Chun and ella dating

S.H.E Together Forever: []Ella's mysterious "boyfriend"?

chun and ella dating

S.H.E's Ella is said dating a rich guy. As her good friend, Wu Zun said because he has been busy filming in Shanghai and Okinawa, he hasn't. Wu Zun finally owned up to being married to his girlfriend of 18 years Wu Zun and his wife have been dating since they were 16 years old and .. lie I was an avid ChunElla shipper) so to hear an actual confirmation from. Wu Chun admits that he is married and has a daughter. Wu Chun (吳尊) finally admits to being married and blissfully confesses . of some proofs of Ella and him dating but for god's sake Ella's married now leave her alone!!.

Wu chun and ella dating :

Chun has yet to do this with any of his other costars. But with Ella, you can find her popping up on his album almost every update. Chun was being serious in all of them.

This in itself says how important she is to him. Note that they were supposed to be promoting RP.

chun and ella dating

Selina teased Ella by asking her to describe Chun, which Ella politely obliged. Chun refused to congratulate Ella on her relationship with DJ. On the other hand, he was eager to congratulate she-who-Nat-dislike with her rumor boy toy.

In fact, Nat thinks he was downright happy to be dissociated with her. When fans during su pao event showed the photoshopped pix of him and ella kissing, chun looked inordinately pleased and happy with himself. He said that he told the director that when Ella starts to film her, he should have her actually run outside and have her running for a really long time!

When the host said Ella was cute, Chun was quick to agree. The host talk about S. E and how noisy they were.

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Chun said something along the line of they have lots of people of course they would be noisy. I think he also said they would be the same if all of them were together. I thought he was so cute in his boyfriend protective mode.

I think during one of HK promos Ella was really sick and urinating blood Chun kept telling her to use the rest room. As he doesn't wish to reveal this relationship, they both dated secretly for a year. But Zhao Shi Yi took advantage of the moment when Ella went overseas, and brought a hot girl to Taiwan Love Motel to open a room, causing Ella have not yet to publicize the relationship before she was cheated. On July 10 when Ella was in Jiang Su having her concert, Zhao Shi Yi and his friend have dinner together till past 1 in the morning and then left.

Later Zhao Shi Yi did not feel anxious going back home and he went to a pub and pick up a long hair hot girl to his car, driving all the way to Taiwan Love Motel, staying there for two and a half hour and then leave. E, though Ella may look to be open and bright, but her love road does not go smoothly. Thing which makes her hurt the most, is the relationship with Josh Chen.

Ella changed into her lady style because of knowing him liking girls with huge breasts. After their relationship was exposed, as they suspected each other broke the hype I think it's somehow this meaningand they broke up. Ella also found out during when they are dating, Josh even hook up with his assistant, also even with his old lover who has F size cup breast, and then only did she know that she is foolish and naive.

As for the relationship with Zhao Shi Yi that had been exposed, Ella said, "He's just a friend that easy to talk with, last year after the [Music of Life] activity, we got to talk more, and we have more contacts.

E, not only Selina Ren is currently dating someone, Ella Chen is photographed meeting boyfriend at night secretly.

Wu Zun Finally Admits to Having a Wife and Daughter Ending the Worst Kept Secret in TW-ent

Whenever she is back to Taiwan, they will hold their chance of meeting each other. But as this relationship is exposed, the media recently photographed him driving a hot girl to motel with his Porsche. As for the report above, Tommy Chao generously admitted to the magazine that he is indeed seriously dating Ella now.

But he denied bringing girls to motel. He explained because he let his friend borrow his car, expressing the media just photographed his friend. As for Ella, she calmly expressed she and Tommy are just good friends.

chun and ella dating