Does cocoa butter fade self harm scars and dating

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does cocoa butter fade self harm scars and dating

cocoa butter & pure vitamin e oil help fade scars but depending on the age of the scars it can be 6 months to a couple of years before they are faded enough to. My worry is that they will take my picture and see them, or my Category: Beauty & Style Tags: cutting help scars self harm asked May 31, palmers cocoa butter and it definitely helped my self harming scars fade, but no matter what you . First time poster so I apologise if I do anything incorrectly! Anyway I have around Trigger warningI need help fading self harm scars (self. .. Unfortunately nothing to date had been able to fade them. Maybe try My best friend had several knee surgeries and she swears by cocoa butter and coconut oil.

I would see a dermatologist if you have health insurance! But the best answer is to go see someone for self harm help and try to stop. Good luck and hang in there! I was always ashamed of it. One day this guy said to me "I have those too. So two years ago I got a half sleeve beautiful tattoo on my left arm.

The tattooist had a tricky time tattooing on some parts and I can still feel the raised lines of the scar, but when people say my arm now all they say is compliments. Now I don't hide my arm in shame anymore.

It gets rid of scars, wrinkles, etc. However, keep in mind that you scars are not something you should hate or want to desperately get rid of, especially for aesthetic purposes. You can use cocoa butter to help soften them and slowly fade. As well there is Bio-Oil that does work wonders Did you find this post helpful? Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acids AHA which help to remove dead skin cells, help new cells grow, and bring back some elasticity to the skin.

As a natural bleach, it can help lighten scars. Make sure the scar and surrounding area are cleaned thoroughly Put 1 teaspoon of lemon juice on a cotton ball Rub the cotton ball on the scarred area Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off Lemon juice may make your skin sensitive to light, so consider wearing sunscreen wherever you applied it when going outside Use honey.

Raw honey can also be used to fade scars. It is a natural moisturizer, can be effective in the treatment of wounds, and stimulates tissue regeneration. Recently I have undergone the acne scar treatment from Fairview Laser cosmetic surgery clinic in Toronto.

Waiting for the moment when these scars would completely disappear from my arms. From experience but not sure of this sun bathing seems to help too. Lastly there's also make-up, that can be laid on the skin to hide the scars for a temporary solution.

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Also there are different type of oils that can help. I'm sure that there are surgical ways to reduce prominent scars with lasers but then again, I've never tried it. With time scars tend to make themself less visible and white! However, the color and bumpiness of a scar can be decreased with various topical creams - some home remedies work, some scar products are sold at stores.

Just know that it won't be a quick solution. So if you need a scar 'gone' in a month, it probably wont happen.

does cocoa butter fade self harm scars and dating

Most of my scars aren't very from a distance now. In general, my scars appear to be significantly diminished 6 months - 2 years after they began healing.

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Your healing time will vary by your skin, the injury, how you cared for the wound when it occurred, and where the wound is on your body. I hope these comments help! It is crucial through that at the time of self harming, you take care of yourself and your wound really well, and as it heals keep it clean, then continue to keep the fresh skin moisturized. Scars can be a painful reminder for some people, but you know what, we all have our scars, either physically or mentally, and scars are a sign of survival!

So proud of each of you! Depending on how deep your scars are, they might fade on their own over time. If you have new cuts, try treating them immediately and try to keep them hydrated as they heal, that makes them less visible once they're healed.

I think that scrubbing and moisturizing them helps. For covering them up you can just layer foundation and concealer green concealer helps against redness.

Having Aloe Vera, Stingose or other soothing products may be helpful. Self-adhesive waterproof and bacteria-proof island dressings have a special transparent film that allows the wound to be monitored.


Advice across the board. Be aware of basic first-aid and have a well stocked first aid kit handy. Make sure you are up to date with your tetanus jab check with your GP — you should have a tetanus vaccination every ten years.

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Tetanus is a serious infection. Work on developing your other coping skills, to reduce the desire to self-harm. Take care of yourself - you might not feel like it at the time but may later be glad. Good Wound Care A saline weak salt solution can be used to clean most wounds. Antiseptics can also be absorbed directly into the body through deep or large open wounds, and may make the person feel unwell.

Avoid putting irritating agents on the wound. Keep cleansing and dressings simple and do not pick the scabs off as the wound heals, as this can cause scarring.

Crusty scabs should be moistened. Caring for, and Disguising Scar Tissue Things to think about; Scars are more likely to form on joint areas such as the knees and elbows.

does cocoa butter fade self harm scars and dating

Infected wounds are more likely to cause scarring - try to keep the wound clean. Picking at scabs interferes with natural healing and is likely to worsen scars. Paw Paw Ointment Paw Paw ointment softens the skin to an amazing degree, and aids in scar deduction.

It works best on dry, chapped, or damaged skin. Massage As soon as the wound is knitted, massage therapy can be performed. During the initial immature stages of wound recovery, it is imperative that a gentle approach be taken. Our bodies are exposed to pathogens constantly throughout the day, but our bodies natural protections take care of most of these pathogens preventing an infection from occurring. Some common signs and symptoms of infection of external wounds are: