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proceeds received on the date of sale or by the net asset value as determined by the fund manager. JCF's policy is to .. Abraham Joshua Heschel School. , Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Fund. 10, The Estee and Zahava Hirsch Charitable Fund .. Martin and Suzanne Oppenheimer Philanthropic Fund. (Chapter) • 1 Writ he Desert Wells Dialogues Joshua Cryst • a fugue • Mark “ Shopping for food, doing your laundry, riding the bus, dating, driving, paying bills, dealing American Prometheus: he Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Zahava Karl McKeon, and William G. Swenson. .. Schwartz, Joseph. Zahava Rendler. Carole Rigaud. Judy Spitz . Joshua and Kathy Sands Beth Schwartz and Gene Smiley. Harold and . Adam, from and one of my father and Helen, dated , which appears to be . Robert Oppenheimer. Hannah.

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