Who is james and oliver phelps dating

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who is james and oliver phelps dating

James Andrew Eric and Oliver Martyn John Phelps (born 25 February ) are identical twin British actors, best known for playing Fred and George Weasley in. @OliverPhelps · #TwinCities . @OliverPhelps and it's stille true? It's two years ago . @OliverPhelps. Your not dating anyone is James Phelps dating anyone. Oliver Phelps in Is he married or dating a new girlfriend? Net worth: How rich is he? Does Oliver Phelps have tattoos? Does he James Phelps // Brother.

Her relationship with Glayse may not be going strong any longer, but thankfully she has a beautiful child now, and she is still a very active actress in Hollywood. The two initially met on the set of the mock reality dating show, UnReal, and they clearly hit it off on another level. Bill ends up hitting it off with previously mentioned Fleur Delacour, who he marries as well in Deathly Hallows book seven.

who is james and oliver phelps dating

He happens to be very private about his dating life, but not too private — he did mention briefly in that he and TV producer Juliette Bonass were dating low key.

Newsflash Gleeson — you may want it to be low key, but people are very happy to see you in a relationship! Jessie Cave Lavender Brown In the world of Harry Potter, Jessie Cave plays the role of Lavender Brown, but interestingly enough, Cave was only cast as Brown started in the sixth movie, even though Lavender Brown is a very consistent character from book one.

Jessie Cave and Alfie Brown dated Another fun fact about Jessie Cave is that the last name of the Harry Potter character she plays Brownis in fact the same last name of her ex-boyfriend, comedian Alfie Brown.

However, although the relationship she had with Brown ended, they split up amicably and they still seem to be friends, appearing on Youtube comedy sketches together. Considering that they have two children together, Donnie and Margot, we are glad that their relationship is still a healthy one.

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And they even went out on a Hogsmeade date, which was pretty much a disaster. Ku is a singer from Hong Kong who met Leung in England, when he was there shooting a music video. Grindelwald is known as a notorious dark wizard, who was defeated but not killed by Dumbledore in a duel long before the events of Harry Potter take place.

Jamie Campbell Bower and Matilda Lowther dating We have actually already touched upon the romantic life of the real Jamie Campbell Bower, earlier when we spoke about how he and co-star Bonnie Wright actress for Ginny hit it off on the set, got engaged, and then ultimately split.

But Bower has made his rounds elsewhere in the dating pool — in fact, he has been engaged in an on and off relationship with Matilda Lowther, a model from the UK, and they are reportedly still together. The first time Harry rides a broomstick, Professor McGonagall is widely impressed and introduces Harry to Wood, the Gryffindor quidditch captain.

Wood then teaches Harry the rules of Quidditch, unspokenly inducting Harry on the team — making Harry the youngest Hogwarts seeker in a century. Wood is known for his rigorous practice schedules, and his intensity on the field.

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He would go on to play Quidditch professionally after Hogwarts. Biggerstaff certainly found romance, at least for a while.

Init was public knowledge that he and French model and actress Gaia Weiss were an item. However, while they undoubtedly looked cute together, their relationship would sadly come to an end.

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In fact, he even lends his own mansion, Malfoy Manor, for use of headquarters for Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the Deathly Hallows installment. But he has also celebrated quite the successful romantic life as well, for he has been married for 17 years to Emma Hewitt, the documentary filmmaker. Good job guys — keep going strong! Charming himself — Gilderoy Lockhart, played by the classic actor Kenneth Branagh.

Lockhart first shows himself in the second movie Chamber of Secrets as a heartthrob celebrity, and an author with a long list of accomplishments he claims to have done. Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson married and divorced But off the set, Lockhart is in fact not a fraud when it comes to his real life persona, Kenneth Branagh.

who is james and oliver phelps dating

He was married to co-star actress Emma Thompson for six years, which ended because of his side relationship with Helena Bonham Carter. He always seem to fall through the cracks when discussing the Weasley siblings. He even went so far as to excommunicate himself from the Weasleys! He eventually came to his sense however, and apologized to his family. In fact, you can even see in the picture provided how cozy they look together in an Instagram selfie they took, with Beecroft looking great and Rankin sporting a beard that Percy Weasley probably never would have let himself wear in his entire existence.

Way to rebel against your character, Chris! Seamus was obviously wrong about it, and he apologizes to him later.

Who is James Phelps dating? James Phelps girlfriend, wife

Devon Murray and Simona Milinyte dating Seamus is also known for his innate desire to blow things up, and in the life of his real life persona, Devon Murray — he is doing the same when it comes to his love life. Recently he has been getting hot and heavy with his girlfriend, Instagram model Simona Milinyte, and you can see them getting close in this cute picture on the beach.

We only hope Simona knows not to come up with any theories about major criminals being on the rise, because Devon may dump her for that. However, he certainly makes a strong impact in this time, most notably in his monologue to Harry about foreseeing the future.

Indeed, Ray Fearon is a human, and you can ask his ex-girlfriend, the famous actress Elle Macpherson to be sure. The couple started dating a little under a decade into the new millennium but called it quits after two years. Macpherson is actually probably more famous than he is, known well for her portrayal of Janine in the hit comedy series Friends.

But no teacher is this fact more true for than Professor Minerva McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house. Like Snape, she is very harsh when dealing out punishment — unlike Snape, her motives are by no means biased. As the Harry Potter series progresses, we begin to see McGonagall in a snarky new light, as she contributes to the war, demonstrating her strong allegiance to Harry and Dumbledore.

Indeed, Smith is held in such elite regard in British culture that inQueen Elizabeth II named her to be a Dame due to her contributions in the performing arts industry. And Smith has enjoyed an illustrious love life as well — her most recent husband was English playwright Beverley Cross, who she married in He unfortunately passed away in Gary Oldman Sirius Black And now of course, it is time to talk about a sensitive subject.

He spent 13 years there, until he escapes in book three. He is eventually killed by his cousin, Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange. Gary Oldman and Alexandra Edenborough married and divorced In real life, the actor who plays Sirius, Gary Oldman, is very much a prominent actor in Hollywood.

It was about a six-week process and we got the part in the end.

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Did it make you the coolest kids at school? No, no one seemed to be that bothered by the hype; our mates don't realise how big it is because none of our friends are in the industry. Film and TV was nothing I'd ever dreamt of going into.

In fact, about two months before we had the audition, there were auditions for the school play and the head drama teacher, in the first round of auditions, was like, ''Nah, you're never going to go anywhere in acting, don't bother,'' so it was great walking back in there on the first day of the next term and saying, 'I got a contract with …'' O: The drama department was just really unhelpful towards the whole acting thing, to a point where the head drama teacher said, ''Your priorities need to shift if you're going to continue with acting so can't you film Harry Potter on a Saturday?

What's next for you both? Yeah, there was [something we went for], actually. I won't say the film but there was a film that had twins in it; we read for it and it looked rosy but Harry Potter was filming at the same time so we missed out. Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number can be dialed even if the keypad is locked.

Real-life Harry Potter couples that prove love spells exist

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who is james and oliver phelps dating

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