Home and away stars dating in real life

7 real life soap couples dating in real life from Corrie to Emmerdale | Metro News

home and away stars dating in real life

In case you didn't know, Home and Away's Willow Harris and Justin Morgan are dating in real life. And by that we mean actors James Stewart. 7 real life soap couples who are dating co-stars off screen from have found love with one another away from the rolling cameras and the. HOME and Away is one of the most popular Australian soaps on English TV.

She coped by posing nude for Playboy. We'll always remember Dannii and Julian for their amazing clip for 'This Is It' in see screen grab. The exes worked together again in the recent Hollywood remake of Red Dawn. Chris has since moved on with Spanish actress wife Elsa Pataky, who gave birth to baby girl India in Isabel was rumoured to have dated Jake Gyllenhaal before her relationship with musician Angus Stone, which ended in April It was a short-lived affair: They split in October.

InAxle and his on-screen lover Lisa were spotted getting very cosy with one another at various events. While the two are obviously good friends, Johnny tweeted that the rumours are "not true until I say it's true, got nothing to hide from my fans".

Twitter Samara Weaving and Johnny Ruffo, aka Indigo Walker and Chris 8 of 12 Lincoln and Indiana dated for more than a year from toand Indiana threw her support behind her ex when news broke about his sex tape with an unnamed teenage TV starlet.

He didn't do anything wrong, guys! He pulled brunette glamazon Rhiannon Fish in Septemberand the pair moved in together a year or so later. Belle and Aden Jefferies had a romantic relationship but when the actors who played them heard about this, they both complained to producer, as they did not get along in real life.

Eventually Aden and Belle tie the knot, however, shortly after Belle dies after she is diagnosed with cancer. Inone year before she left Home and Away, Tovey was hired as the new American spokesperson for the shoe company Skechers. Max and his father arrive in Summer Bay and he becomes a permanent resident after his father goes to Hong Kong in order to escape his gambling debts.

On one occasion a new student, Eloise, shows up at Summer Bay and confides in Max that she is dying of Leukaemia. Lincoln Lewis — then Lincoln Lewis really deserved to play the role of Geoff Campbell as he had to audition for the part for two years.

Geoff Campbell was introduced alongside his sister Annie who were raised as religious Christians by their grandfather. Due to his upbringing, Campbell was more socially awkward than his peers and many of his storylines revolved around him being inexperienced when it came to romantic relationships.

Geoff eventually dated Claudia Hammond and it was believed that he was the father of her baby. Lincoln Lewis — now Lincoln Lewis has been acting since he was 13 years old and he has appeared on H2O: It was rumored that Laura was dating the actor who played Tug, Tristan Bancks, however the actors denied it.

Laura Vasquez — now Laura Vasquez left the show in in order to pursue her music career, however, her hopes of being a famous singer never materialized. Vasquez has not acted in anything since her time on the soap opera and according to her Twitter page, she is now working as a makeup artist on the set of Home and Away.

She often posts throwback pictures of her in her school uniform that her character wore on the show. Norman Coburn — then Norman Coburn played the role of Donald Fisher who was one of the only characters who appeared on Home and Away since the show began. Donald Fisher is the headmaster of the high school in the Bay and the main antagonist on the show. Coburn first appeared on the show in until but he came back to do guest appearances until He only made one acting appearance following his time on the soap opera, in a comedy series called The Hollowmen.

His last public appearance was in when he appeared in a reunion photoshoot for Home and Away. Nowadays, the retired 80 year-old actor resides with his family in Tasmania. Christie Hayes — then Christie Hayes portrayed the role of the similarly named Kirsty Sutherland on Home and Away from until and again from until The character of Kirsty changed quite a bit over the course of the show as she started out as a little girl but eventually became a divorced, single mother who needed to work in the adult industry in order to pay her bills.

