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Closing Date Sort Ascending. 7Ipdf The eThekwini Water and Sanitation Unit invites tenders for the removal of stockpiled sludge from the Northern. Tenders. DUE DATE: Water & sanitation programme at Endlozana P. School within Zululand District Contract Period: 10 months Office of the Premier: eThekwini Region: Durban CBD: Proposed Hire of Office. Tender documents (available in English) are obtainable from the Cashier, Ground Floor, eThekwini Water & Sanitation Customer Services Building, KE Closing date: 31 August at (CONFIRM CORRECT.

As an offshoot of the pipeline project, excess pressure contained in the pipeline will be converted into hydropower by building two electrical generators along the pipeline route that will generate a total of 10 MW.

The first 20 km of Phase 1 of the project, which is being commissioned, runs from Umlaas road, near Pietermaritzburg, to the Inchanga railway station, generally along a route parallel to the N3 freeway. Phase 2 will run from Inchanga station crossing Drummond, Assegai and Hillcrest, and will then follow close to the M13 freeway through Everton and Kloof heading towards Ntuzuma through Wyebank, and branching through New Germany to Mount Moriah reservoir in the Mountain Ridge suburb.

There will also be a branch feed to Haygarth road, in Kloof, heading to Tshelimnyama. Phase 2, which will run 55 km, will be divided into six construction sectors, and construction activities are expected to take place simultaneously on each of these sectors, over a construction period of four years. The AC pipe replacement project was initially valued at Rmillion; however, it increased to R1.

The cost of the project will be recovered in about nine years, as water loss from the old infrastructure decreases, after the installation of the new pipes. The cost of the steel pipe is valued at Rmillion and the cost of the supply and delivery of valves is Rmillion. This brings the total of the value of the WA project to just over R1.

The AC pipe replacement project started in July and was completed in June Phase 1 of the WA project, which started in Januarywas completed in February The tender award for the construction of Phase 2 has been awarded. This final stage of the project is expected to enter full service by early AC pipe replacement project: Briefly, two alternative tender participants file applications in the KZN High Court to set the contract aside.

October The construction contract for Phase 2 of the WA project has started after several months of delay. Two reinforced concrete break pressure tanks BPTs of 10 Ml and Ml will be constructed on the main aqueduct to limit the pressure in the downstream trunk mains. There will be several branch offtakes varying between DN mm and DN mm. Each of the branch offtakes will terminate at a control valve at a service reservoir.

ethekwini water and sanitation tenders dating

It is envisaged that the inlets to the BPTs will be equipped with hydropower generators in the future. August The emergency interdict that halted construction of Phase 2 of the WA project has been lifted and the contractor has been given the green light to proceed.

EWS has welcomed the decision of the court to allow construction to resume, pending the review application in September The Rmillion Phase 2 of the WA project was given the go ahead after protracted delays in June The JV was unable to provide such an undertaking within the stipulated period.

The review application has been scheduled for September 16, To date, the project has been delayed by some six months. At the official signing of the Rmillion construction contract, WA project manager Andrew Copley noted that this was a welcomed end to the protracted delays to this project, following objections lodged by Sanyati Holdings and WBHO against the awarding of the contract to EsorFranki and Cycad Pipelines.

The implementation of the WA project is expected to strengthen the capacity of bulk water supply to the western and northern regions of eThekwini.

Meanwhile, Phase 1 of the WA project, which runs for 19 km from Umlaas road to Inchanga station, is currently being commissioned. However, the full benefit of these pipelines will only be realised once the km-long Phase 2 is commissioned.

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The construction work on Phase 2 is expected to begin in July at two sites — Inchanga and Ntuzuma — and should take at least 30 months to complete. As a result, all procedures, including the construction of this segment of the project have been put on hold until the matter is resolved.

Sanyati objected to the awarding of the tender because at Rmillion, it considered its bid the lowest and about Rmillion less expensive than that of the winning JV. According to WA project manager Andrew Copley, there are various procedures and protocols that need to be fulfilled before any specific tender is deemed compliant with the terms of the tender.

