Grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

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grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

Grace Hutchinson · Ella Richardson. Tom Cunningham is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks, Max finally sees the real Clare and apologises to OB and Tom. Weeks later, Clare Following this, Steph and Tom decide to begin a new start, so they leave Hollyoaks together. Tom and Steph. 7 real life soap couples who are dating co-stars off screen from From Coronation Street to Hollyoaks and a fair few Emmerdale too, here are. Gill later want him food daily. who does dodger from hollyoaks dating in real life Mel Soap Awards longlist nominees in Graces arms just to hand over a fight, in new. Frankie Osborne household arise from telling Sienna later he relaxed.

This leads to John Paul coming out to his family, friends, and classmates. Craig is furious with John Paul since by association people will think he is gay, too.

During a five-a-side match, Craig repeatedly smashes into John Paul, eventually culminating in Craig beating John Paul up. John Paul punches Craig back and challenges anyone else who wants to fight him. Later on, Craig apologises, but John Paul tells them their friendship is over.

grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

After Craig defends John Paul to Sonny and tells him he does not mind him being gay, John Paul says they can be friends again. Craig is not very fond of John Paul's new boyfriend, Spike. Craig tells John Paul he misses them being close and he feels that Spike is coming between them. John Paul accuses Craig of being jealous of Spike. Craig admits that he cannot stop thinking about John Paul, he kisses him and they sleep together.

John Paul is over the moon that they had sex, but Craig gets up, calls John Paul a faggot, and rushes out of the house. Craig is distraught over what happened between him and John Paul and begins acting erratically. He violently grabs and kisses Sarah, who is completely disgusted by his behaviour. When confronted by John Paul, Craig denies anything happened between them. When Craig sees pictures from Sarah's modelling shoot, he is not happy since she is in suggestive poses with another man.

Sarah tells him it is just part of the job, but Craig tells Sarah that he does not want her to be a model. Sarah refuses to give up her dream and tells Craig she does not want a jealous boyfriend, putting their relationship at risk.

Craig tries to work things out with John Paul, but John Paul is still frustrated that Craig keeps denying that they had sex. Craig turns up at the McQueen house, kisses John Paul passionately, and sleeps with him again. This time, Craig acknowledges what has happened between them and John Paul assumes Craig is going to come out.

However, Craig tells him that he is not gay, not finishing with Sarah, and he wants to see John Paul on the side.

John Paul tells Craig he cannot accept being used like that. Unfazed, Craig tells John Paul whether he likes it or not, they both know how it's going to end up: Craig will come knocking and John Paul will be there. Craig asks Sarah to move to Dublin with him and she accepts. One day, Craig slips away from a get-together with two of Sarah's modeling friends, Evan and Melissaand goes to see John Paul.

Craig tells John Paul that he cannot stop thinking about him and that he is in love with him. Craig and John Paul both agree to split with their partners so they can be with each other.

John Paul goes through with breaking up with Spike, but Craig does not break up with Sarah, explaining that it is because Sarah is in a bad state. Sarah and Craig have a row and they break up. John Paul wants him and Craig to go public with their relationship, but Craig is not ready.

Craig and Sarah get back together and Craig books a last-minute holiday for them without telling John Paul. Craig and Sarah return a couple of weeks later and John Paul is extremely angry with Craig for running off without any notice. Craig apologises and their affair continues. Craig gets good A-level results, meaning he can go to Trinity. After Spike reveals he knows about the affair, he and Craig get into a fight at the Dog, which Sarah walks in on and demands to know what is going on.

Backed into a corner, Craig impulsively asks Sarah to marry him and she accepts. To keep John Paul from finding out, Craig tells Sarah that their engagement needs to remain a secret until he gets her a ring. Everybody is worried about Hannah, who is suffering from anorexia. Sarah and Nancy both believe John Paul is to blame, but Craig does not.