Hayes had a controversial relationship with Kane Philips who once abused her sister Dani Sutherland.

home and away stars dating in real life

Christie Hayes — now Christie Hayes did not have many acting credits prior to appearing on Home and Away and she has not had any since she left the show. The actress majored in drama at college and even before that, she was approached to a model when she was eight years old. After leaving the show the first time, Hayes worked as the face of Pepsi Light in Some of these include an instance where he abused Dani Sutherland and when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Kristy and Kane begin dating but Sarah Lewis eventually tells Kirsty that Kane is cheating on her, though he denies the accusations.

Kristy decides to stand by Kane after he finds out he has cancer. Once he finished his studies at the age of 20 he appeared in an independent film called City Loop. His breakout role was as Kane on Home and Away and he also appeared on another Australian soap opera called headLand. While Atwell has not appeared in anything since, he is working on his own film and theater company and he has produced his own plays alongside some of his Home and away co-stars.

Jade arrives in Summer Bay along with the rest of the Sutherland family including her twin sister Kirsty and her older sister Dani. Jade is a ballet dancer and after competing with her rival Tonya in dance class, she develops an eating disorder. Later in the series Jade discovers she was switched at birth, which leads her to have an identity crisis. Kate Garven — today Since her time on Home and Away, Kate Garven has been keeping a low profile and is focusing on her family life.

At age 18, she met and married a director on Home and Away named Ben Field. The couple moved from Australia to England for a few years and eventually returned home where Garven gave birth to their first born son, Bailee.

Since then she has given birth to two more sons, Jai and Mannix. Danny Raco — then Danny Raco played the role of Alex Poulos on Home and Away from until and he made several guest appearances throughout Alex was a very macho character who came off as confident to everyone around him, however, in reality he was not very secure.

Alex eventually starts a relationship with Hayley Smith but he gets involved in a love triangle when another girl he loved, Brodie returns. Alex and Brodie marry but ultimately get divorced. He then landed the role of Alex on Home and Away but he left the series in in order to appear on an Australian crime drama show, Blue Heelers.

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He stayed on the show until it ended in and inhe returned to Home and Away and he is now a director on the series. Donna grew up on Summer Bay and she returns as an adult and reconnects with her former lover, Rob. Donna takes a job at the high school to be closer to Rob, however, he backs away from her after finding out she has cancer. Donna eventually dates Travis and the two move to Canada together, however, Travis returns a couple months later and reveals that Donna is now dating someone else.

In addition to producing, she has worked as a director, writer and casting director.

Home and Away Real Life Couples

The actor returned in and continued to make frequent guest appearances until Will marries Gypsy and leaves Summer Bay but he eventually returns after the marriage ends. Will transforms from a troublemaker into a good father to his daughter Lilly.

He made many guest appearances on the show after leaving full-time and he even appeared in the th episode of the soap opera. Inthe actor appeared in the Australian medical drama All Saints where he played a victim of a bus crash. Drayson returned to Home and Away again from until The actor who is now 35, appeared in the drama series Winter in Debra Lawrence — then Debra Lawrence was the second actress to portray the role of Pippa Ross which she did from until Pippa is the resident foster mother in Summer Bay and she and her husband Tom offere a stable home to many children throughout the series.

Pippa also faces many devastating issues as one of her biological children dies of sudden infant death syndrome and her husband unexpectedly passes away. She remarries but her second husband also passes away. Debra Lawrence — now Debra Lawrence got more than an acting gig out of her tie on Home and Away — She also got a husband! Lawrence married her co-star, Dennis Coard who played the role of Michael Ross on the show. Nick is the younger brother of Will and Hayley Smith but he chooses to stay with foster parents instead of staying with his siblings in Summer Bay.

Nick becomes good friends with Duncan Stewart and the two cause a lot of trouble together until Nick ends the friendship after Duncan begins to spiral out of control. Inhe landed a role in the film Eragon and he continued to land smaller parts in films such as Resident Evil: Extinction and Letters to Juliet.

home and away stars dating in real life

In recent years, the actor has been featured in a number of TV movies and he had a main role in the TV series Dominion. Alex Papps- then Alex Papps played the role of Frank Morgan from until with some breaks in the middle. Morgan was one of the heartthrobs in Summer Bay who has a trademark mullet haircut. Frank has a difficult background as his mother was an addict and he was wayward until Tom and Pippa put him back on the right path.

