Hyorin and jooyoung dating sim

Hyorin and jooyoung dating.

Kim Joo-young (Hangul: 김주영; born March 9, ), better known by the mononym Jooyoung, He also made appearance as Starship's team member in Mnet's Singer Game, and became which is a collaboration project with Sistar's Hyolyn featuring runner up of Show Me the Money season 3, Iron. . Year, Date, Song. SISTAR, Hyorin, Joo Young. SISTAR's Hyorin's mystery Kim Jin Pyo, and Eluphant. He was also previously seen on Mnet's 'Singer Game'. Sexy and classy duo Hyorin and Joo Young dropped a choreography video for their current track, "Erase," which has a seductively slow tempo.

Afterwards, both are simultaneously singing. Focusing on the slightly weaker side of the pre-choruses, the structure lacks some depth; Jooyoung takes one line followed by Hyorin who also possesses one line, and though there is unison singing for the third line, structurally, nothing holds as compelling.

The individual lines had no distinctive property, and unfortunately, the unison singing was simply them singing at, coincidentally, the same time. In terms of what does grant the pre-choruses its stronger points, the vocals still remain charming and, likewise, the instrumental can still be rendered as captivating.

Above average will be the rating. Vocally, Hyorin and Jooyoung are exceptionally melodic along with having traces of prominent, stronger singing. The instrumental, similar to the vocals, become amplified to accommodate the intenser singing; the beat snaps along with the bass act as a foundation, and the piano melody further enriches the already tuneful vocals of the duo.

A unique yet strange phenomenon occurs: This paradoxical aspect to their singing is perhaps what yields the section its high score. With this constant change, appeal is blatantly kept high. Overall, with the song coming as one unified and purely captivating section, a very high score is expected. The final line, however, features Hyorin. While in the overall perspective the vocals are still superior, during this section, the vocals do falter when juxtaposed to the other sections.

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Power is the main focus for vocals, but unfortunately, it is overly prioritized. With the previous section, the choruses, taking a stronger, prominent stance, having another section duplicating such gives an unnecessary repetition. As a result, with this redundancy, the impacting vocals that occur lose their presence, and thus, a bleaker section is left.

Nevertheless, despite having a sense of repetition, the vocals and instrumental still hold well. Desirable traits still exist for them, such as being melodic and having proper alternating lines. With the slight overlapping quality from the previous section being the main yet miniscule issue, the post-choruses still hold at above average.

Alternating lines become the style until the end where both simultaneously sing. Being the bridge, a standard climactic point is created.

Hyorin, Bumkey, & Jooyoung – Love Line

Higher notes and power are the main assets to this section. High note holds are entrusted with Jooyoung while Hyorin handles the general singing lines. Although the instrumental and vocals themselves remain mechanically strong, there are minimal compelling, striking factors. Adamantly, the instrumental predominantly sounds as it does during the other sections, and though the note holds can be rendered as impressive, it is a standard note hold that does not showcase extreme cases of skill, intensity, nor melody.

On the positive side, the bridge does contain an interesting line structure; towards the middle, the alternating style becomes manipulated to aid the section. Hyorin would sing one word, and unlike previous sections where Jooyoung would replicate the prior line identically, in the bridge section, Jooyoung would follow up the word in a much higher note in addition to possessing more power.

Mechanically, the instrumental and vocals, while still delightful, remain unvaried from other sections, but thankfully, the alternation that does occur is vastly different, and thus, an appealing and welcoming layering function becomes granted. Above average will be the score. Serving as a conclusion, the post-chorus does fulfill that role. Furthermore, Hyorin also contributes to such by adding a background note hold. A final, climactic end point is given due to the amount of note holds given.

Towards the very end, the vocals and instrumental fade off quickly yet precisely, and thus, a solid, sound conclusion is met. Overall, while the note holds and natural end fade are respectable, with the post-choruses not being absolutely stunning as a section, the conclusion slightly suffers from such. Nevertheless, the post-choruses themselves hold as above average, and with decent note holds and a solid ending, the conclusion will still be held at above average. Many sections showcased equal, alternating lines, and at other times, unison singing.

With the quantity being practically equal, the score will be a 10 as the distribution can be concluded as perfect. In light of the instrumental itself, individually, the soundtrack is exceptional. Additionally, the bass plays a prominent and crucial role; with vocals taking a more energetic and higher pitched style, the bass compensates the lower note range, and additionally, provides a contrast that translates as a supportive foundation.

Sonically, both parties mesh well and complement the other. The bass, as stated earlier, is one example of how the vocals and soundtrack reinforce each other. In summary, with the instrumental sounding spectacular on its own and, when factoring in how well the vocals are accommodated, a solid score will be earned. Ending the speculations, through these Korean-to-English translated lyrics, the story behind the ballad can be discovered.

Absurdly, a couple has parted ways after an unknown incident. Ironically, if that is the proper term, both of them feel they are bad for the other. Many questions exist, and though details lack, enough meaningful ones exist so that one may infer the untold aspects. Setting aside horrible puns and jokes, peering at the lyrics, the only discussion in mind is to address the idea of a split relationship. Should a relationship end, both individuals should be on decent terms.

Perhaps not close friends, but at the very least acquaintances who still acknowledges that the other person is alive. Of course, when accounting for why and how a relationship ends, this type of outcome may be skewed. Nevertheless, hopefully, if a relationship does end in the first place, it is out of agreement and proper terms and not due to a cheated relationship, a one-sided scenario, and other ones that are often time mentioned in songs or even movies and other mediums.

Glancing at the syncing component of the dance, it is excellent. Maneuvers that link to the snaps are clearly seen, and for matching the flow, though more subtle, movements such as at the beginning with Jooyoung are examples of syncing to the flow.

The only moment in which the syncing was poor is towards the second verse; the leg snapping disclosed excellent coordination, but unfortunately, minimal syncing. Ignoring that piece, however, the syncing holds as solid.

For the second main feature of the choreography, the key points hold well. Swapping to the backup dancers, they were properly used. The main spotlight still resided with Hyorin and Jooyoung, but for background work, the backup dancers fulfilled that role. Furthermore, with them adding an extra layer to the dance, some complexity is granted, and therefore, diversity with the dance is gleaned.

A solid score is earned here. Biasedly, I do agree, however, with the score being that high, I am slightly skeptical. Perhaps the perfect Line Distribution amped it up excessively, but despite that, the song is truthfully well-rounded. The lyrics deliver an interesting story, the song is structurally solid, the vocals are, of course, extremely potent, and with other factors, be it the instrumental or the more score-influential piece of the choreography all holding a respectable position, a high Overall Score should be envisioned and accepted.

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