John Paul is deeply upset he is being blamed for Hannah's condition. To make him feel better, Craig gives John Paul a watch that belonged to his grandfather, inscribed with the words Love Always. John Paul reluctantly accepts that Craig is moving to Dublin with Sarah since Craig has assured him that they still have a future. Craig and John Paul are caught in bed by Sarah. Sarah informs Frankie about her and Craig's engagement and they arrange a party at the Dog. Craig is not happy when he learns about the party and that Sarah has bought her own engagement ring.

When John Paul arrives at the party and finds out Craig is engaged to Sarah, he is furious. John Paul demands that Craig makes a choice— it's either him or Sarah. Craig says the whole situation is just too difficult for him. John Paul asks Craig who he cannot live without and Craig says "you" and kisses him. Sarah comes upstairs and walks in on Craig and John Paul kissing.

Craig tells Sarah it is not what she thinks, but she does not believe him. Despite his attempts to stop her, Sarah outs Craig to everybody by saying she caught him with John Paul. John Paul admits he sent the text to Sarah and tries to get Craig to tell the truth about them, but Craig instead becomes enraged and John Paul is thrown out of the pub. Sarah demands to know why Craig would propose to her when he was sleeping with John Paul.

When Craig does not answer her, Sarah physically attacks him. Craig tries to explain to his family, but they are all disappointed in him. Frankie even tells Craig he is no different from his father. The next day, Craig and Sarah have a heart-to-heart and he apologises for how much he has hurt her. Sarah forgives him and says she still wants to be with him. Craig tells Sarah that while he does love her, he wants to be with John Paul. Craig goes to see John Paul, but he refuses to see him since Nancy had told him that he and Sarah were getting back together.

Craig admits to his family that he is in love with John Paul. The two announce their relationship to their family members, most of whom are not supportive. Craig and John Paul go out as a couple publicly for the first time and Craig's insecurities get the better of him, causing friction between the new couple. Sarah is heartbroken when she learns that John Paul is moving with Craig and Craig comforts her by saying that in a way, he wishes he never met John Paul.

Sarah tells Craig they can still get back together, but Craig again turns her down. Craig and John Paul share emotional goodbyes with their family. At the airport, Jake, who had been the least supportive of their relationship, arrives to make peace with Craig. Craig tells Jake he is not gay, which John Paul overhears. John Paul asks Craig to kiss him, which Craig cannot bring himself to do.

John Paul realises he cannot go to Dublin with him. Craig begs John Paul to come with him and reminds him that he chose him over Sarah. John Paul says he forced Craig to choose and they would not even be together if Sarah had not walked in on them. John Paul tells Craig he loves him with all his heart, but he deserves better than to be with a man who cannot even display romantic affection towards him in public.

John Paul ends their relationship and walks away. Craig is devastated and momentarily tries to go after John Paul, but then goes to board his flight. Post-Exit[ edit ] Craig is repeatedly mentioned after his exit. Jake taunts John Paul with the news that Craig is having fun and seeing girls. Frankie mentions that Craig will not come home for Christmas because he does not want to deal with John Paul. On Christmas Day, Craig sends a text message to John Paul wishing him a Merry Christmas and saying that he misses him and would like to see him in Dublin sometime.

Frankie tells the local priest that her son is gay, suggesting that her attitude has softened a bit. Craig admits it was difficult for him to date in Dublin, because he could not stop thinking about John Paul. Craig emotionally confesses to John Paul that he is still in love with him and wants him back. John Paul admits he still in love with Craig and the pair sleep together.

John Paul tells Craig he is and will always be the one for him and he is going to finish with Kieron. Craig is stunned when he learns that Kieron has committed suicide though he was actually murdered by Niall Rafferty.

Craig tries to comfort John Paul, who tells him they cannot be together now. Craig reunites with Sarah and Hannah. Sarah tells Craig that he was her best friend and she will always love him. The two exes embrace, finally making their peace with each other.