Alex Papps — now Alex Papps comes from a family involved in the theater as both his parents are amateur theater directors. Beau Brady — then Beau Brady played the role of Noah Lawson who was also a character with a troubled childhood. After his father abandons his mother, Beau is raised by his older brother Jude, however, his mother Jill becomes very overprotective of Noah. Noah eventually develops a relationship with Hayley Smith and he proposes to her on her 21st birthday. Beau Brady — now Beau Brady got an early start to acting in the television world as he appeared on the show, Breakers while he was still in high school.

Brady was quite the popular actor in the early s as he was nominated for 4 Logies between and He is set to appear in the upcoming show Dream Channel. Ray Meagher — then Ray Meagher has the honor of being the actor with the longest run on an Australian series and that title even landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records. The actor had been playing the role of Alf Stewart sincehowever, there have been recent rumors that the character may be killed off.

As you can imagine, Alf has had some intense story lines over the years such as a brain tumor and a deceased son that he never knew about. The actor is now 73 and married to Gilly Meagher. Emily Symons — then Emily Symon plays the role of Marilyn Chambers on Home and Away and she has been playing the role on and off since Marilyn is characterized as being a kind person but somewhat ditzy. She is a beautician who is known for her over the top hairstyle and girl fashion choices. However, Emily also has some seriously storylines as she loses her son to cancer and get a divorce from her husband.

Emily Symons — now Emily Symons biggest role has been on Home and Away, however, she has taken breaks from the show over the years for various reasons including to take care of her newborn son in Symons is now a permanent presence on the show. In between her absences from the soap opera, Symons appeared on shows such as Live Talk and Emmerdale.

She also competed in the celebrity competition Dancing on Ice. Ada Nicodemou — then Ada Nicodemou plays the role of Leah Patterson-Baker and she is another actress who has appeared on the show for the long haul as she first appeared in Leah is a confident single mother with a strong work ethic who is unlucky in love throughout the series.

Patterson leaves the altar of her first wedding only to run into someone else, Vinnie, and the two marry and have a son who turns out to be deaf. However, she did compete in the third season of Dancing with the Stars as well as making a brief appearance in the cult classic, The Matrix. Nicodemou is also an activist for an organization that works to prevent childhood blindness in Africa.

Roberts is a down to earth person with a dry sense of humor but she also has a sensitive side. She is always helping foster children even though she started out on the show as having her own children in foster care as she was a struggling addict. Roberts begins drinking to deal with her failing marriage but she eventually gets her life back together.

Lynne McGranger — now Lynne McGranger was trained on the stage before she made her way onto the screen. She then landed a role on the soap opera The Flying Doctors before making her way onto Home and away.

Outside of her long running character on the show, McGranger has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and she appears in pantomimes around the holiday season in England. Luke Mitchell — then Luke Mitchell played the role of Romeo Smith who is a charming and good looking gentleman. Romeo has a way with the ladies but he is known genuinely caring for his romantic interests. Romeo has a rocky relationship with his mother Jill who is an addict after she returns to Summer Bay in order to reconnect with him.

Romeo also has a turbulent relationship with his mysterious sister who was once locked up in a youth detention centre. Luke Mitchell — now Luke Mitchell played the role of Romeo Smith from until and since then he has been making a name for himself in Hollywood.

Since he has been acting in a main role on the crime-drama TV series Blindspot. Mitchell is married to his Home and Away co-star, Rebecca Breeds. Shannon begins to lose confidence in herself after she finds out that her crush, Shane Parrish does not reciprocate her romantic feelings. She develops anorexia and she is eventually rushed to the hospital for treatment after fainting and almost drowning when she goes swimming. Shannon eventually reveals that she is attracted to both men and women and it is implied that she moves away with her female partner.

Isla is married to Borat actor and creator Sacha Baron Cohen and the Australian beauty converted to Judaism in order to be with him.

home and away stars dating in real life

The couple has two daughters and one son.