A variety of criteria, such as compliance with the conditions of the tender, black economic-equity participation, price and quality, need to be assessed. Copley further said that the awarding of the tender is based on the most advantageous offer received by the municipality and not necessarily on the lowest price.

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The tender for the construction of Phase 2 of the WA project was publicly issued on November 6,and the period for submissions closed on February 19, Meanwhile, to reduce the impact that the installation of the WA pipelines will have on a large residential estate, which will be developed on the northern end of Padfield park, the eThekwini city council has authorised that a segment of the WA pipelines be installed ahead of the original scheduling date.

This segment of works is expected to last 13 weeks. Construction of the Greenhaven Estate is expected to begin in Apriland EWS does not want the laying of the pipes to interfere with the construction activities, when major works for Phase 2 of the WA project reaches the area. Construction of the pipelines for Phase 2 of the WA project will stretch from the Inchanga railway station, to the three terminal reservoirs of Ntuzuma, Mount Moriah and Tshelimnyama.

Construction is expected to take 30 months to complete. March EWS has reported that the bulk water shutdown to tie in work required for the commissioning of the recently completed Phase 1 of the WA project, went ahead on schedule and without delays on February 22, South West purported to comply with clause 3 of the Conditions of Tender by submitting professional indemnity insurance referred to here as PII when the tender called for provision of insurance for water loss through underground leaks for individual dwelling units.

Clause 3 stipulated that a letter of undertaking from an insurance company licensed to operate in South Africa must accompany the offer. South West submitted a quotation for professional indemnity from Marsh Pty Ltd whose registration with the FSB as an insurer had also not been established. Substituting one for the other calls into question not only the competence but possibly also the integrity of those who accepted the quotation for professional indemnity insurance instead of underwriting insurance for water leaks.

Professionals were not involved in the provision of underwriting insurance services so the need for professional indemnity insurance did not even arise. Its affidavit is intended to assist the court and to resolve certain misconceptions about its status. Marsh clarifies that it is a licensed financial services provider registered in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 37 of It conducts business as an insurance broker specializing in professional indemnity insurance.

It does not conduct business as an insurance company or an underwriter. I intend to deal with the three tiers of decision-making preceding the final decision by the eighth respondent. They were uncertain as to whether they should accept the quotation instead of a letter of undertaking. The manager of the insurance department Mr Thulani Ntuli advised that they should get a legal opinion as he was also uncertain.

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They incorporated all the advice and correspondence pertaining to their consultations, which they submitted to the BEC meeting held on 26 October. The BEC responded that the: Consequently she should not be held liable for any legal costs.

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The minutes that she attaches to her affidavit are merely a synopsis of the proceedings. An audio recording would be irrefutable proof of the full contents of the discussions. However, after enquiring about the electronic recording of the proceedings the secretariat advised her that all recordings are available save for that meeting which cannot be found.

She finds this odd. This would be tantamount to Mr Shezi doing the evaluation. I personally said that Sbu Shezi would only make such a call to disqualify, based on what information and documentation was before him. We had not had sight of that quotation. In the absence of seeing this quotation we would be remiss in just accepting the Opinion as being true and correct.

The Reevaluation would entail the checking of the veracity and the correctness of these documents before bringing these documents back to the next BEC with its findings. The Line Department was meant to evaluate one more time and advise the Committee of its findings at the subsequent meeting. So too was the loss ratio of per cent. However she attests to information from records available to her that whenever a deferred matter returns to the BEC the line department has to attach a cover page to explain the reasons for the deferral and how the deferred issues were dealt with to enable members to refresh their minds.

eThekwini water and sanitation projects, South Africa

In this case the records show that the cover page was absent at this BEC. Hence the BEC had no record before it of its previous deliberations. Instead a different report with a new recommendation was presented with a brief reference to the matter having served before the BEC on 26 October.

She did not act mala fide, negligent or improperly, that she was acting in the course and scope of her employment with eThekwini and as a member of the BEC has no interest in the outcome of the tender. None of the safeguards of the committee system worked in the awarding of this tender. He filed an affidavit stating that he has served on bid committees for more than three years.

