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I've been dating Gib for a long time, for 9 years. . The Alleged Other Girl Mai Davika of Mario-Gubgib Break-up . success of mobile companies like Supercell, who has released games including Hay Day and Clash of Clans. A Thousand Years Mario Maurer Mai Davika on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music. Loving couple Mae Nak (Davika Hoorne) and Pee Mak (Mario Maurer, ARGUABLY Thailand's most successful filmmaker to-date, Banjong.

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Maurer gained popularity after he starred in the film First Love. Dem Crazy Boyz on October 31, He worked as a hypeman in this album.

But Maurer later described "It was just for fun. I know myself — I'm not a singer.

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That's not my dream. He also signed a movie picture contract with Star Cinema, a Philippine film production company. He will be paired with Erich Gonzales in the film that is due to release in entitled Suddenly It's Magic.

On October 28,Maurer had a Press and Fan Conference in Philippine International Convention Center with thousands of fans in attendance, as a part of his official launch as a Penshoppe endorser. As expected, thousands of fans in attendance for continuing support for both stars of the hit movie First Love.

Personal life Maurers' interests include skateboarding, hip-hop, and cars. I was only due to speak on stage because I have to come to this event right away.

I would like to apologized. Oh called me after the interview last time. Did you ask him why your relationship is downgraded? I think that for such a long time relationship, sometimes we want to take a break and search ourselves if this is right or not.

Have you met him after talking to him? He has to fly out for modeling oversea and is promoting Jan Dara. So, Mario asked for a breakup? No one dump anyone. It was a compromise from us 2 to stop right here.

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Like Oh said, we still love each other but we want to yield and focus on our work. We want to spend our time alone. Is there any other reason that causes your distance? I sympathize the other person.

Are you sad over the situation? Of course, I am sad but Oh for me has always been a friend and it will be our 10 years. We have good feelings for each other and we still have that.

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We still love each other. Do I regret all those time? We want to stop to focus on our work so we can think more. I want you to listen to me and Oh since there is a lot of news flying about. Do you still love Mario? Of course, I love him. We are friends for a long time. We work hard and there is time people want to search what they really want.

I am not a kid, so for us to have good feelings for one another is not trying to hold back to reconcile because we dated for years. From always having Mario by your side to not having him. He is still here.

We can still talk. I will always have him because we have been friend since we were years old. The player can then time travel using this information; time traveling itself is a minigame in which Mario surfs through a wide ocean, collecting mushrooms. Collecting enough mushrooms will transport Mario to the time period and location programmed into the Timulator.

The player is given a short document describing the life and notability of the historical person associated e. Isaac Newtonbut the document itself has some of its terms missing. The player thus is required to converse with the non-player characters depicting the local denizens of the time period in order to learn various facts and be able to fill in the blanks.

The player chooses the words from a list of pre-determined words; if the player incorrectly fills a blank more than twice, he is sent back to and is required to try again. When the player fills all the blanks correctly, he can then successfully return the artifact to its original owner. At this point there are three possible outcomes based on the player's overall performance: Despite the presence of enemies, Mario cannot lose lives or even take damage, so obtaining a game over is impossible.

To obtain an artifact in Bowser's museum, the player plays a Mario Bros. The player can then use the Timulator and travel to one of the fourteen selectable time periods. Unlike the other versions, the player is not explicitly told which time period the artifact originated from. The player is instead encouraged to explore the time periods and obtain hints, either from local denizens or from message blocks.