Sarah and Hannah encourage Craig not to give up on John Paul. Craig gives John Paul a one-way plane ticket to Dublin. Craig leaves for the train station, believing John Paul is not coming with him. As Craig is waiting on the platform, John Paul appears. John Paul tells Craig that he loves him and Craig kisses him, showing that he is no longer afraid of showing public affection.

John Paul and Craig happily board the train together. Then they are bullied by Persephone Hart Elizabeth Hadley. Steph's stepbrother Darren Osborne Ashley Taylor Dawson takes Tom to The Dog on one occasion, which ends up with Tom getting drunk and having to have his stomach pumped. Tom befriends Gilly, who falls in love with Steph and proposes to her. Steph however, reassures Tom that she will be fine.

Who does dodger from hollyoaks dating in real life

Steph is later told her cancer is terminal, which again upsets Tom. He then sings at Steph's wedding to Gilly. Mandy returns to Hollyoaks to see Steph about custody of Tom when she dies. Tom tells Mandy, who tries to convince him that he did not see him. However, Tom then later confides in Frankie Osborne Helen Pearson about what happens to people after they die and he begins to believe that he is seeing Warren's ghost. Steph is killed in a fire at Il Gnosh.

Tom stays strong to begin with but later begins crying over her death. In JanuaryTom hears somebody in the kitchen, so warns Jack to investigate. When he does Jack gets a blow in the head by the intruder. The intruder starts to confront Jack, but Tom gets hold of a cricket bat and hits the intruder on the head unconscious. The intruder appears to be a woman when Jack removes the hood she is wearing and Tom fears that he might have killed her.

The girl is revealed to be Frankie's granddaughter Esther Bloom Jazmine Franks and she eventually moves in with the family. Tom finds Esther's presence hard to deal with, especially as he is going to court for his attack on her. However, when he is cleared, he begins to accept Esther and the pair get on well. Tom stood by Gilly and was relieved when he was found not guilty. Gilly later came to live with the Osborne's however, Tom began getting bullied at school because of Gilly.

Gilly decided it would be best if he moved out. In NovemberTom was devastated when Gilly left Hollyoaks after admitting that he had indeed raped Jacqui.

In FebruaryTom is delighted when Darren and Nancy get married. Later that year, he is further delighted when Nancy gives birth to a baby boy. Tom realizes that Sienna had framed Nancy after catching her trying to breastfeed Oscar. When Sienna begins faking a pregnancy, Tom realizes what she is doing and catches her on video with her fake baby bump. Upon finding out about Tom's video, Sienna kidnaps Tom and keeps him in the basement of her childhood home.

Sienna lies to Tom that he is caused an explosion in the village and Darren is dead. She tells him that the police are looking to arrest him and she is keeping him safe. When Sienna brings Tom food in a box there is a newspaper underneath which shows Darren in a picture. He then hides the newspaper under the bed which Sienna finds it and yells at Tom. He finds a small hole in the wall and pulls pieces off it and covering it with a poster when Sienna comes in.

When he is breaking the wall, he hits a security wire causing the alarm to go off. Dodger Savage Danny Mac gets a call about it so he sends his father Patrick Blake Jeremy Sheffield who knows about Sienna's fake pregnancy, down to check on it.

When Tom is running away he runs into Patrick but gets away. When Sienna arrives back to her engagement party, Darren gives her a ring. Nancy brings in Tom in to the pub and Nancy attacks Sienna. Darren pulls Nancy away but then she grabs at her, ripping her dress exposing her fake pregnancy to the crowd. Sienna kidnaps Charlie and Oscar and then goes back to Tom saying if you scream the police will take me away and you won't find out where Oscar and Charlie are, so he leaves with Sienna and she takes him to Roscoe garage but just before he goes in, he throws Charlie's toy on the ground.

Dodger later sees this and tries to open the door but it's locked. He hears a car running as Sienna is trying to poison them.

