Dating james upshall pipes for sale

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dating james upshall pipes for sale

These fine smoking pipes are hand-made in Tilshead, a little village in Wiltshire, deep in the English countryside. Here the noble art of hand-turning traditional. James Upshall pipes feature the work of renowned pipe carver Barry Jones. The Upshall factory lies tucked in Tilshead, England. This location and connections. A James Upshall was my first really good British pipe and I'll always keep several . In , after the Dunhill buy out, I started The Tilshead Pipe .. I can usually date post-transition Barlings within a 2 year window and I just.

Herman felt that larger, more fantastic pipes sell, and they did, but we found that the more refined pipes had a broader appeal. From a purist perspective, Herman took the easier path and while I understand his point of view, I'd never associate dainty with Upshall.

Ken was the most open minded of my pipe makers, readily accepting criticism and new ideas and implementing them. Ken and I worked to make the Upshalls more graceful despite the potential of uncovering flaws during process. Al, very perceptive about the smaller "B"s. Size did factor into grading, at least to some degree. A Ken Cutting story: He asked us for a donation to be auctioned at a charity event and when I told Ken he was eager to help.

dating james upshall pipes for sale

Ken sifted through 20 or so large blocks of briar, digging into flaws, to see how deep they ran with a knife like a clam shucker and wetting their sides to see their grain. This one will make a little corker with perfect straight grain!

dating james upshall pipes for sale

I can see it. The table saw started and chips flew as Ken kept examining and turning the block, cutting at different angles and the briar kept shrinking.

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A couple of deep cuts finished the shaped ebauchon, only slightly larger than a Dunhill group 6. Ken Cut the block in a scant few minutes. Barry took over on the lathe, turning away flaws and scooping out the tobacco chamber. Normally, Barry would have passed the pipe to a Shaper but he worked it through the finishing stages himself, including a hand-cut, rod vulcanite stem. Red backing followed by a natural stain and the pipe was finished.

James Upshall

It was only a Dunhill group 5 in size but it was every bit the 'corker' that Ken said it would be, an obvious to me "X" grade and perhaps a "XX" since it was nearly a degree straight grain billiard that ran from rim to heel. Ken felt that it was too small to be an "X" and that it wasn't completely a straight grain and he'd only put the Upshall name on the pipe if it were marked as an "E" one grade below the "X"and so it was marked. The raw material we use for hand-turning pipes is specially selected naturally dried plateau Briar from Greece.

As opposed to the kiln dried ebauchons, our briar guarantees lightweight, and tremendous properties for absorbing heat, as well as tobacco moisture and ensures a sweet smoke. Plateau blocks of considerable age, are of added benefit to the real pipe smoker; a rich mature graining which infrequently result in a perfect straight grain or birds eye pipe. Each block of plateau briar is an individual piece of nature, which has to be treated and worked accordingly. The turner's art is to transform a well seasoned and naturally dried block into a flawless pipe, which will give its owner years of smoking pleasure due to its perfect smoking characteristics and great beauty.

At James Upshall, no part of the production is trusted to pre-set machines or copy-fraisers. Each pipe is shaped on a single flat bed lathe by chisel and the craftsman's artistic skill.

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Each James Upshall pipe is the result of perfect briar quality as well as the skill of the hand-turner, no two pipes are identical. Nature and man work together to create the optimal pipe.

dating james upshall pipes for sale

All models are old English shapes influenced by the hand-turner's creative mind. James Upshall give a unique guarantee on each pipe leaving the workshop.

No pipe bearing the name of James Upshall is marred by fillings and putty.

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Scarcity of good quality plateau briar and the time consumed turning by hand, limit our production, but we will always strive to fulfill the growing demand for James Upshall, quality and tradition at its best. As always the James Upshall pipe has been sold in the most prestigious outlets around the world and has been greatly appreciated by royalty, lords and celebrities alike. Then by cross grain, flame grain, straight grain and, last but not least, the perfect high grade, which consists of dense straight grain to the bowl and shank.

The latter being extremely rare.

dating james upshall pipes for sale

In addition, the price varies according to group size, i. We also have the Empire Series which are basically the giant size, individually hand crafted pipes which come in all finishes and categories of grain. All our pipes are individually hand carved from the highest quality, naturally dried Greek briar. In order to simplify our grading system, let me divide our pipes into 4 basic categories.

It begins with the Tilshead pipe, which smokes every bit as good as the James Upshall but has a slight imperfection in the briar. In the same category price wise you will find the James Upshall Bark and Sandblast finish pipes, which fill and smoke as well as the high grades.

In this category we have the best "root quality" which means that the grain is either cross, flame or straight, which is very much apparent through the transparent differing color finishes.

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The latter having the straighter grain. The latter will be the supreme high grade. Considering the straightness of the grain the latter category is also the rarest.

Lastly, we have the Empire Series. These are basically Limited Edition gigantic individually hand crafted pieces, which again are extremely rare due to the scarcity of large, superior briar blocks.