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Derek's daughter goes missing, and it's Derek's job to find her, but he doesn't comes back and no one remembers him, he and Casey must work together. Derek's and Casey's anger towards each other ignites other latent feelings. of Sam and Casey's relationship but they started dating anyway. . If you had any semblance of a social life you could find your own guys to drool. Yes, they broke up, but Derek knew that he'd never find a girl like Sally even Derek found himself in Casey's dorm room every day for a week before He began recording every moment he and Sally were together on dates.

Canonicallythey fight and prank each other a lot, however despite all of that - deep down they care for one another, which is one of the main reasons fans ship it so much.

Those arguing against it usually force the issue of the pairing being incesthowever they only met when they were 15 and never met before that - they did not grow up together and have the same birth parents. They are considered to have the most UST in the show, partly due to the fact that between them everything is usually a competition.

They also show a protective [1] and sweet side [2] to each other, usually trying to hide it from the other. It's also revealed that they both get into Queen's University [3]although initially they are upset at the news they get over it. He's a bad boy who does whatever he wants, when he wants, then charms his way out of trouble.

She loves to make rules, he loves to break them. She's self righteous, he's arrogant. She's looking for love, he's looking for his next bimbo. She works hard at school, he works hard at having a good time. She's a dancer, he's the hockey captain. The only time they stop fighting is when they're doing incredibly sweet things for each other. This probably sounds like the set up for every antagonistic couple in every teen movie you've ever seen, and on the surface, Derek and Casey are very much that couple.

Casey McDonald/Derek Venturi

The 'we fight like an old married couple, look how our glares are filled with desire' couple. The 'opposites attract, so different and yet so perfect' couple. When they were 15, Derek's dad married Casey's mom. Honestly, that's what draws a lot of people to them. Seeing that much sexual tension between two step siblings is intriguing. It's dirty and it's forbidden and in America? It's on the Disney channel, which adds to the intriguing, dirty factor. It's fun to look for glances and too much touching, fun to read between the lines of their fighting.

The monitor glared at the two for a moment before barking, "Both of you. George just simply shook his head, sighing. You've crossed a line this time and you have to pay the consequences. You're grounded for the next week. No hockey, no dates, nothing.

When he glanced over his shoulder to find no pity from his parents, he rolled his eyes and hurried to his room. They really were serious. This was going to be hell. And speaking of hell… "I can't believe you, Derek. He'd opened the door to find her sitting on the edge of his bed, leg bouncing up and down restlessly. At the sound of the door opening, she'd stood abruptly, facing him with unrestrained anger. After regaining his composure, Derek made a show of looking around the room. You are so annoying," Casey huffed before storming towards his door.

But before she left, she said over her shoulder, "I hope Sam kicked your ass. Derek couldn't sleep that night. And, after countless hours spent tossing and turning in his bed, he finally headed to the kitchen. He was clad solely in boxers, bed hair, stubble and a frown. He couldn't believe he'd let Casey's words get to him, that he'd let Casey get to him period the last couple of weeks. But, she'd left him angry, confused, and broody. The worst part, was he knew she was right. Knew that he was being irrational about the Sam situation, but it still bothered him to no end.

The idea of them to together killed him, and it wasn't just because she was his step-sister. His thoughts were interrupted by the person in question as he stepped into the kitchen. She was standing there, clad in skimpy pajama shorts and tank top eating peanut butter straight from the jar—one of her few messy habits. And, as he watched her, hair messy and falling over her face, face twisted in delight as she licked the sweetness from the spoon he felt an unmistakable feeling in his gut.

And that made him even angrier. Piggy's come out to play," he jeered as he crossed his arms and walked further into the kitchen. Casey jumped, startled, as she turned towards him.

