Bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

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bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

Jonathan "Bates" Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia are a team of Hockey Brothers and the Official Winners of The Amazing Race Retrieve from Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony Battaglia talk to THR about winning the CBS reality competition. PHOTOS: 'The Amazing Race' Season 22 Teams . Country singers Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle, fourth place. Jonathan "Bates" Battaglia (born December 13, ) is an American former professional ice former Chicago mob member Sam Battaglia. Bates and his brother Anthony competed in season 22 of The Amazing Race and won the season.

You had made it clear you thought Mona and Beth were going to be a tougher team to beat in the finale than Caroline and Jennifer, as you were both a little disappointed when you learned you'd be going up against Mona and Beth. Would you mind sharing why you had that perspective? Well I mean, Mona and Beth probably were the toughest team. They obviously made it to the finals, and if it came down to it, we were going to beat them in a foot race.

If the girls were going to give us a problem, you know, we're a tough team. We're good to go! Mona and Beth though, they were an extremely strong team, like overall, I think they were the strongest team in the Race.

bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

I will absolutely say that in a second. I thought they were super strong. What were your general opinions of Joey and Meghan? It almost seemed like your alliance working against them was a personal issue rather than a strategic one. And when I talked to the pair last week, they believed they had become outcasts simply because a few of the other teams just didn't like them.

What's your response to that? Oh absolutely it was all strategic!

bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

Right off the bat, we knew that they couldn't U-Turn anybody else. So that was like an immediate thing. You U-Turn them and they couldn't U-Turn anybody else.

It wasn't personal at all. They were on the other side of the alliance. They like the "Roller Derby [Moms]" and we were kind of on the other side.

But at the end of the day, it was the U-Turn.

bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

Once we U-Turned them, they couldn't U-Turn anybody else. So it was very strategic. When I've spoken with other teams this season, they mostly all agreed you two were one of -- if not "the" -- biggest threat this season, yet your alliance never U-Turned you guys or tried to get you out.

So from those teams' standpoint, do you think it was almost a little foolish of them not to target you guys when they had the chance?

It's like they helped keep you in the Race and obviously you ended up winning. Well yeah, it was -- even early on, you know, everybody should've went after us. And I think they were trying to a little bit, but they didn't, and it worked out! I think the reason why is because we played it well. We played, like, we were friends with everybody. We didn't try to like be jerks or anything.

Bates Battaglia

We played a straight game. No comments on the country singers praising The Lord? Joey may be gayer than a dinner date with Liza Minnelli, but he seems really.

From country singers to professional hockey players to roller derby moms to YouTube Hosts — there's a little bit of. It features eleven teams of two, each with a. Jessica and John, dating for four years from Southern California.

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Caroline and Jennifer, country singers from Nashville, they're in a band called Stealing. The Amazing Race is a reality television game show in which teams of two people, who have some.

The Amazing Race Season 27, Episode 9 y0utube. Hockey brothers Bates left and Anthony Battaglia right. The Amazing Race 22 added 12 new photos to the album: He says that Macklemore reminds him of himself. Excited to see him bust out some sweet rhymes on the race. Bates and Anthony are Team number 2, and like their grandfather will try and. And here you can find the most up-to- date links on all things The Amazing Race: Ditto for the country singers whom I still can't tell apart, by the way.

See photos from Amazing Race 22 episodes, red carpet events and get the latest cast images and more on TVGuide. CBS has had retired athletes, pop singersand Super Bowl-winning coach. One day earlier this year, they flew from opposite sides of the country to meet up in Utah, shoot a Anthony and Bates Battaglia won season 22, so much for the "Curse of.

Phil told me that he thought you two, not the guys, knew where to draw the line with the flirting and race. We helped them so much! They wouldn't have made it to Scotland if it wasn't for us. We saved them so many times. It's so funny how everyone's like, "Oh, the girls just followed the guys.

bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

The thing about Jen and me is So when we meet people that we like, we can't help but hug them. It comes across as flirty, but we're not trying to be their girlfriends. We just love everybody. Did you offer Bates your thongs like you said you would? I offered him my thongs, but he didn't take it.

He has a thing for them. He says he likes them. Well, I mean, he's got a tight little hockey booty, so he's got to show it off. I did give him my deodorant, which probably saved him, or saved his brother at least.

Did you ever consider U-Turning them if you had the chance? No, we didn't, but if we had to, we would've.

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At the end of the day, we were in it for ourselves. But we didn't want to U-Turn anyone. And luckily we didn't have to. Jen and I are really competitive, but we compete against ourselves. We're in a tough industry in country music and we've been through a lot of trials and tribulations, and we have a very tough, persistent spirit, but we're not mean competitors. It's hard for us to wish ill upon other people.

bates and anthony amazing race dating country singers

In The Amazing Race, we would take care of ourselves if we had to, but we were so relieved when we didn't have to U-Turn anyone. Amazing Race's Max and Katie: We thought, "Oh my God! We can buy food and bottled water. It was a godsend. What's the deal with the flying squirrel that died in your bra, Caroline? I had one and I'd keep him in between my boobs and carried him around, and people had no idea. It slept most of the time, but it would pop out every now and then, and people would be like, "What is that?!

It was really sad. What are you up to now? Caroline moved to Austin for a split second.