy.

Trey, Cami, Cassi, and I had an open invitation to her house and everything that she owned, which was saying quite a bit. She treated us like family in place of her blood relatives. But she expected blood loyalty in return. The water sloshed loudly. Jonas tended to act first and think later, if at all. I opened my eyes again. Jonas jogged over from the pool. Rachel rested her chin on her folded arms at the edge of the hot tub.

Rachel was scheming, and that never ended well for anyone but her.

The Rules by Stacey Kade: A Book Review

Jonas stepped back, shaking his head. I have a reputation, you know. Jonas was all about the challenge and not so much dealing with the aftermath. What the hell was I saying? I had more than enough already. Rachel, Trey, Cami, Cassi, and Jonas were all staring at me. You saved my life. Social when it comes to Ariane Tucker? I think we have a right to know what has triggered his sudden return. Was it necessary to keep reminding everyone what had happened?

Unless you count learning that 2. What Ariane had done today took a lot of guts. But I could try to stop it from getting out of hand. I was tired of these games Rachel played, but it was too late to strike out on my own.

He also notices that there is always a bandage on the back of her neck and that she wears contacts to cover up the real cover of her eyes. Of course what Zane doesn't know is that Ariane has more abilities than he is aware of. Ariane can hear people's thoughts and sense their emotions and she has telekinesis - the ability to manipulate objects. Before she was freed from GTX, Ariane was being trained to kill, something she refused to co-operate with, resulting in emotional trauma and the paralyzing of her abilities.

The two of them decide they will pretend to date and instead of Zane dumping Ariane as Rachel planned they will reveal that they are friends thus thwarting her revenge on Ariane.

However, things get complicated with both Zane and Ariane developing a genuine love for one another. As the conflict between Jenna, Rachel and Ariane spirals out of control, it becomes increasingly evident that GTX also might be hot on Ariane's trail. When Ariane's father warns her to drop Zane Bradshaw, telling her that she will place him in the crosshairs of GTX, Ariane does what she things is best. But is she too late to save herself and Zane?

The Rules just might be one of the best young adult novels this year! It's unusual storyline which combines the concepts of Mean Girls with an "alien" Carrie, captures the reader's interest from the very beginning.

Thrown in with this mix is a blossoming romance between the two main characters. Told in the alternating narratives of Ariane and Zane we learn through flashbacks the past of both characters; Zane's abusive homelife and Ariane's lonely terror as an experimental child-subject in the lab at GTX. Both therefore, keenly feel the injustice of Rachel's bullying of Jenna and try to protect her.

The Rules (Project Paper Doll #1) by Stacey Kade Book Reviews

Both desperately are seeking love and affirmation. Both Zane and Ariane suffer from a deep loneliness that comes from being misunderstood and not accepted for who they are. Zane is struggling to create his own identity separate from that of his older brother Quinn.

Zane wants to be different from both his brother and his father, whom he sees as manipulative people.

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He's just biding his time until graduation in two years. Spock from Star Trek. Ariane struggles between her logical alien nature and her emotional human one.

This was the balancing act I struggled with daily, sometimes hourly. I felt like I was nothing but a bunch of extremes all bound up together. The logical voice in my head pointing out facts and likely scenarios, and the roar of emotions, the rush of want and need, that would drown everything out if I let it.

Satisfying maybe, but dangerous. I wanted, raged, and needed, just like everybody else. But my analytical nonhuman side knew that giving in was risking Zane is impressed by Ariane's courage and self control, while Ariane is touched by Zane's tenderness and concern for her well-being. My favourite cover because Ariane looks 16! Readers might pick up on some of the twists in the novel, but generally they will be a surprise, while the climax will likely be somewhat predictable.

Nevertheless, this doesn't make The Rules any less of an enjoyable read.