Naruto and hinata dating fanfic

Dating? What a vague concept Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

naruto and hinata dating fanfic

Naruto and Hinata dating each other was the topic that everyone's talking about. " Naruto!!!" Sakura's voice rang. Naruto looked over his. Hinata loves Naruto to no end and Naruto hopes he can love her the same way some day. Naruto's attempts at love and romance are. Omg I know its late but did you guys see the way Naruto just held Hinata's hand to his face like he's revelling in the feeling in episode (i.

Hinata sighed and looked down at the floor. Naruto's eyes glanced at her. He regretted how he never took a really good look at her. He watched as the breeze blew back her hair and noticed how long her eyelashes were. Her skin tone was pale, like it always has been, but her cheeks were rosy and a color of a light pink. Her lips were plump and cherry-pink, and her eyes were a beautiful pearl color.

Her body had all the right curves at the right place, and fully shown that she is a grown woman. Naruto blushed, realizing what he was thinking. Hinata also shifted uncomfortably, noticing how he was just staring at her. Hinata didn't dare to look up at him. Come on…I have to be strong…' Her hands closed tightly into fists. I know that I'm probably really boring, since I'm so quiet, and…and I know you feel really awkward right now…but…thank you, for giving me a chance," Hinata smiled warmly at him.

I should be saying thank you to you!

naruto and hinata dating fanfic

You know…since all this time, you've been supporting me from behind and I didn't even notice it. And…and you're the first one to ever say…" Naruto blushed a bit. No one in the village had ever said that they loved me, even my closest friends. So, thank you, Hinata," He replied, looking at her with gratitude. Hinata was also blushing. She felt like dying of embarrassment when she had confessed to him, yesterday. We're both 17, and after all those years, I really don't know the real you.

Let's start with the basics! Umm…" Naruto paused, thinking. What's your favorite color? I thought you'd say purple or something," Naruto scratched his head. But I like to train, go out with Kiba and Shino, plant flowers, and…. I really enjoy making origami. People say I make really good Japanese flowers and cranes," She turned towards him.

I like to train, eat ramen, sleep, hang out with my friends, eat ramen I mean…there's nothing about me that a girl would want…" Sakura popped into his head. Hinata's smile disappeared as she looked at him like he was crazy. You never give up, you never break your promises, you train to get stronger only to protect those you love, and…and…you're so amazing…" She muttered.

Naruto stared at her with wide eyes.

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It was the first time he had ever heard anyone say that. I'm 17, and…and up to now, there hasn't been a single boy who'd lay their eyes on me. Even you, who I'd always admire so much…" She looked away sadly. She's strong, intelligent, and she has a beauty that would naturally draw anyone to her.

naruto and hinata dating fanfic

I know that even now, you still like her, Naruto kun…right? Sure, he still did like Sakura, but he couldn't tell that to Hinata. Not especially when he knew that Hinata liked him! It's just that…" Hinata paused, hesitating a bit. Why doesn't anyone want me?

naruto and hinata dating fanfic

Why doesn't anyone love me? Not even my own father wants me…" Tears gathered up in her eyes. No, you're not worthless at all! You-," "Then why doesn't anyone want me? Naruto saw how much sadness she held in her expression.

I mean, who wouldn't want you? Of course, he wanted her…but just not in the way that she expected. He didn't "love" her the way she "loved" him. Hinata noticed how silent he was and she couldn't keep her tears in any longer. Naruto gasped when he saw her teardrops fall down her cheeks. Is because I'm not like Sakura chan? The door opened and Kurenai walked into the room holding a bag. A look of questioning appeared on Hinata's face. Kurenai smiled the smile she used when you totally owed her one.

She pulled out a knee-length magenta skirt and a lavender sweater. Naruto stood in front of the mirror half-naked, his blue boxers old, and worn. Naruto ran a hand through his hair. Instead of it being spiked his hair laid flat on his head.

He started to get dress as someone knocked on the door.

Piles of clothes, and random piles of garbage got scattered on the floor from being run through and tripped over. Naruto flung the door open. Hinata stood quietly by the window across the hall. Naruto got a sly smile on his face. Carefully sneaking, Naruto wrapped his arms around Hinata's waist. Naruto could feel Hinata's body tense and lean back into him. Naruto nodded and locked his apartment's door.

naruto and hinata dating fanfic

As they walked down the street people looked at the young couple. Hinata hugged Naruto's arm tightly. A blush formed on Hinata's cheeks, too. You look very handsome," Hinata commented. The couple walked in a comfortable silence until they reached the restaurant. The destination was a restaurant called 'Hiroyama's Pub and Grill'. Naruto hoped nobody got too drunk tonight. Hinata sat close to Naruto and leaned against him.