Matt and kim interview dating questions

A Q & A with Matt and Kim’s Matt Johnson

matt and kim interview dating questions

Matt and Kim's latest record 'New Glow' sees the duo consistently rolling in their doing it - there are enough songs about relationships or love in the world. TSH: And thus you get the questions on what your secret is? Matt. That's how Matt Johnson of Matt and Kim describes the eponymous indie I wanted to start this interview by saying that “Daylight” was my anthem in . and then we got together and within three months of dating, we moved in. Dating pop duo Matt and Kim will sit down for a video interview before its Email questions to [email protected], tweet 'em to me.

The day had finally come for me to hit the road to this show in Louisville. I was definitely ready for a party.

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But this kind of party I was not ready for. Jamming to some of their music the whole trip, mentally preparing myself for what was to come, I put myself in a fist-pumping frenzy, all the way to the front door. Opening the show up was rapper Michael Christmas. The DJ got the crowd feeling good before we were introduced to Mr. Christmas by playing a few warm-up songs. Michael ran out on to the stage with so much energy.

After killing his first song he addressed the crowd. To close his show, Michael Christmas addressed that he wanted to end his show doing a song for anyone who had lost a loved one, or a close friend.

Matt & Kim - The Shure Interview

You could see that family and friends mean a lot to him as this was only an instrumental track played by his DJ while Michael sat on the edge of the stage just feeling out the vibe of this song and the positive energy the crowd was throwing up to the sky and returning respect back towards Michael for such a cool way to end a set.

Michael Christmas is an artist to keep eyes on for sure. It was definitely a damn dance party. They opened the show with a bang.

matt and kim interview dating questions

Lights were flashing out of control, however, they beat in unison with the music. Shit I am only called Kimberly if i am in a ton of trouble.

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So afterwards we changed it to Matt and Kim. At the time Matt was working on film jobs and I was nannying and making art at night. Do you guys ever get sick of each other?

We just keep hanging out. In the past three years since your last album release, how do you think your sound has changed? We decided we were only going to make songs, and release them one at a time. Really focus on it and try to make it great.

matt and kim interview dating questions

Cause we touch on anything that can makes your ass shake! We had made a 10 second loop which is the main drum and sampler part of the song. As always we want it to be something that is fun to listen to.

Matt & Kim Transform Mercury Ballroom Into A Dance Party | Shutter 16 Magazine

We take things as they come. Then a friend said you should tour…. That was an accomplishment. But I hope I will never take for granted the accomplishment that I get to make music for a living. It really is a dream come true. How do you guys keep up the energy for your shows? Oh and whose idea was it to release all those balloons?! The energy we have happens based on two thing.

Matt and Kim announce new album, Almost Everyday | Consequence of Sound

We love playing shows. The crowd goes nuts and we feed off that energy.

matt and kim interview dating questions

We did use to blow them up ourselves and it would take hours. We have been doing that ever since.

matt and kim interview dating questions

Mine is easy… T. He is one of my favorite artists. I also think he is hot! I was driving and Matt was sleeping on the back bench.

Matt & Kim Transform Mercury Ballroom Into A Dance Party

We got pulled over. The cop asked if he could search our van and I said sure. I guess this goes for everyday life. So I knew I had nothing to worry about and if the cop searched the van he was only going to find a bunch of pee bottles.