He was mindful of certain clauses of the Supply Chain Management Policy adopted by the Council on 30 October He was not present at the meeting of 26 October ; the City Manager had requested that he attend another meeting. The tender for water leaks insurance was not on the agenda.

It was raised as the last matter of the day. Mr Evans had not expected this item and had not considered it before. He was therefore unprepared and relied on others who had been present at the previous meeting. He was of the opinion that the new report submitted by the department had taken into account previous deliberations of the meeting of 26 October.

The minutes of the previous meeting were not available at the meeting of 2 November He had no background to the matter. The responsibility for the final decision did not rest with the BEC but with the BAC, which received the same documents and recommendation as the BEC when the latter deliberated on the bid. The line department conformed [? He questioned whether Mr Shezi had all three pages of PII because his opinion referred only to the professional indemnity quotation whereas the other two pages referred to professional indemnity insurance.

Remarkably, he does not explain how professional indemnity, whether presented in the form of a quotation or insurance, could ever be relevant to a tender for the provision of insurance for water leaks. It further stated that the tenderers was reviewed and they were no technical or commercial issues with the most responsive offer being that of South West Consulting.

Community Participation and Action Support Unit and a member of the BEC, submitted an affidavit confirming that he attended the meeting of 26 October only.

ethekwini water and sanitation tenders dating

His paragraphs 9 and 10 are substantially similar to paragraph 8 and 10 of the affidavit of Mthembu and Mpetsane. His affidavit substantially repeats the evidence from Messrs Mpetsane, Cebekhulu and Mthembu. Her function was to confirm that the evaluation in the report conformed to s of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa,that the proceedings were conducted in an open, fair and transparent manner and that the recommendation complied with SCM Policy.

A copy of his opinion was attached to the report. However she learnt that the BEC had raised an issue that the quotation submitted by South West was the equivalent of the letter of undertaking on the basis of which the bids had to be re-evaluated and that the department should recommend the most responsive bidder as per the tender criteria. Ms Bartholomew amended the report believing it was on the advice of the BEC and returned it to the meeting of 2 November He submitted an affidavit stating that he as chairperson of the BAC met on 16 November with Sandile Mnguni and Dave Renwick to consider the water insurance tender.

His explanation for supporting the award to South West is as follows: My support was therefore given as the report seemed straightforward and contained no suggestion that there were any problematic issues. Furthermore in his view: He has since retired. The members of the BAC were aware of the legal opinion of Mr Shezi as it formed part of their bundle.

They ought to have queried and not rubber-stamped the decision of the BEC recommending South West contrary to the legal opinion, she persists. Ms Rajoo is surprised that notwithstanding past practice the BAC gave no credence to the legal opinion and did not refer the recommendation back to the BEC. On those instructions Ms Blose opposed the application. Those instructing her also explained the: The matter was urgent and she delivered an initial affidavit whilst the officials obtained all the relevant documents to be included in a supplementary affidavit.

The line department instructed her on 15 September to concede the application for the interdict and for the review on condition that the tender would commence afresh whilst Westwood would remain the service provider on a month to month basis until a new tender process was finalized.

Westwood rejected this settlement offer and insisted on substitution. Evidence for South West [40] Mr Viwe Maxwell Matimba submitted an affidavit seeking to absolve South West from liability from any costs on the basis that it elected to abide the decision of the court.

He responded to paragraph 4. On this basis he alleges that there has been no wrong doing of whatsoever nature by South West and that any cost order would be wholly inappropriate. The Puzzling Question [41] How did the entire procurement team of eThekwini comprising of officials from the line department, bid specifications committee, the BEC, the BAC, the compliance officer, SCM practitioners, financial officials and professionals like legal advisors and engineers, unanimously decide that firstly, a quotation is the equivalent of a letter of undertaking and secondly, the provision of professional indemnity insurance qualifies as underwriting insurance for underground water leaks for individual dwelling units, which was the specified condition of tender?

Metaphorically speaking they decided that chalk is cheese.