Seho and nana dating

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seho and nana dating

After a series of denial from the companies of Nana and Jonghyun including WGM Production, an aquain. Jo Se Ho got brutally honest while talking to After School's Nana about her popularity among girls. On the February 21 episode of MBC's “Real. Posts about Jo Seho written by writernim. I think Park Bom and Min Woo's fake dating plan was suggested by the Roommate staff. It has been shown on around three episodes already how Nana expressed his liking.

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Jo Seho | Naekkeo (내꺼)

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seho and nana dating

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Nana & Seho FMV

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seho and nana dating

That is not exactly the case when Chanyeol is with EXO in other programs. Park Min Woo appears to be good at eavesdropping. I think Kang Joon and Min Woo are the two people who really got close thru this show. In fact, all the male casts except Seho seem to be not interested at all about dating anyone in the females.

Chanyeol and Nana?

Seho is obviously trying to make connections in the industry. It was not seen but it appears that Kang Joon has mentioned that he wants to be close with Chanyeol. Well, the Kang-Yeol Travel Agency was surely an opportunity for the both of them to become close.

All thanks to childish Chanyeol. The way Kang Joon dances is really funny.

seho and nana dating

Bom and Dara seem to be close with each other. I think Kang Joon is generally a silent type of person. When the two 5Surprise came to the Roommate house, I thought they were like country bumpkins who visited Seoul for the first time.

But the older was the worst one. They obviously changed the content of episode I mean, where was the Sherlock Bommes episode? And I thought Baekhyun was visiting in Episode 10?

Jo Se Ho and Nana go on their first date on the upcoming episode of 'Roommate' | allkpop

She seems genuinely happy about meeting other people outside YG. I thought it would be that entertaining to have Baekhyun in the Roommate house but apparently his visit was a little boring. I think it has a little to do with the editing.

Honestly, one of the interesting things that can happen to Roommate is if they put the Park Siblings Chanyeol and Bom on a direct interaction. The way Roommate prepares an episode is not according to timeline.

They prepared it according to a theme.