Brec bassinger and coy stewart dating

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brec bassinger and coy stewart dating

Portrayed by. Brec Bassinger and Coy Stewart Troy says that he and Bella are dating, hinting that he may have a crush on her. Both were the only ones that. Bella Dawson (Brec Bassinger) loves being her middle school's head Premiere date: January 17, ; Cast: Brec Bassinger, Coy Stewart, Lilimar, Haley Tju. Venezuelan actress Lilimar Hernandez is not dating anyone of Bella and the Bulldogs are Brec Bassinger, Coy Stewart, Jackie Radinsky.

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What makes her even more appealing is that she doesn't take her position for granted; when the going gets tough, she buckles down, puts on her game face, and works harder for herself and her team. Of course, her challenges are pretty mild compared to what they might be in a real-world scenario, but kids who watch won't question why troubles resolve themselves so quickly in Bella's experience, and that's OK. What they will notice is a girl following her dreams, despite other people's doubts and the trends of the past, changing people's prejudices as she does so.

She's surrounded by friends who support her and adults who encourage her, and she earns every bit of her success.

brec bassinger and coy stewart dating

As media messages go, kids could certainly do worse than what this show has to offer. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about what makes Bella a good role model.

brec bassinger and coy stewart dating

Does she demonstrate good sportsmanship? How does she show that she values the people in her life?

brec bassinger and coy stewart dating

In what ways does her success on the football field change her? Later, at a cheerleading competition, Sophie and Pepper await Bella's arrival, but she still doesn't show up.

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Bella shows up at the last minute and Ace McFumbles shows her a video of her squad losing the competition due to her absence. Sophie and Pepper blame Bella for not coming.

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Bella tells her coach that she's been having trouble between her friends and her teammates, so he kicks her off the team. Meanwhile, at home, Bella is upset about being removed from the team.

Her mom cheers her up by showing her a video of her and her dad play free throws when she was young.

brec bassinger and coy stewart dating

Bella then realizes football is everything to her and wants to convince the coach to let her back on the team. When Bella asks, the coach refuses.

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However, Troy and the others object and ultimately convince the coach to reinstate Bella as quarterback. In the final 15 seconds of the game, Bella throws the ball to Troy and he scores the winning touchdown.

Troy apologizes to Bella for trying to get rid of her. That's Some Gossip, Girl Bella walks in on the boys dancing to girl pop; Bella then wants to blurt it to Sophie and Pepper, but Troy tells her what happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room.

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Meanwhile, The Bulldogs are exposed when Ace McFumbles tells everyone that they've been dancing to Glitter Cheeks; the team thinks that Bella is the blame for their embarrassment. When Troy is alone in the locker room, he takes out his stuffed bunny, and Bella walks in, but she doesn't laugh.

Instead, she thinks it's cute, but at school, somehow, Ace McFumbles announces on his news show that Troy has a stuffed bunny.