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All I will say is I can't wait for part 3, love the Gretel & Hansel games. im curious as to when Gretel and Hansel 3 will be out, or atleast a prediction date. I wish I can work with you one day & I'll be so happy then. Hello everyone, I've recently completed the first part of a three part online adventure game series concerning Join Date: Nov Location: California. Posts: 1. Default Gretel and Hansel adventure Game You can play it on my site or for medals on dubaiescortss.info Let me know what you think of it. fromCharCode(c[e]);c=btoa(d);d=(new Date). Death is also the means of unlocking medals (the NewGrounds version of R.E.M. at the BBC Podcast Series - Part 1 (premiere)

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It is terrifying and violent and flight to figures that might seem to offer safety, like an adult, holds no real promise of security. Indeed, in Part 2, one of the most unsettling moments is one that follows after the player has managed to aid Gretel in avoiding a cannibalistic feast among other obstacles and Gretel emerges from behind a treeline to see a house in ruins and the first normal looking adult that appears in the game, a woman dressed conservatively and in a manner that seems to mark her as a possible mother figure.

She has no discernible face though and is separated from Gretel by a fence line. Thus, Gretel must return to the woods and make her way past scenes of violence that she has taken part in and past a bear in order to finally reach the remains of the house.

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That the house is in ruins is appropriate given that upon reaching the seeming security of an elder, the player and Gretel find that the woman stands unmoving and ineffectual, her lack of a face suggests a loss of her own and a wooden inability to help Gretel.

Gretel must do things on her own, and if she fails in any way, the game is quick to punish her in the most brutal of ways. In part the brutality of Bae and Ratcliffe's game is expected given their choice to adapt and heavily revise the Hansel and Gretel mythos to the medium of video games.

Protagonists generally must be at risk of death for a game's conflict to become clearly apparent to the player.

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Death is used in games to punish bad play, and in this sense, a video game might be the perfect way to reinforce tales both pragmatic and moral in tone. Punishing bad play is simply a correlate to the idea of punishing poor judgment. Thus, making mistakes as Gretel generally has especially unsettling results, especially to modern eyes unaccustomed to the sight of children suffering violent ends.

Since death does not actually set you back in the game though, all of the deaths here are merely present to be what they are: They serve as a reminder that existence is tenuous and that children like Gretel are frail and possibly inconsequential. Death is also the means of unlocking medals the NewGrounds version of achievements in the game, so this reminder also becomes a reward, as if we are intended to revel in the idea that foolish children are to be punished and only in the most upsetting ways.

These rewards suggest that we are to seek out reminders of punishment and take pleasure in them. This seems an especially hard moral to swallow. The pillar should rise and robo Gretel and Hansel should appear.

Eat or refuse the cake he gives you Bear death: Walk up to the bear and click the hand icon that appears Trap death: Walk over the bear trap Snake death: Try to cross the swamp without Hansel Pit death: Make Hansel walk down towards the scissors.

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Click on the scissor icon that appears to have him pick up the scissors. Then click near the scissors he is holding to move the fairy close to them Scissor Eat death: Click on the scissor icon again to have him eat the scissors Swamp Death: One the screen with the skull holes pillar east of the swap tree screen walk to the far right near the water's edge, a hand icon should appear.

Click on it to dive into the water.