How to meet new people for either dating or friendship

Learn How to Make Friends As An Adult Using These 5 Steps

how to meet new people for either dating or friendship

I want to teach you how to make friends as an adult in 5 steps. You either join the most relevant online dating website or join a local group or class to find this. Aug 9, Plenty of resources on the internet will offer new friends, but only a few of Sure, when it comes to dating apps Tinder is the first one that comes to mind. that women make the first move in heterosexual matching, and either. Oct 5, People are either unaware they want to make new friends or aren't putting it at the top of their priority list. I guess people are just looking for sex.

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A sports team or league Joining the team gets you admission to a group of people who you'll see for the next few months at least, with who you'll develop some camaraderie from playing together, and for who socializing after the game will naturally. Sports leagues also vary in how sport-focused and competitive they are. Some are all about playing and take it pretty seriously. Others are just a glorified excuse to go for drinks after the game is over.

They may not even play a 'real' sport, instead going with something much more casual and friendly to non-athletes, like dodgeball or kickball. Through your religion If you're religious there are lots of opportunities for you to meet like-minded people.

Tinder Is Awful for Finding Friends, Use One of These Services Instead

Different churches have different flavors to them based on their denomination, the types of people who attend, and so on, and you may have to try a few out before you hit on one that has a community you click with.

Through your kids This one becomes more prominent if you've started a family. There are a lot of ways to meet people, mainly other parents, through your kids: You can talk to other parents at the playground, or before and after daycare or school, or during Little League games. You can get to know the parents of your children's friends.

You can get involved with organizations like a Parent-Teacher Association. You can volunteer your time as a coach or scout leader, and get to know the other adults who are involved as well.

Your living situation Anyone who's lived alone during their first year of college will tell you not to do it Living in a big dorm is your best bet, though you can't really do this once college is over. You'll meet a lot of your neighbors naturally, but you can also go out of your way to introduce yourself to people.

Or just make sure to hang out in the common areas and chat to whoever shows up. Living in a large building with lots of other people your age around is better than being in a small place with no one who's similar to you. Having a roommate is a big boost to your social life. They'll bring their friends around too. Even in smaller apartment buildings sometimes months can go by between running into a particular neighbor in the hall, but if you do see someone, chat to them and invite them to hang out if they seem alright.

If they invite you to drop by their apartment one day, actually take them up on their offer. If your living situation really sucks e. Your family I find this one tends to vary from family to family.

how to meet new people for either dating or friendship

Some people are close to their cousins, and hang out with them as they would with any other friend. In other families there's more an attitude of, "Ugh, why would I want to spend time with my dorky relatives?

Some people get along with their close-in-age brothers or sisters quite well, and their social circles intermingle. For others, being buddy-buddy with their sibling is the last thing they'd want to do. If you're from the type of family that's open to hanging out with relatives or siblings, there may be some potential unexplored friendships there. Maybe you'll hit it off with all of your cousin's buddies?

A job where you get to be friendly with the public The first ones that come to mind for me are nightlife job like bartender, bouncer, or DJ. The next thing that comes to mind is being a barista in a coffee shop. The idea is that the customers will tend to talk to you, or it's natural for you to chat to them during quiet periods.

Any kind of customer service position can work really. The ideal situation is probably working at a store directly related to one of your hobbies, and where customers stick around for a while to speak to each other and the staff.

It also covers how to avoid awkward silence, attract amazing friends, and why you don't need an "interesting life" to make interesting conversation.

Click here to go to the free training. At a party A party may be held by a friend, through your job, or through an association at your school.

You could also throw one yourself. Either way, they gather a lot of people together, who are all pretty open to mingling with each other and making new contacts. An individual sport If team sports aren't your thing then you can still get a lot out of more individual sports where people gather together to train or compete.

If you play a competitive individual sport then you can meet the people you play against. Your gym may have a day where people can show up at a certain time and then pair off to play. Some will have bulletin boards where you can leave notices or put your name on a sheet to find opponents. Another broad category is sports where people show up at one place to train together. Martial arts gyms, skate parks, or rock climbing gyms are good examples.

These places usually have a pretty informal atmosphere and it's common for people to chat or help each other out e. Finally, there are some individual sports like swimming, where everyone pretty much does their own thing, but they all have to show up at the same place to do it. After a while you're bound to end up talking to some of the other regulars. Online This method still has a bit of an outdated stigma attached to it, but pretty much everyone does it at some point.

You could go on a site like Meetup. You could even start your own group to meet like-minded people.

Learn How to Make Friends As An Adult Using These 5 Steps

You could use a bulletin board site like Craigslist to advertise for a running buddy or announce a club you're organizing. Some people use online dating sites to look for friends. In their profile they'll say something like how they're new in town and are just looking for people to hang out with, not date.

On forums related to things like music or bands you can announce you're going to a certain concert and put out an invitation for anyone else who's coming to meet up with you. You can meet up with people from a website you frequent in real life. Discussion forums often arrange local meet ups. Other types of conversation-oriented sites do the same thing e. Get a dog if you're an animal lover. Conversations with other dog walkers are guaranteed, and even people without pets will stop to say hello to Max, giving you the perfect opener.

Can't have a pet? Volunteer at your local shelter. Work out at a nearby gym or the Y — but don't just do the machine routine: Join a class so you see the same people every week. If someone doesn't call you back immediately, don't assume they simply don't like you. Have faith — and exercise it. Many churches and synagogues make it a point to welcome newbies and introduce them around.

Volunteer in your community. Museums, hospitals, churches, animal shelters and schools are always looking for people to help out.

How To Meet People

Flirting helps with both. Whether you already have someone in mind or you are going to go to a few events and meeting new people, here are three ways you can friendship flirt: Friends are for fun, for play and for relaxation.

One of the easiest ways you can see friendship compatibility is to see if you are into the same things. Just like on a date, you want to float things you enjoy and see if they do too.

You can mention a concert you went to last month. Ask what they are up to this weekend. Talk about your favorite sports team. Besides being a companion for activities, the best of friends also need to provide emotional support.

This is often where friends and best friends divide. As you get to know someone, you want to know if they have the same values as you. For example, I had a great friend who thought it was extravagant to spend money on travel. I do it all the time for work and pleasure. Every time I had a trip coming up always we would get into the same argument about it.

In the end, it drove us both nuts about the other.

how to meet new people for either dating or friendship

Most importantly, as you are interacting with a potential friend, tap into how they make you feel. Do you laugh with them?

how to meet new people for either dating or friendship

Do they make you feel excited? You want people who make you feel good. And, of course, it has to go both ways. Wooing By this point, you have someone or a few people in your life who you think might make a great friend.

You want to pursue them, go on some dates, spend more time together. Here we borrow a saying from weddings. In the States, most brides wear four unique items on their wedding day for luck or just for fun. I find this is an easy way to think about different types of wooing. Do you have an old favorite? This is a great way to have an excuse to hang out. For example, just recently I was talking to a new potential friend about my favorite and the only, in my opinion genuine Mexican restaurant in Portland.

I was planning to go on Friday. I made friends with my friend Stephanie because we both had been dying to try something new: We both were bemoaning how awful the gym was when she said she had heard about a cool Bollywood Dance class. Then it was easy for me to ask if she wanted a partner in crime to try it out. We also have tried a cardio drumming class and a cook-around-the-world night.

Want to try something new?