Bengali women for dating

7 Things Every Non-Bengali Person Dating a Bengali Girl Should Know

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She tries too hard not to look Bengali. She will never have the Punjabi oomph, or the south Indian sensuality. But she will persist in trying. Contradict at your own risk! God help you if she takes her talent seriously. She will never get along with your mother. It is a matter of principle.

Bengali Dating

They hate being second to your mother but are still far too controlled by their own mothers. They remove gift wrappers for hours and then preserve the paper under the mattress. If she had her way, she would keep the sellotape too. Her brown nail polish, and brown lipstick. Also her ugly platform heels and boxy block heels.

Half cup or one, it takes the same tea to make. Why does she persist in asking for half? Her unwillingness to drive but constant requests for being driven around.

Or the way she drapes a dupatta on it to get the door.

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After marriage she will stop asking you if she looks fat. And laugh if you tell her so. And that a leisurely stroll in the morning will get rid of it. She will pester you to try tangra and gule fish while you want just chingri malai curry.

bengali women for dating

When people in Delhi serve some rice with chicken, the Bengali in us laughs off their claim to being foodies. Not only that, we eat everything under the sun, much like our Chinese neighbours.

In fact, it would not be entirely wrong to say that every Bengali, at some point, has fantasised about marrying a chef, just because we are very proud gluttons.

It is also of paramount importance that you understand that we consider an outing wasted unless non-vegetarian food was involved. Don't just take us out and say you want to eat tofu because it is navratra, unless you want to end the relationship.

We have digestion problems. Probably because we eat a lot. So as a direct consequence of eating a lot, we have a lot to digest. Naturally, our superhuman ability to eat puts teeny amounts of pressure on our very human digestive system. Enter large quantities of Carmozyme and Digene, our best friends since we started solid food.

Every Bengali household depends on these for survival. However, sometimes even they fail, and we are disturbed by our gut's uncooperative stance. Then, if it isn't indigestion or constipation, there is the very Bengali problem of flatulence.

We are used to being fed large quantities of food throughout the day, and moving out of our homes to live in places where people barely eat, takes a toll on our bodies and gives us acidity. Be kind to us, for you know not how we feel. Our families are loud AF. Don't let Vicky Donor fool you into thinking we stand in a corner, looking civilised during festivities while the Punjabis enjoy a drunken dance sesh. We do not need alcohol to go wild and create a racket. Also, contrary to popular belief, Bengalis are not soft-spoken.

Maybe shouting at protests is in our blood, or maybe we just have a lot of passionate opinions. Whatever the reason, we are boisterous and tend to speak at a pitch more akin to shouting, and for someone who does not understand the language, this can be a bit scary. Our family members communicate by yelling at each other simultaneously, and yet somehow understand each other.

bengali women for dating

This is our chaotic life, so get used to it. We grew up in relatively liberal setups. It is difficult for a person who has just moved to Delhi to adjust to the rape culture. Not drinking or wearing what we want to, is not something we are accustomed to. Now as soon it gets ready, give it a book, teach it some expressions, don't skip the grammar part, and this is how you get a Bengali girl.

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She can be charming, and she can be your worst nightmare. She is passionate, she is soothing, and she's got a purpose. A lady who will never leave your side. Just remember, whatever you do never pierce her heart.

When she will do that chumpy on your hair with her soft hands, and when she will take your face and kiss your forehead, you will relive the care and love. Everything about them is 'khoob shundor'. If you are already dating one, you must know how blessed you are. No matter how much she irritates you, it's believed that Bengali girls turn out to be the best wives.

And here are the reasons we think you'll find this so relatable.

bengali women for dating

Bong women are known for the eyes that keep their man hooked to her. Look into her deep dark eyes, and you know that she's your girl. Bengali sweethearts are self-reliant and independent. They believe in themselves and are super fearless about everything they do. And at moments when she won't be able to gain self-confidence, she will accept it and be straight to y'all. They are bright and they are sensible. That means rather than just praying about 'khana khaya' and 'babu aur bolo na', you can really have a real conversation with your women.

Just like how much Bengali girls love eating, they are a particular cook as well. Dating a Bong girl gives you the privilege to eat wonderful delicacies, therefore just imagine the scenario after marrying one. You can believe her for serving the best dish, which they call maach -er jhol and bhaat. The tone in which they speak, their native language command, everything is just so fabulous. So, if you're thinking to take her out, be prepared to fall for her.