The police arrive and Tom is yelling for help. When the door is opened, Sienna drives out and tries to hit Darren with the car but Dodger gets in the way so she swerves and crashes. Darren then runs over to him and hugs him. On his 14th birthday, Tom is shocked as Frankie and Jack have agreed to adopt him. After Peri discovers that she has a brain tumour, Tom helps her escape from the hospital.

grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

They kiss and she faints from the tumour and they go back to the hospital, where she undergoes a successful operation. In August when Peri is due to leave for New Zealand, in a conversation Tom references her as his girlfriend.

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Later Peri asks if he meant it and then states she always wanted to be his girlfriend. When Tom tries to comfort an upset Peri the two end up having sex, but soon after they say that they should never mention it again and that it won't happen again.

Days later Cameron Campbell Cameron Moore later reads a text message talking about the night they slept together. Cameron later confronts them about it in front of the whole school leaving Peri and Tom humiliated. After the two reconcile and admit that they love each other Tom accompanies Peri to her pregnancy scan. Peri runs out upset but Tom stays behind receiving scans of their baby. Later when he shows the scan to Peri he tells her that though he knows it will be difficult he wants them to keep the baby and raise it together.

However, Peri disagrees saying she just wants things to go back to normal. While Tom intends on becoming a father to his child, Peri would rather have their baby adopted. The two eventually agree to have the baby adopted once it is born. Tom and Peri talk to Leela's cousin Angela and her husband Mark when they say they would like to adopt the baby. After having a meeting with Angela and Mark, they agree to give their unborn child to them.

Tom is still very unsure about the adoption as he holds back tears looking at the baby scan. After Peri bans Tom from the next scan, Tom becomes depressed and buys legal highs from Dylan. He goes to the scan high and knocks over medical equipment as Peri and Angela look on confused.

After Dylan dies in a car crash, Tom and Peri make up, but Tom blackmails Peri's father Cameron into stopping the adoption with the information that Cameron killed Peri's grandparents. When Cameron fails, he decides to upload the video confession through the schools video system, but changes his mind.

Harry Thompson Parry Glasspool accidentally sends the video just as Peri gives birth to a baby girl. Cameron is arrested and Tom says goodbye to his daughter in hospital, and Peri overhears. It is later revealed that Tom and Peri have named their daughter in honour of Steph Dean, Tom's former sister-in-law and legal guardian.

In OctoberTom is being bullied by an unknown assailant because of his parental responsibilities towards his daughter. The culprit is revealed to be Peri, but Tom is unaware that she is responsible for posting pictures on-line, humiliating him. When Peri attempts to abandon Steph outside Angela's doorstep, it becomes clear that she has post-natal depression.

Tom is angry at first about Peri's attempt to abandon the baby and is even angrier discovering Peri is his online bully, but he forgives her after Nancy tells Tom she could be suffering from depression. Tom later befriends Alfie Nightingale Richard Linnelland is shocked to discover that Alfie is his nephew, since Alfie was Tom's half-sister Cindy's son. Jade finds out she has cancer and also finds out her boyfriend Alfie does too.

Tom comforts Jade with the rest the Osbornes helping her through Chemotherapy. When Alfie is banned from seeing Jade after causing her to collapse, Tom begins to comfort Jade and begins to like her. Peri begins to notice Tom's feelings towards Jade and starts to grow closer to Tom again.

grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

Tom decides to move to London to be with O. B but stops when Nico poisons him. Tom is furious when Jade tells him that Peri has been bullying her and bans Peri from seeing Steph. Tom is later shocked, when he see's his half-sister Jude Davinia Taylor is back in the village, and never forgave her for not being there for him since he was young, but Jude told him that she left the village 18 years ago to escape the trouble for what she has done.

grace and freddie hollyoaks dating in real life

Tom is devastated when Jade dies from cancer and helps the Osbornes grieve. At the "Halloween Spooktacular" set up by Jude, Tom is angry to discover that it is all a scam and that Jude was going to leave him again.