Tavia yeung and raymond lam dating

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tavia yeung and raymond lam dating

Tavia Yeung Yi (born 30 August ) is an Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong's Television As the leading lady in Twin of Brothers, starring alongside Raymond Lam and In , Tavia was one of the female leads beside Charmaine Sheh in TVB's grand production drama, Beyond the Realm of Conscience (宮心計). The Mysteries of Love is a TVB modern series. Contents. 1 Summary; 2 Controversy Their dating experience is enhanced with sense and sensibility through the Kingsley King (Raymond Lam) is regarded as the youngest genius in Kingsley meets policewoman Tsui Siu-Lai (Tavia Yeung) during the process. Classic Drama, Looking Back in Anger is finally rebroadcasting in TVB Tavia Yeung exposes Raymond Lam takes Carina Zhang at the dinner gathering.

With that being said, I would love to take this opportunity to thank the media for treating me well and leaving me some leeway at that point in time.

Apart from that, I must say that the media does understand me very well on a certain level and had projected it in their reports such that everyone could view this matter logically by putting themselves in my shoes. For this, I truly am very thankful to you guys the media! It even comes to a point where their views on matters have become very perplexing.

Although not everyone is like that, I would still tend to have my misgivings. Have I ever thought about getting married? However, on second thought, I am after all the eldest son in my family [re: An ancient Chinese belief that the eldest son has a responsibility to produce a heir or rather a son to carry on the bloodline of the family] and after witnessing such a scene, I found myself subconsciously imagining what would happen if I had a child of my own in the future.

tavia yeung and raymond lam dating

Sometimes, I do think that I might even look handsome hugging my kids out on the streets! In the past, there was no such thing as a dating life for me. In the end, I did not attend any of the blind dates arranged. However, this is really not the current case for me as I have become less of a forward-looking individual and more of a person who believes in following fate.

tavia yeung and raymond lam dating

Having our upsides and downsides are only part and parcel of life. However, according to Raymond, none of them instilled a romantic spark in him and neither did he exchange any electrifying glances with them in real life.

tavia yeung and raymond lam dating

Trying to put his point across, Raymond analyzes the list of his rumored girlfriends one by one… Linda Chung Possibility of dating Raymond Lam: Adding onto that familiarity, Raymond had also collaborated several times with Tavia for the filming of dramas. Jokes aside, Raymond hugely praised Tavia for staying true to herself and not changing her personality for many years now.

However, I do work well with her when we film scenes together.

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In reply to this, Raymond remarked that both of their external appearances made them look extremely compatible, such that the audiences were receptive to it, thus fueling the rumors to last for so long, even up till today! Raymond also laughed and admitted that given a chance, he would also love to continue his onscreen affinity with Linda Chung.

Raymond also added that he had observed Charmaine to be a senior with a strong resolution. Asked about being rumored together with Rose Chan, Raymond sighed that he was also helpless when their only collaboration had been for his MVs.

Upon searching or rather googling her name, one would easily chance upon sexy photos of her showcasing her stunning womanly curves. This thus made her a target of the paparazzi and stirred up an interest in the movie industry, catching the keen eye of movie producers as a potential movie actress. She even try to commit suicide because of the pain is too much for her, in the end after the ups and down, Raymond's parents accepted her and Raymond realize that he love her very much, and so he proposes to her and she said yes.

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I would love to watch a sequel to Mystery of Love if there ever will be one because I would love to see their marriage life just like The Hippocratic Crush 2 where I can watch Tavia and Kenneth's marriage life. I think they were so cute to the point that I was disappointed that Mavis couldn't choose between Keith and Wallace.

I wish she would choose Keith mainly because he is so good for her, they were meant to be. Maybe because Wallace save her life and she feels that she owe him.

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I thought they make quite a dashing couple. I know there is a drama this year where Ruco and Tavia will be in it, I don't know if they will be a couple in it or not though. They begin to date but in order to have the case solve, Moses have to date Linda which causes things to be complicated where Ron begin to like Tavia too. In every drama where they play as a couple where they each have feelings for each other, never once did they have a happy ending.

I was really disappointed. In Cupid Stupid, Tavia have date Michael Tse before but the relationship didn't work out, it is Steven that has been her childhood friend and so supportive of her, then Michael change and want Tavia back. Torn between two amazing guys, she decide to run away and let fate decide.

Steven found her at Disneyland and call her but she didn't hear, and Michael call her because he heard the ringtone that the three of them sang and she heard him. Tavia heard Michael shout out her name but not Steven. It is Steven that call Tavia so that Michael could find Tavia.

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He let her go just like that and he hope that Michael could be a great boyfriend for Tavia. Steven why are so nice for. In Sweetness in the Salt, Tavia and Steven love each other but she have to married Raymond Wong to save his family salt business. Again, not a happy ending for them. In land of wealth, they both love each other but Tavia end up marrying Moses because of a misunderstanding.