When she realized who it was, she promptly frowned and placed the jar back on the counter. Now you're stalking me, too? Casey huffed, already visibly agitated as she regarded him. Casey fought to ignore the shiver the contact created and followed him with glaring eyes. But, Derek quickly composed himself. She reached up to repeat the action when Derek grabbed her arm. She moved her other hand and he clutched that one, locking her up and pushing her up against he kitchen wall. She moved to knee him and Derek instinctively adjusted.

But his foot slipped and the freshly mopped floor and they both tumbled, Derek taking the brunt of the force as Casey collided solidly atop him. She moved to strike him again and Derek quickly flipped them over, pinning her arms roughly above her head.

Before Sally and Beth could even say anything, a new shot made its' way onto the screen. This time, Derek's room was completely lit. The image showed Casey, now fully clothed, sitting at Derek's computer. She seemed to be reading an article of sorts intently.

Sally heard Derek laugh off screen. You haven't spoken or snapped at me and I've been recording for at least five minutes! She rolled her eyes at it and then looked back at the computer, clicking the mouse to scroll down the page. It sounds really awesome and I'd really love to apply. Where is it, anyway? Why on earth would I get excited about a college in Paris, Texas? I've never even been to Texas. Plus, it's the city of romance. I could never forget about you even if I wanted to," Casey smirked.

You know I'd be faithful, even though an ocean will be splitting us apart. He entered the shot so he could walk over to Casey, the hurt in his features now present. I guess I'm not sure I'll be able to make it through college with out you. You keep me together when it comes to stuff like that. I can never say thank you enough for helping me get through those stupid high school finals.

He leaned over so his lips were hovering above Casey's. Stunned, she raised the remote to turn off the television. Beth looked over at Sally in confusion, the popcorn forgotten. She had lost her appetite.

Sally didn't even respond as she brought a hand to her head, still confused. What did she just now see? She knew those who eavesdropped wouldn't always like what they'd hear but this was just ridiculous. Venturi is nothing but trouble," Beth declared the moment she was able to find her full voice. Sally shook her head. He wasn't cheating on me. Sally nodded this time, slowly. I knew it all along. I warned you about him the first time didn't I? I told you he'd just forget. But you wouldn't listen…" "Beth, just shut up.

The confusion was giving her a headache and her best friend was not making matters any better. She felt like shouting, she felt like cursing. She felt like throwing things. She should be calling her boyfriend up right now and demanding the answers to her questions. When the hell had this happened!? Was this part of the drama that caused Casey to move to France?

Was this why his family was mad at him?

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The relationship wasn't wrong generally speakingit was just unconventional. Sally knew that George and Nora would indeed be surprised by this news but it wouldn't cause them to completely shun Derek from the McDonald-Venturi household. She had no idea how the kids would react, but she knew Marti loved Derek so much that she wouldn't go into hiding just because her step-sister was making her favorite brother happy.

Derek had mentioned the college that Casey was most likely attending in Paris right now. He had told Sally about their fight, about how he violently lost control for a moment when Casey kept persisting that she'd move to France.

He told Sally exactly that he was furious; that right when their "friendship" was growing, Casey decided to skip off to Paris. Sally was touched that Derek cared so much now about his new friendship with his step-sister. She was furious with Casey because Casey had kept egging him on about that stupid school.

Derek wouldn't have lost his temper if Casey hadn't been pushing his buttons, Sally used to tell herself. Derek had never once been violent with Sally before, and Sally knew that Derek regretted his action; that he regretted his mistake.

He regretted it so much. Now, Sally realized that his mistake wasn't as innocent as it seemed. Derek had struck Casey out of anger, but his real reason of doing so was because he didn't want to lose her to Paris. He didn't want her to leave. As Beth rambled on and on about something Sally wasn't grasping, Sally realized the unfortunate truth. It had been Casey all along. You couldn't just throw two teenagers under the same roof and not expect anything to happen.

Either they'd automatically behave like brother and sister, or they'd develop feelings for each other that they'd hide by their fighting and ridiculous banter. As much as Sally hated it, it made sense.