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Shatakshi and prabhjot dating sim - missfitted fashion . Missfitted fashion · esfp enfp dating an esfj · greg finley and natalie hall dating website. Search for: 0. Emery: Your uncle Castor is a homocidal maniac, your terrorist ex-girlfriend drugged yeah, I worry. Roman: Emery, you're the one who said we'd be . Greg Finley is no longer the actor that plays the sex obsessed kid on Secret Life, he's turning heads on Star-Crossed. We absolutely adore him.

Roman notices Emery on the first day of school and immediately recognizes her. Throughout the show, Roman is seen as having to choose between his love for Emery or keeping her safe, being that her father killed his people's leader.

He feels the pressure of having to choose between his people or Emery. Roman is best friends with Drake, and he was once friends with Teri, despite their romantic past, until she betrays him and he decides that they cannot be friends.

He is also close with Julia, Lukas, and friends with Taylor. His main enemy on the show is Grayson, the human boy who is also in love with Emery, and whose parents are leaders of the Red Hawks,and another concern throughout the show are the Trags a group of rebel Atrians.

His uncle that takes over as leader used to be a Trag. Grey Damon as Grayson Montrose: Grayson is a year-old human boy who lives in Edendale, Louisiana. He is an average teenage boy hangs out with his friends, he's on the school swim team, etc Grayson is always shown to be kind and welcoming despite growing up with parents like his, but he is also seen as resolute and stubborn, using any means necessary to get what he wants.

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Grayson's main love interest in this show is Emery, whom he's liked a lot since the beginning of the show. When Emery learned about Grayson's parents, she was infuriated, however, she eventually forgave them and the two had a very brief romantic relationship.

Grayson is best friends with Eric but is also friends with Taylor, Lukas, and Julia. His main enemy in the show is Roman, who is also in love with Emery. Malese Jow as Julia Yeung: Julia is a year-old human girl who lives in Edendale, Louisiana. Julia was diagnosed with Leukemia at the beginning of the show and since none of the treatments were working she was told she must go home, however Roman saves her by combining his blood with cyper as a favor to Emery.

She is a very bubbly, lively young girl who is fascinated with 'all things Atrian. Julia's main love interest later in the show is Eric, an ex Red Hawk who comes to appreciate having the Atrians around. Her best friend is Emery, but she becomes very close friends with Roman after he saves her life.

She is also close friends with Lukas, Taylor, Sophia, and Grayson. Lukas is a year-old boy who lives in Edendale, Louisiana.

He is a very intelligent and kind person who excels in technological advances. Lukas has always fought for the Atrians' rights and believes in tolerance, however he starts to get a bit iffy about the Atrians' motives after he is poisoned by black cyper, a poisonous form of the Atrian herb, which was created by the Trags Atrian terrorists against the humans to extinguish the human race.

Lukas had a crush on Sophia, but they're just friends throughout the series.

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Natalie Hall as Taylor Beecham: Taylor is a year-old girl living in Edendale, Louisiana. She is very much the 'popular socialite' of this show. She forms an intense relationship with Drake, despite the fact that Sophia is interested in her, and ends up pregnant later on in the show.

Chelsea Gilligan as Teri: Teri is a year-old Atrian who now lives on Earth in a militarized sector with the remaining members of her race.

She is very much a rebellious Atrian who despises the humans' intolerance and later becomes a Trag. Teri once had a very serious relationship with Roman until he realized that 'with you it's all about mind games' and ended their relationship. Her main enemy in the show is a Emery, due to the fact that Teri distrusts her as a human, and because Emery is in love with Roman.

She is friends with Drake and was friends with Roman.

greg finley and natalie hall dating sim

Teri drugs Roman, which leaves him very paranoid and very angry. While drugged he says some very hurtful things to Emery that alter their relationship. Taylor convinces Drake that they should go public as a couple.

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However, when Grayson overhears the couple talking, he blackmails Drake into breaking up with Taylor. Meanwhile, Julia turns to Emery for help after Eva threatens her.

Plot Edit The Atrian Ship. Inside the ship, there is a guard; gun pointed ahead of him and moving through the ship after possibly hearing a noise amongst the wreckage.

greg finley and natalie hall dating sim

The guard asks her what she wants but Teri only smiles, before leaning over and kissing him. She breaks through the wrapping that is hiding the controls and sits at one of the main chairs by the desk.

Teri begins to work the computer screen, pressing random buttons Teri on the ship in what seems like the control room. The ship suddenly begins whirring and creating noises as Teri pulls out a phone and tells the person on the other end that it's done. Drake also adds that not all his friends have turned against him, which leads to Roman asking where Teri was as she wasn't on the bus.

Drake shrugs and says that she is probably Roman tells Teri to stay away from Emery.

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